Child Development Article Reaction Paper Essay Example
Child Development Article Reaction Paper Essay Example

Child Development Article Reaction Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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The article How Your Child Learns by Jeannie Ralston. in Rearing magazine’s September 2006 issue. addresses the different acquisition and motive manners of kids. Harmonizing to Jeannie Ralston. there are three larning manners: by listening. looking. or making. Most kids will either rely to a great extent on one of the acquisition manners. or utilize a combination of the three. Children that learn by listening typically are non motivated by images. but by sounds and vocals. Listening kids learn through conversation and jangles.

Auditory scholars need quiet for concentrated undertakings and do good when asked to reiterate back thoughts to reenforce what has been learned. Ocular scholars frequently are described as holding photographic memories. Children that learn visually learn good from images. pictures. maps. theoretical accounts. and charts. Visu


ally orientated kids frequently are so captured by images on a page ; they have jobs concentrating on any one thing. Kinesthetic or making kids learn by utilizing their organic structures. This can intend a kid needs to travel about while believing or utilize his fingertips to absorb significance.

Kinesthetic kids tend to non be able to sit still for long periods and prefer to move out narratives instead than hear or see them on a page. Active scholars are easy to descry because they ever want to be shown how to make things. Jeannie Ralston posits that there are besides three manners that motivate childs to larn: the desire to delight you ; perfectionism ; and fight. Gaining congratulations is the strongest incentive for kids with a desire to delight their health professionals. The key is to learn the kid that delighting himself is merely every bit o

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Some kids have a goaded desire to get the hang everything and be perfect. These kids need to be taught that errors are inevitable and that productiveness need non endure in visible radiation of errors. Competitive kids are driven by the ‘I’ll show you’ streak. These kids need to be taught that there are different ways of acquisition and non everyone will make things the same manner. Both larning and motivational manners need to be combined for an effectual early childhood larning experience.

Uniting motivational and learning manners of kids allows parents to efficaciously back up their kids. I agree with the basic premiss of Jeannie Ralston’s article and experience that most parents do non pass adequate clip or have the cognition to calculate how kids learn and are motivated. Within one household. several kids can hold wholly different acquisition manners. Children and parents likewise are frustrated when presented with the incorrect method of larning or motive.

I posit that all kids have a combination of the three acquisition manners. possibly prefering one over the others. In order for a life long passion for larning to be cultivated in a little kid. the kid needs to be continually positively motivated. Knowing a child’s larning manner will let the parent to explicate acquisition chances that will continually excite the kid. If the incorrect learning manner is presented to the kid. the kid will rapidly free involvement and seek motive else where exterior of the larning sphere.

With all the current early childhood development research. parents need to understand that larning starts at much younger ages than five when a kid starts school. Parents need an consciousness of larning manners

so that early childhood acquisition can be maximized. Parents besides need to see that each kid will differ and what works for one kid. may non work for the following. Parents besides need to hold flexibleness and penetration into their kids to cognize when something is non working for the kid.

Knowing motivational manners will let parents to ease hard state of affairss into win-win state of affairss for both the parent and kid. In all. Jeannie Ralston gives a good over position of acquisition and motivational manners. Understanding how one’s kid learns and what motivates them will do parenting and larning an gratifying and bonding experience. Capitalizing on this research is indispensable for a life clip of acquisition and conveying out the best in one’s kid.

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