Adolf Spiess Essay Example
Adolf Spiess Essay Example

Adolf Spiess Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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Adolf Spiess was born February 3. 1810. in Lauterbach. Hesse. and died May 9. 1858. But before he died he was a German gymnast and pedagogue. which he contributed to the development of school gymnastic exercises for kids of both sexes in Switzerland and Germany.

Turning up Adolf lived with his male parent Johann Spiess. whom was a husbandman and maestro Smith. but had foremost prepared himself for a place as instructor in the simple schools. but after some old ages of professional experience at Frankfurt am Main decided upon farther survey. and so completed a class in divinity at the University of Giessen ; and Adolf besides lived with his four other siblings. and he was the oldest of the five. In the spring of 1828. Spiess went to the University of Giessen to prosecute the survey of divinity.

He at one time joined the Burschensch


aft. which had been organized ten old ages antecedently and now concealed itself under the name Waffenverbindung ( weaponry association ) . He practiced fencing. the favourite pupil exercising. and before the terminal of the twelvemonth became adept. He went on many mountain and castle jaunts with friends. and displayed accomplishment in all signifiers of physical activity — equitation. swimming. skating. dance. and gymnastic exercises. He besides pursued music and drawing.

In 1829. Spiess continued his theological surveies at the University of Halle. and in late December. Spiess went to Berlin for several months where he used Eiselen’s private gym. and learned many new exercisings from Philipp Feddern. Eiselen’s helper. In the spring of 1830. Spiess went back to Giessen. and he began to give direction in gymnastic exercises. foremost to

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twelve male child on a garden Turnplatz. and subsequently to about 150 in one of the metropolis Parks.

He modified the traditional method by garnering the full figure into one set at the beginning of each period for assorted simple exercisings performed in beat as they stood or marched. or for running and leaping under the leading of a individual instructor. After graduation. Spiess became private coach in the household of the Hessian Count Solms-Rodelheim. at Assenheim.

In May 1848 Spiess accepted an offer from Minister von Gagern of Hesse. and moved to Darmstadt. the capital of the Grand Duchy. to set about the undertaking of presenting gymnastic exercises into the schools of that province. get downing with the higher schools and the common schools of such communities as were prepared to take the measure at one time. He was besides to develop the needed instruction force. and afterwards superintend their work. The wage of the new “Oberstudien Assessor” was fixed at 2000 guilder. or merely intending a batch in lesser words. Lessons were instantly begun with categories in two secondary schools for male childs and in the higher school for misss.

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