The Creamy Creations Takeover
The Creamy Creations Takeover

The Creamy Creations Takeover

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  • Published: October 15, 2017
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The instance survey on The Creamy Creations Takeover has reflected the elements of direction in Fayol’s Theory including planning. pull offing. bid. coordination and control. Burger Barn executives implemented “workstations” and ensured that the workers would follow the system to better efficiency. His rules of direction such as scalar concatenation. division of labor. centralisation. authorization and duty. and subject are besides apparent.

Creamy Creations workers received orders from the same executives whereby communicating flow is perpendicular ; they besides have to obey their orders and execute specialised undertakings that are assigned to them because their executives have power over them. The dogmas of Weber’s Theory such as hierarchy. division of labor and centralisation are besides evident and how are these dogmas approached in Creamy Creations instance survey are mentioned in Fayol’s theory. Taylor believes that there is “one best way” to carry through a undertaking in the timeliest mode.

The “workstations” system at Creamy Creations was the fastest manner to function their clients. Although the turnover rate in Creamy Creations was high. but it was non a job because of the big labor market capable for the unskilled work and harmonizing to Taylor’s theory. these workers could be easy trained. Communication and feedback from the workers can be seen as inexplicit portion of these theories and in Creamy Creations.

Constructive feedback and remarks from the workers could farther better the concern and lower the turnover rate. particular concern of Bob Peterson in the southern metropolis. after it became under the new direction


of Burger Barn. who is a local fast- nutrient concatenation. the business’ way changed. Although he decided to somewhat change the procedures of this concern for bettering net incomes and it worked for a clip. but the alterations at the same time brought jobs. Under his new direction. the concern lost its ‘culture’ ( Miller. 2009 ) so became similar to others.

While increasing the figure of the workers. the rewards dropped. Because of the work load. and low rewards. the internal direction would be a large job which was created while the alterations were made. it might do client service dissatisfaction and the figure of staff turnover had increased. on the other manus. merely like the illustration of Starbucks in Adelaide. more clients would convey more muss in the store. with disorganised internal direction. the concern would lose its clients over clip.

Therefore. the group of us came out with some recommendations to its executives. First. seek to maintain the originality and the civilization of the concern. Next. the leading should work out a manner to bespeak feedback from the people in the community. The executives of Burger Barn have attempted to implement some new alterations to Creamy Creations in a positive visible radiation. However. some of these alterations risk holding an impact on the rose-colored hereafter they foresee for Creamy Creations.

Presently. Creamy Creations is still profitable and the fiscal Numberss have rose since they took over direction. but there are few things I do non believe Burger Barn put any consideration into when they looked at the current province of the concern and the hereafter they foresee if concern continues down

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the glorifications trail it is on presently. One of the things I feel Burger Barn did non see when they predicted the hereafter of Creamy Creations. is that Creamy Creations was still a comparatively new concern and it was acquiring praised by the members of the community and the college pupils viz. the patronage.

So. the repute of Creamy Creations was still being created. built and turning when Burger Barn took over the concern. The repute of Creamy Creations was that you got good quality ice pick and made a relationship with your “creamy creator” . The delay was worth the quality of the ice pick. the client service and the ambiance of the Shoppe. The Burger Barn implemented alterations which impacted the workers and the clients every bit good as the ambiance and the repute that was being built for Creamy Creations.

When Burger Barn implemented the “work stations” . which eliminated the “Creamy Creators” per Se. that wholly changed the ambiance of the Shoppe. It went from one twenty-four hours holding the feel of a an old mamma and dad shop feeling of take your clip. enjoy and enjoy the minute to order wage and acquire out ; move. move. move people. It is really apparent that Burger Barn executives specialize in fast nutrient eating houses and do non truly hold a niche for taking your clip.