Horton hears a who Essay Example
Horton hears a who Essay Example

Horton hears a who Essay Example

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  • Published: January 5, 2018
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Horror's Journey Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mild. -Dry. Issues. This quote really relates to this story called Horton Hatches the Egg.

In the same way that this quote states , how we have to be who we really are no matter what other people say, that's how Horton the elephant behaves himself through out the whole story. To begin with, we start off getting to know Maize the lazy bird that's up on a tree hatching her egg. She's over complaining how she had kinks In her legs from sitting and sitting, every single day.

With this In mind she decided to find someone that could stay on her nest while she could take


a vacation and get some rest.

Suddenly there he goes, Horton passing by her tree in which spite of that Maize took advantage of it and asked Horton if he could please take her place and take care of her egg. Horton thought that was the silliest idea she could ever thought of, in other words how could and elephant get up in that tree and sit on her egg when he was obviously so immense. Because she kept insisting and Insisting , Horton gave up and finally said yes to Maine and told her hat he would be faithful to the end.

Eventually Horton had to think of an idea of how to get up on that tree. So he said to himself that the first thing he was goanna do was to prop up that tree and to make it much stronge

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before he got on it. Then carefully he climbed up on it and sat there.

He went from his known world which was the jungle ground to the top of the tree which was the start of his unknown world. He sat there through the whole day. Meanwhile Maine was enjoying the sunshine of Palm Beach , having such a great time. Therefore she decided she'd never go back to her nest.

Horton kept sitting In the same place, day after day until one day winter came. A strong storm came in with the leaves blowing away, it was so strong that Horton was freezing from trunk to feet.

He had some internal conflict there, were he was tempted to leave because he was cold but accordingly to what he had said about being faithful until the end, that's the reason why he stayed. So poor Horton sat there through the whole winter and then springtime came. That was the time when his friends gathered around him telling him how absurd It was of him to be sitting on that tree for so long taking her of that egg.

They laughed and laughed at him, then they took off to play meanwhile Horton was lonely and with the desire of wanting to play. But either way Horton kept being faithful confronting his internal conflicts. Horton still sitting on that tree lonely and sad, suddenly saw some hunters coming towards him.

The hunters had guns, guns that were directly pointing at him! So far that was the scariest part the he had to confront In his Journey rite now. He had the courage to overcome that

external conflict that he was going through in order to keep what he had said about always staying faithful.

But the rare thing is that he hunters didn't shoot him, they thought that an elephant sitting on a tree was really silly. So for that same reason they decided to take him to a circus. They built a big wagon with inside the wagon.

From the Jungle's ground, up to the tree, inside a wagon, up in the sky, up over the mountains, then down the mountains and down the sea. That's how Horror's unknown world started expanding. As I had said from down the sea, put onto a ship were he was totally seasick! But he still stayed faithful one hundred per cent!. In fact his unknown world didn't end Just there.

He was put in the town of New York were he was sold to a circus. Week after week they showed him to people for just ten cents. He crisis cross the whole United States. He had to go through all those laughter's that people did when they saw him up on that tree, but he was there being faithful one hundred per cent. We can see how many internal conflicts he had been through in his unknown world.

Then one day the circus show happened to reach a town, not so far from Palm beach. As I had stated before, Maize that one lazy bird that had left on vacations was there in that exact same beach. When she happened to fly by the circus were Horton was at.

In a very shocked way Maize noticed who was there, it was

Horton the elephant who she had left in charge of her egg. Horton saw Maize as well but before he could even talk, the egg started hatching.

Quickly Maize shouted "My egg" , Horton stated that the egg was his not hers. Again Maize said it was her egg, and told Horton to get off of her nest. Horton with a sad heavy heart backed down. In that moment the egg burst apart and all he saw was a new creature, an elephant-bird! And because he stood faithful through everything that was put in front of him , he as sent home happy and with his gift that he had earned.

To conclude in brief words , what the author wants the reader to know about life in this dynamic story is to always stay faithful to the things you say you are going to do, and to not give up no matter what other people tell you.

In the same way that Horton stood faithful , overcoming his external and internal conflicts through out his entire Journey. He went from his known world of being in the Jungle to an extremely unknown world of being in the outsides with so many people laughing at him. But As a result his hard work paid off by getting his gift , the elephant-bird.

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