Differences Between Female Japanese and English Mill Workers

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Despite the fact that Japan and England had many similarities with female factory workers. they still had a few differences. They fundamentally had immature kids and adult females working in large unsafe mills doing yarn or in mines. So how were their experiences different? Female Nipponese workers had to work more. they got paid less. and they accepted the function that their society gave them.

Compared to English adult females mill workers. Nipponese adult females worked more. English female workers merely worked about 74 hours a hebdomad and Nipponese female workers worker 91 hours a hebdomad ( Document 5 ) . This was because the Nipponese workers worked longer each twenty-four hours. had less vacations. and worked on weekends ( Document 8 ) . English female workers had more interruptions. worked shorter hours each twenty-four hours. and did non work on weekends. This is a large difference between female English and Nipponese factory workers.

Even though in both England and Japan adult females got pair less than work forces. Nipponese adult females got paid even less than English adult females. This is a ground why they had so many workers. Since they paid them less they would be able to engage more workers and increase their production rate. Even though they got paid less. it was for the same ground. Why would they desire to pay adult females less? They paid adult females less because the adult females needed money and they would accept any sum given to them ( Document 8 ) .

Japan and England have different ways they treat adult females and because of that the Nipponese adult females accepted about everything they went through in the Millss. In Japan the adult females were treated a small less reasonably. Nipponese adult females were more willing to accept their function in society because they couldn’t do much about it ( Document 8 ) . This is the ground that female Nipponese mill workers got low wage and worked more hours. In their society the work forces were respected more and had more freedom.

Female Nipponese workers had to work more. they got paid less. and they accepted the function that their society gave them. Although their state of affairss were about the same. the different civilizations had a large portion to make with the manner adult females were treated while working. England treated their adult females with more regard while Japan merely thought that adult females needed to back up their households by working all the clip. This is of import because it was a manner for people to know apart against adult females and do them work at bad topographic points with low wage and many on the job hours.

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