Themes of Gattaca the Movie Essay Sample
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Gattaca is a film in which many common subjects are evident. The subjects that will be discussed are Potential. Determination and Perfection. Although many more subjects occur in Gattaca. these are the most relevant 1s.Potential comes up a batch during Gattaca because that’s what the full film is based on. The ground some one would […]

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Gattaca – College
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As a society, each and every one of us possesses an inner strength that aids us to overcome the impediments in life that we may face. This inner strength is what we call our human spirit. In the film Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol the power of the human spirit is exemplified as the prominent […]

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College Gattaca
Gattaca: What the “Not-Too-Distant Future” Looks Like
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In the film “Gattaca”, Niccol presents a frigid and sterile depiction of the “not-too-distant future”, a world in which genetic engineering is the key to success. From the beginning, although high-tech and advanced, Vincent’s apartment is seen to be completely practical and appears almost as if it is a laboratory, with a utilitarian steel bench […]

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Biology Gattaca Genetics Medicine
Utopia and Gattaca
961 words 2 pages

Thomas Mere’s 16th Century text Utopia, written against the historical background of a medieval England plagued by problems of class division and social injustice, continues to reflect the importance of a government which ensures the safety and security of its citizens. So while Mere’s text was written as a possible alternative to a feudal world […]

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Citizenship Gattaca Law Society Utopia
Discrimination and Surveillance Society
859 words 2 pages

In Gattaca, Director Andrew Niccol explores the potential horrors of genetic engineering. Set in an unspecified near future, genetic engineering has altered the course of society by instituting a surveillance society where people’s opportunities rely on their genetic pedigree. In the movie, genetic engineering is used to remove all major “defects” when conceiving, and depending […]

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Discrimination Gattaca Privacy Surveillance
GATTACA film analysis on the final scene
538 words 2 pages

The concluding scene of GATTACA had an unexpected turn that triggered assorted emotions of confusion. sorrow and felicity. The sarcasm of Vincent eventually carry throughing his life’s mission and Jerome no longer holding one was bosom wrenching. after all that they went through together to withstand the odds and outlooks of flawlessness set by Society. […]

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Cross-Cultural Film Analysis – Gattaca
1219 words 3 pages

‘GATTACA’ Film Summary Vincent is destined to be a second class citizen, conceived naturally, rather than in a laboratory. He is born into a world which discriminates against genetics, rather than religion, race or gender. In order to gain access into the Gattaca Corporation and reach his dream of going to Titan he takes on […]

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Film Analysis Gattaca Geert Hofstede Genetics
Gattaca & 1984 Draft
997 words 2 pages

In both set text the film, Cataract Is a 1996 science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccole and The book 1984 written by George Orwell share many similarities although have a vast majority of differences. Cataract is set in a technologically advanced future, which has a disappoints society that strives for a utopian […]

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1984 Emotion Gattaca Happiness Love
606 words 2 pages

The ethical issues presented in Cataract are ethical egoism, psychological egoism, sacrifice and the possibilities of radical perfection. It challenged the worthiness of the consequences of extreme self serving efforts; to take risks; to do the impossible despite public opinion. These ethical issues are based on the main character, Vincent. He uses these ideologies to […]

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Empathy Ethics Gattaca Narcissism
Story on Gattaca
1048 words 3 pages

Gattaca is a world where there is a belief that whoever achieves perfection must be perfect in all aspects, including genetic perfection. This means that to achieve success, you must be enhanced to get the best possible results. This is exactly the aims of this society; to get the best possible results. This is why […]

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Gattaca – Reviewed
899 words 2 pages

In the movie Gattaca, Ethan Hawke played the role of a child that was conceived naturally, while his older brother was genetically constructed in a lab. Over the years Vincent, played by Ethan Hawke, always dreamed of working at Gattaca and going into space on a mission. He was constantly told he was never good […]

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Biology Gattaca Genetics
Gattaca by Andrew Niccol
816 words 2 pages

The 1997 science fiction drama film Gattaca by Andrew Niccol illustrates a dystopian world condemning genetic engineering which plays a primary role in determining whether the human being will be genetically superior or genetically inferior. Niccol utilizes his ‘degenerate’ protagonist, Vincent, to highlight the flaws of a system which encourages predeterminism over ambition and discrimination […]

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Biology Gattaca Genetics
Gattaca – 1142 words – College
636 words 2 pages

Gattaca is a science-fiction film released in 1997, lead starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman. The film details a man’s (Ethan Hawke/Vincent Freeman) physical breakthrough of the barrier of attaining his dreams of becoming an astronaut, but not being able to due to a heart defect imprinted in to his DNA. The film […]

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College Gattaca
Gattaca – 816 words – College
2279 words 5 pages

“Gattaca” is a movie about a man named Vincent who is born into a “new” society that uses genetics as the make-up for what social class you are given and will remain in, no matter what you do. Vincent is a “godchild”. He is born the “natural way”, without any genetic altering and his future […]

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College Disease Gattaca Health
Prejudice as Seen in Harper Lee’s to Kill a Mockingbird and Through the Movie Gattaca
1427 words 3 pages

All throughout history, prejudice has been a part of society. Discrimination and intolerance are built into human nature. Less than 100 years ago, Blacks were still in the bonds of slavery. However, Blacks were not the only ethnical group that was ever mistreated. During the First World War, Germans in the United States were looked […]

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Gattaca Harper Lee Prejudice Social Issues To Kill A Mockingbird
Philosophical Paper: Gattaca
928 words 2 pages

What will it be like in a not-so-distant future society where your life started with your parents designing your genes? After screening for unwanted genetic diseases, they select your sex, height, eye color, hair color, skin tone, and select from a menu of temperament, intelligence and occupational categories, all designed to place you in a […]

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Gattaca Genetics Human Philosophy

Popular Questions About Gattaca

What is the main point of Gattaca?
The film Gattaca explores themes of genetic manipulation, freedom of self-determination, and eugenics, the practice of advocating for the genetic improvement of the human species through selective reproduction.
What does Gattaca stand for?
The film's title is based on the letters G, A, T, and C, which stand for guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine, the four nucleobases of DNA. It was a 1997 nominee for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.
Why is Gattaca called Gattaca?
The name "Gattaca" is composed entirely of the letters used to label the nucleotide bases of DNA. The four nitrogen bases of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. ... These are known as "GATA or CA" repeats - hence GATTACA.