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Narrative and Genre conventions in the gangster genre Essay Example
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‘Does the closing sequence of ‘Goodfellas’ (Scorsese, 1990)’ adhere to the narrative and generic conventions of the gangster film?Martin Scorsese’s epic ‘Goodfellas’ (1990) is in some aspects a classic gangster movie using many generic and narrative conventions of the gangster genre throughout the film. Nevertheless Scorsese’s masterpiece challenges the audiences’ expectations of the gangster genre […]

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Entertainment Film Analysis Martin Scorsese
Film Essay – Martin Scorsese
1970 words 8 pages

Born on November 17th, 1942 in New York, Martin Scorsese has had a mix of success and failure in the global box office. His films have made significant impressions on critics and the industry and frequently appear on Top 100 Movies of All Time lists. However, some of his critically acclaimed movies have not fared […]

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Film Analysis Martin Scorsese

Popular Questions About Martin Scorsese

What is Martin Scorsese best known for?
Martin Scorsese is an American filmmaker known for his harsh, often violent depictions of American culture. From the 1970s Scorsese created an ambitious body of work that made him one of the most important filmmakers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
Are Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro friends?
The two have been good friends for decades, and Scorsese has directed De Niro in a total of nine films.
Is Martin Scorsese religious?
Scorsese, the lapsed Catholic, may not actively practice his faith, and he may not line up with all the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, but like Rodrigues, his Catholicism will never really leave him—Christ will always haunt him. As Scorsese said in a panel for “Bringing out the Dead,” “I'm a lapsed Catholic.
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