Gender roles in odssey by Homer Essay Example
Gender roles in odssey by Homer Essay Example

Gender roles in odssey by Homer Essay Example

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  • Published: August 25, 2017
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Readers of varying abilities can find enjoyment in the exciting and imaginative stories revolving around Greek gods and humans. The Odyssey serves as a great introduction to similar tales like Beowulf, which high school students may come across. Even individuals with lower skills can understand this story. Although the language might seem challenging, incorporating visual aids and regular plot summaries will assist their comprehension of Odysseus' journey and the obstacles he encounters.

Students have the opportunity to appreciate the captivating customs and beliefs of the ancient Greeks while also analyzing the actions and choices of the harassers in The Odyssey. As they immerse themselves in the thrilling adventure, they can observe how the protagonist, Telephotos, undergoes a transformation from a reliant young boy to a mature, accountable adult. Students can relate to his journey of gra


dually embracing greater responsibilities as he progresses through life.

When his father is not around, he finds it difficult to discover who he really is and what his purpose in life is. This struggle may connect with students who come from single-parent families, as they can understand the feelings of being helpless, distrusting others, and longing for something experienced by Panatela and Odysseus. In the classroom, we can highlight how important family and home are as portrayed in this epic story. Moreover, studying this long piece of literature will enable students to develop skills that are usually not covered in shorter texts.

In the story, students will learn to follow multiple characters, become familiar with unfamiliar settings and names, connect with characters they initially thought were different from them, and develop into mature readers who appreciate the adventure instead

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of focusing on finishing the epic for instant gratification. For younger students, the teacher may want to provide guidance for certain parts of the story. Specifically, the term "pitch" is mentioned multiple times, and there are a few sexual references.

Each teacher should decide how to address these matters with students. The following is a list of specific page numbers (64, 94, 118, 119, 132, 196, 210, 220, 226, 259) that teachers should preview before reading them with the class. This guide provides activities to precede, accompany, and follow the reading in order to assist students in comprehending the story's characters and themes. Additionally, it aims to explore the current issues in the book that are important in their lives. The discussion and essay topics can be expanded as needed to meet students' educational needs.

Introduction to The Odyssey: Prior to delving into Homer's renowned work, The Odyssey, it is crucial to acquaint students with the notions of epic poetry and epic heroes. Moreover, offering some contextual information about the author and his prior masterpiece, The Iliad, would be advantageous.

The Essence of an Epic Poem: An epic poem represents a lengthy narrative verse. On television, grandiose dramas are frequently broadcasted over numerous evenings, with each installment enduring several hours. Some instances of such TV series include North and South as well as Roots. It should be emphasized that comprehending or fully appreciating an epic necessitates more than just one viewing session. These tales are intricate in nature and revolve around multiple key characters while spanning across extensive time periods.

Homer's epics recount the escapades of heroes, with some interpretations preserving the poetic structure and

others opting for a narrative prose style. The epic hero, devoid of extraordinary abilities, demonstrates an exceptional capability to overcome obstacles. Devotion to kin, nation, and deity characterizes him. Courageous in nature, he perseveres despite fear, recognizing his duties primarily involve vanquishing malevolence and ensuring the triumph of virtue. Moreover, the epic hero possesses intellect.

Despite lacking any superhuman abilities, the protagonist relies on his intellect to navigate challenging situations. Occasionally, he is guided by a higher supernatural being throughout his journey. This being does not do tasks for him but instead assists him in accomplishing them independently. In Homer's The Iliad, Odysseus participated in the Trojan War and gained fame for his involvement with the Trojan horse. As a peace offering, Odysseus and his companions built an enormous wooden horse and positioned it outside Troy's gates. The Trojans accepted this gesture and brought the horse inside their city.

However, the Greeks hid inside the horse and, in the cover of darkness, they quietly exited the horse and unlocked the city gates for the entire Greek army. This clever deception allowed the Greeks to emerge victorious in the Trojan War. It is worth mentioning that, when soldiers came to recruit Odysseus for the war, he attempted to avoid enlistment by feigning madness. To prove his sanity, they placed his infant son, Telephotos, in the path of his plow. Odysseus skillfully veered away from harming his son, thereby demonstrating his mental stability. The majority of historians believe that Homer, a blind minstrel who lived around 3000 years ago, authored these ancient tales.

In Greek culture, he was widely respected as the supreme and most skillful poet

who would journey across the land, narrating tales to entertain and educate the people. In this narrative, students will identify Demons as Homer's "cameo appearance". The subsequent is a roster of characters crucial to the tale, though it is not comprehensive. The Mentor edition encompasses a "Pronouncing Index" on page 300 to aid readers in correctly pronouncing the multitude of names encountered in the story.

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