Gender Advertisements Essay Example
Gender Advertisements Essay Example

Gender Advertisements Essay Example

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  • Published: November 2, 2021
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Magazine advertisements employing human models convey a narrative that can influence viewers by imparting diverse social prompts, including subtle ones. These ads play a crucial role in shaping our perception of gender relations and the ideas surrounding masculinity and femininity.

This text also aims to analyze how advertisements depict traditional stereotypes associated with masculinity and femininity. The above-mentioned advertisement prominently features both male and female bodies, directly highlighting the power dynamics connected to gender and physical appearance. Additionally, it suggests the societal uncertainty surrounding women's bodies, which are often subjected to scrutiny by men (Goffman, 1979). Moreover, the sexualized portrayal of the woman further reinforces the objectification of women and their reduction to fulfilling men's desires while conforming to societal ideals.

Furthermore, upon closer examination of this advertisement, it becomes eviden


t that the woman is depicted in a subordinate position beneath the men. As they stand over her, she lies on the floor.

The text suggests that the ad depicts women as powerless and submissive (Bell & Milic, 2002). It explicitly shows women being beneath men. One can argue that women are encouraged to focus on their sexual appeal and beauty, which involves being submissive. Notably, societal norms control the male body, while industries like beauty dictate femininity for women.

Number 3

This advertisement shows two seated women and a standing male hairdresser, implying that men are portrayed as heterosexual masculine illusions while women are seen as interchangeable (Klassen, 1993).

However, the main focus of this advertisement is fashion and cosmetic treatment. It aims to target young men who read magazines.

Number 4

This ad features a thin and attractive female model sitting in a provocative pose. She embodies Western

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values and represents an erotic woman, highlighting the importance of physical appearance for women (McLaughlin & Goulet, 1999). While viewing such an ad may lead to self-doubt, it also encourages women to reflect on their physical appearance.


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