Love, Sex, and Romance Essay Example
Love, Sex, and Romance Essay Example

Love, Sex, and Romance Essay Example

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  • Published: September 21, 2018
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The movie Hitch is a romantic comedy that features Will Smith. The comedy co-stars other individuals such as Kevin James, Amber Valletta, and Eva Mendes. In the movie, Will Smith takes the role Alex “Hitch” Hitchens and he is portrayed as a professional date doctor who trains other men on how to woo women. Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas as he advises Allan Brennaman on how to woo his celebrity boss, Allegra Cole. Albert and Allegra’s relationships works out while that of Hitch, the date doctor seems not to work according to his expectations. Hitch is unmasked and ultimately breaks up with Sara. This break up happens prior to that, between Albert and Allegra. At the end, he convinces Allegra to reunite with Albert before he ultimately reunites with Sara.

The first message for physical attractiveness is eviden


t in Albert Brannaman who is a husky Caucasian man. He is interested in women and approaches Hitch to give him some of the tactics that he could use to win ultimately Allegra, who is Caucasian woman. She is also described as a famous heiress, hence signifying the attractiveness that she commanded. Research indicates that another significant message for physical attractiveness could be read from Sara’s slightly dark skin. Hitch is extremely attracted to Sara because of her striking complexion that he perceives unique. He employs all the efforts and finally succeeds when they become a couple. The message evident in the movie to illustrate the desire for sex include aspects such as men being responsible for relationships and taking the necessary steps that would be effective in sustaining them. Research indicates that the necessary step

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meant to sustain relationships in the movie involve a series of sexual activities that men want to prove their worth in the relationships. This message also indicates that women could only keep men that had the capacity of satisfying their sexual desires appropriately. Another key message pertaining to the desire for sex is men’s hard work in sexual activities. According to the movie, it is evident that men had to work extremely hard in their sexual responsibilities. They had to ensure that they attend to their women when required, as this would help in the sustenance of the relationships. More so, there is another evident message that relates to women’s understanding of sexual matters. According to the movie, woen already understand and love sex. Men have to go direct to the point in case they are in need of sex instead of employing many romantic words that women already know. This instance proves the message of the high desire for sex among women and men in the movie.

Hitch’s advice does not support the silencing women’s desire towards sex. Research asserts that Hitch’s advice could not be significant in silencing women’s desire for sex because most of the women already understand sexual matters relating to them. They do not have to be told on how to control themselves, when it comes to sexual matters because some of them are more knowledgeable compared to their men. Research indicates that Hitch’s advice can only act as a motivator to men who want to find the women of their dreams. The assertion by Hitch that women could be silenced through increased coercion does not support the silencing of women

sexual urge because of the natural feelings that most women posses. Research indicates that most women in the movies have natural feelings that cannot be suppressed by an individual. They understand effectively on what they need and cannot be controlled on matters relating to sexual urge. More so, most women in the movie could only remain in relationships in cases where their mean are hardworking in sexual matters. This instance disqualifies Hitch’s advice that women could be silenced and made to love any man without care. Research indicates that it is difficult to manipulate an individual’s natural desires because of their occurrence from one’s heart. Women have feelings that come automatically and cannot be silenced once they reach their highest levels. Thus, his advice does not support the silencing of the feelings of women because it does not consider the naturalness. Women are like other human beings and they could sometimes have feelings that cannot be controlled. Thus, the advice by Hitch that these feelings could be silenced is not effective to support the entire idea.

The article that would be utilized in this part is There is only one Hitch, Will Smith. The article was written by Angela Onwuachi-Willig. The research study is focused on establishing the part played by the doctor of dates, Hitch. It seeks to identify the key rolles that Hitch played in the movies such as advising other men on the effective ways of dating and acquiring women to date. Most of the men in the movie had an enormous urge for women but thought that they needed to gather skills on approaching women from Hitch. The papers illustrate the

manner, in which Hitch operated and the manner, in which he played an instrumental part in guiding other women. It discusses whether Hitch’s mission in the play was impossible or possible. This facilitates an in-depth understanding of the entire movie and its successful parts. The research article found out that the tactics that were employed by the doctor of dates were not successful. This is because love is termed as a naturally occurring phenomenon among individuals. Te article also found out that women in the movie had an immense urge for sexual intercourse. In fact, they did not support the view that intercourse could only occur after a series of romantic words from their men. The research was also able to establish that is difficult to eliminate women’s urge for sex. This is because most of the women already have an in-depth understanding of sexual feelings that occur inside them. One does not have the power to control such feelings because of the natural manner, in which they occur among women. Therefore, men must always work excessively hard in their sexual tasks in order to ensure that they are maintained by women. The article also comes to a conclusion that women must be given an effective opportunity to make decisions relating to their sexual decisions on their own.

In conclusion, the movie Hitch talks about love, sex, and romance. The movie stars is Will Smith as the key character who acts as a date doctor. He plays the role of guiding other men on the effective ways of loving the women that they desire. For instance, he advises Allan to go for Allegra with courage and

he ultimately succeeds in his mission. His relationship does not seem successful but he finally ends up with Sara, who was a woman of his dreams. The messages of physical attractiveness and the urge for sex are identifiable among the key characters. For instance, Hitch is attracted to Sara because of her dark complexion that was extremely attractive. Women also talk about sex regularly hence illustrating the high urge for sex among individuals in the movie. Women’s urge for sex cannot also be silenced according to Hitch’s advice because of their natural occurrence.

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