Genie The Wild Child Essay Example
Genie The Wild Child Essay Example

Genie The Wild Child Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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Genie was discovered at the age of 13 populating wholly isolated in a room in her parent’s house. with nil to look at. restrained to a enamored chair for most of her life. At this clip. Genie was still have oning a nappy. did non hold the ability to pass on and could hardly walk. Her father’s ground for maintaining Genie isolated was that he believed that she was retarded from birth. Her female parent takes no duty. claiming she excessively was abused by her controlling hubby. Both of her parents were charged with child maltreatment ; but her male parent killed himself shortly after and her female parent was able to crush the charges.

Genie was taken to The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles where she would run into several specializer assigned to her instance. Shirley. an isolation specialize


r. stated that Genie was the most utmost instance of isolation that he had encountered. Specialist started to run trial to name the extent of Genie’s lacks. Genie had a unusual bunny walk. bicker and clawed. It was believed that she was round for doing noise. so she remained soundless. Was she born encephalon dead or did she go mentally challenged? First they conducted a trial to supervise the electric activity in her encephalon.

This four dark survey showed that Genie had a high figure of sleep spindles. which shows unnatural encephalon moving ridge forms. By that spring. Genie had learned a 100 words and was get downing to talk verbally ; which allowed her to show herself. Signs of her mental and physical growing were endeavoring. She explored things utilizing her lips and face. Doctors showed assurance

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in her success. Genie moved in with her Particular Education instructor. Mrs. Butler. This was Genie’s first tally in a surrogate place. Notes were taken on Genie’s compulsion with hoarding objects. particularly containers of liquid.

This has besides been recorded in other instances of stray kids. Mrs. Butler took it upon herself to cut off all contact with the other members of Genie’s instance and filed a petition to derive lasting detention. which was rejected by Social Services and Genie returned to Children’s Hospital for a short period of clip. Genie was so placed with Mr. Riddler. who took on many of the functions in the instance. Mrs. Riddler worked with Genie and taught her how to show her fury through tantrums. alternatively of physically hitting herself.

She shortly learned to verbally pass on her grade of sadness. Mrs. Riddle besides helped Genie to verbalise memories from her yesteryear. Genie was able to utilize words and her vocabulary continued to turn. She started traveling to a nursery school and learned gestural linguistic communication. Case members still disagreed on Genie’s forecasts. Some believed that Genie was still encephalon dead from birth due to unnatural encephalon activity ; while others believed that she had mental holds due to isolation. demoing that her mental age was increasing.

With all of Genie’s verbal accomplishments. she was non able to do grammatical sentences. In 1975 the research instance on Genie ended and she returned to her mother’s attention. Soon her female parent realized that Genie was excessively much for her to manage and she was moved from surrogate household to further household. Genie faced maltreatment and torment during this clip. In one state

of affairs. Genie was punished for purging. ensuing in Genie declining to open her oral cavity ; finally. regressing Genie’s advancement. Genie’s instance strongly sides with the nurture argument.

Emphasis is placed on Genie’s ability to get the better of her early environment by leting her to see the universe and to derive personal relationships. Genie’s ability to larn to verbalise after pubescence shows that human development can happen and does non necessitate to be learned during babyhood. By Genie deriving personal relationships. she was able to larn how to show her emotions ( happy. sad. angry ) . This proves that her environment is an of import factor in her development. This survey seems to be most consistent with Skinner’s Behavior Theory.

Skinner believed that a person’s development was caused by the effects of their behaviour. An illustration would be when Genie was encouraged to talk and socialise. she did and bask it. When Genie was punished for purging. she felt that opening her oral cavity was bad and stopped. Skinner besides believed that the nurture side of the argument was of import. development depends on experiences and people are shaped by their environment. All of which seem to be a subject in Genie’s instance.

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