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Supporting Equality and Inclusion Play is an essential part of of every child’s life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood and as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Having the time and space to play allows children the chance to keep them physically active and it gives them the freedom to make their own choices about what they want to do. Research shows that play has a range of benefits to the child, family and the community, as well as improving healthy and quality of life.

Play also helps the child improve their self esteem, self awareness and self respect, it gives child a chance to mix with others and develop new skills. Whilst children are in my care I will do my best to offer a range of activities for children to participate in, I will also allow children to give a choice in which activities that the want to participate in, as this will allow the child to become more independent. I feel that it is important for children to be encouraged to do as many activities as possible rather the same thing all the time.

By rotating the toys that you have out available for the children to play with it means that they will be learning through play on a range of toys rather than being able to play with the same toys all the time. I think that it is important that children learn about different cultures and that not all people have the same abilities, children can also learn about these topics through play using ethnic dolls, puzzles, books, art and craft and cooking food from different cultures. Below is a table showing a some of activities that I would like to do with children in my care.

The table shows the resources that I would need for the activity and what a child may gain from the activity. |Activity |Resource |Possible Learning | |Dressing up and role play |Clothes, make-up, hats |Imagination, Self-Help skills, decision making,| | | |language – vocabulary | |Going to the ark |None |Gross motor skills, social skills | |Preparing snacks |Bowls, fruit, knifes |Independence, decision making, physical skills | | | |(fine motor skills and coordination) | During there time in my setting occasionally I will be required to make observations on the children that are in my care.

These observations will make it easier for me to see how much a child has progress from a previous observation. It may also make it easier to spot any difficulties that a child is having, so that this can be acted upon. There are many ways to record observations of the children in my care, such as checklists and tick charts, written, time sampling – such how long can it take for a child to complete an activity, tapes and video recording. Any observations that I make about this child I will make copies available to the parents and keep one in the child’s file for future reference.

I feel that it is important that I treat each child in my care as an individual, as every child is different. This also comes down to the different ways in which children learn, some children may learn from discussing something or being told the order in which to do something, others learn from watching someone else doing the activity first and then copying there actions. Children have the right to have their express their feelings and have their voices heard.

Children also have the right to be able to achieve everything that they are able to achieve and given the best opportunities available to do so. The toys and equipment that I have available in my setting will not appeal or be suitable for all the children that I will care for. Below is a table that shows the strengths and weaknesses of some of the activities that will be available in my setting. |Resource |Strength |Weakness | |Trains nd track |Encourages fine motor skills and co-ordination,|Older children are not interested | | |designing and problem solving | | |Games Console |Encourages gross motor skills, exercise and |Children will want to play different level of | |Wii |mental development |games for their own development. |Xbox – Kinect | | | |Riding bikes |Encourages gross motor skills, challenge and |Not suitable for all children | | |risk, | |

It is easy to overcome some of these weaknesses by offering a wide range of activities during each session so that each child has got a choice about what they want to do, rather than just one activity for there developmental stage.

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