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Affect of Internet on Teens and Children Essay Example
1364 words 5 pages

The 21st century has experienced technological advancement that has been accompanied with the greater innovation and invention in almost all the fields. This has led to changes in the who world both socially, economically and politically. The Internet is also penetrating in different parts of the world, and this has given birth to a new […]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid Online Dating
Social Studies for Information Communication Technology Essay Example
1274 words 5 pages

There is a lot to look into when it comes to the field of Information Communication Technology. The ICT enable individuals to go online and explore the internet; it might be in search of know how one-way broadcasting or even in information dissemination. There are platforms like the Google, Facebook and Twitter, which are designed […]

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Fake News Is Google Making Us Stupid Social Studies
Social Media and American Values Essay Example
619 words 3 pages

Social media is an array of internet sites that enable people from all over the world to interact virtually either through text, photos, audio or video. This is due to advancement of technology which has had a significant impact on American culture. Over a decade ago according to Hannerz (1992) , it’s hard to believe that […]

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American Values Is Google Making Us Stupid Values of Life
Role of Social Network in Social Life Essay Example
522 words 2 pages

Social network generally is a structure which is socially composed of a set of social actors which includes the following: Individuals and organizations, so it includes other social interactions between the actors. According to Greene, et al (2011) in the current era the social networking has grown extremely fast becoming central to the lives of […]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid Social Networking
Organizational Culture of Google Inc Essay Example
376 words 2 pages

The performance of employees in each organization is greatly depended on the organization culture that the management has implemented. Google has been on the forefront in trying to implement an organizational culture that ensures all employees are satisfied and work towards achieving the mission of the organization. Google Inc has been ranked the best workplace […]

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Google Is Google Making Us Stupid
Digital Assistant: Text by Thinking Smartphones Essay Example
1796 words 7 pages

Currently, we have super smartphones with emails, 4G plus network, super-fast operating system, contacts, location, and calendar managed from one place (Schutten, 12). In future, Google in collaboration with Apple has promised to offer an excellent smartphone with a self-texting ability and the aptitude to know what the user needs to do and how to […]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid Technology
Impact of Social Media on Students Essay Example
1730 words 7 pages

Technology is the wave of the future; most schools as well as businesses are switching to a sustainable type of environment. Cell phone usage has become an indispensable part of our everyday living; therefore, including a learning environment that supports the use of this technology would be the most logical step to making schools paperless […]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid
Benefits and Dangers of Social Networks Essay Example
978 words 4 pages

A social network can be defined as a site that unites individuals to communicate, talk, and make fellowship or even share thoughts and interests. Alternatively, a social network can also be referred to as a virtual community or a profile site. The kind of coordinated effort where the general population share thoughts and their interests […]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid Social Networking

Popular Questions About Is Google Making Us Stupid

Why does Google make us stupid?
The researchers found that those who had more experience with Google had heightened activity in more parts of the brain, particularly the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of your brain that is the seat of consciousness, which you use to make decisions.
Is Google making us stupid answer?
No, Google is not making us stupid. What Google and the Web are doing is helping us re-claim our human legacy of learning through a rapid exchange of ideas in a social setting. Google is, indeed, making us smarter as we re-discover new ways to learn.
Does Google make us less intelligent?
In its survey of 895 experts released a few days ago, 76 percent agreed with this statement, "By 2020, people's use of the internet has enhanced human intelligence; as people are allowed unprecedented access to more information they become smarter and make better choices. ...
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