A Study On Importance Of Leisure Sociology Essay Example
A Study On Importance Of Leisure Sociology Essay Example

A Study On Importance Of Leisure Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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Societies consist of work forces, adult female, and kids and of assorted age groups. If these constituents are non present there can be no society. They make up society jointly. Our society responds otherwise to diversion and leisure and in bend so make the persons. The persons play an of import portion of how they function in society and how they react to diversion and leisure. The manner in which we perceive our functions in society impacts on our recreational and leisure activities. We must see the manner in which we as persons and our society come together in footings of diversion and leisure. As persons we need to guarantee that our functions in society impact positively. Society in general does non see the impact of their functions and how it affects leisure. They both are two different entities but map together. I wil


l see the factors that affect us as persons in society and how it relates to our leisure in the undermentioned treatment.

Leisure as a Social Phenomenon

Leisure is considered to be a complex societal phenomenon that affects many societal establishments and should non be considered as merely past clip activities. Diversion and leisure significantly affects several societal establishments. However if utilised falsely they can hold negative effects on many facets. Within our societies leisure can be practised in different ways. It can be undertaken entirely or in purdah, or it can be occur in a societal environment that can be private or community based.

We can all take part in leisure in its different signifiers and this does non needfully intend that it is non influenced or affected by other people. Our leisure is

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in fact more frequently than non affected by other people.

Our milieus and environment can impact our privateness in footings of leisure in three ways: viz. by back uping it, by conflicting on it and by coercing us into it. Parents can back up the leisure activities of their kids by buying playthings for them, which can animate them to prosecute a specific calling or cause in life.

Our leisure can besides be infringed upon by others, for case viing over the telecasting with an older brother or sister when your front-runner show is on.
Fortunes can besides coerce us into lone leisure, for illustration authorship. A celebrated illustration is J.R.R. Tolkien, the writer of the, The Lord of The Rings novels. In the trenches of World War I, he began entering the episodes of war that brought horror to him. He used this as escape from the harsh world he was confronting. These recordings of the abrasiveness he experienced were subsequently transferred into the books, The Lord of The Rings. The authorship of his books non merely provided a sense of diversion and leisure to him. It has besides provided these benefits for 1000000s around the universe. This demonstrates how one individual 's leisure can straight and indirectly affect people around them. His books have been developed into multi - million dollar gaining films. The films have lead to memorabilia and statuettes being collected by kids and grownups as avocations. Peoples have flocked to the premieres of these films. This indicates the Domino consequence of his diversion and passion on the remainder of the universe. This has besides positively affected legion people and economic systems.

In contrast to

this an person 's lone diversion can besides hold negative effects. In February 2004, Warren le Blanc murdered his 14 twelvemonth old friend by viciously crushing him with a claw cock and stabbed him after enticing him to a park in Liverpool, England. Warren re - enacted force from a popular picture game that he used to play called Manhunt. Warren played this game as a recreational yesteryear - clip but there was a negative transportation from his experience. The game gained involvement for all the incorrect grounds. It was played on the personal computing machine and Sony play - station platforms. These are both popular yesteryear - times for all age groups. This demonstrates how a picture game, a popular past - clip, became a social jeopardy which stemmed from a individuals lone diversion. This emphasises the demand for control of engineering in our societies in order to relieve negative effects. However it must besides be remembered that the positives of lone recreational experiences outweigh the negatives.

Leisure does non merely occur in lone scenes. It can besides straight affect other people. They can take the signifier of bystanders and participants. Both bystanders and participants jointly contribute to the activity.

Peoples can farther be divided into primary and secondary groups. Primary groups are little groups in which there are face to face dealingss which are reasonably intimate and personal in nature. These primary groups consist of two types viz. : household and coteries. Secondary groups are defined as a larger comparatively impermanent, more anon. ; formal and impersonal group based on some involvement or activity and whose members interact on the footing of specific functions (

Henslin, 1993 ) . Secondary groups can be a cooking category, book nine or Sunday golf conference.

Primary groups have several factors such as societal usage, household beliefs and affinity which influence leisure activities. Secondary groups on the other manus are non merely influenced by the group but the persons in - bend can impact the group.

The type of groups that we as persons form portion of will hold an influence on our leisure activities. It will besides impact the people in that group. Our function in these groups will impact our societies in which we exist. It will hold single deductions every bit good as group deductions.

Leisure, Recreation and Gender

In our station - modern epoch the classs of gender are bit by bit being broken down and multiple classs of gender are originating. With station - modernism people are able to show their gender and gender with fewer boundaries and restraints.

As history suggests work forces have been the superior sex in most western civilizations. In past centuries recreational activities were reserved for work forces merely. There was besides a general segregation of genders.

Males were the staff of life victors and adult female in were in charge of the family. Due to this most of the adult female set about their recreational activities at place. In recent times the outlooks of adult female and work forces have changed. Work force and adult female tend to alter and portion functions within our station - modern society.

Work forces have a desire for leisure as it is motivated by their difficult work. They consider it as a wages for the work they endure. Women by and large have a

weaker motive for it as they have to cover with the restraints of the family foremost. Women tend to unite their leisure with family jobs, such as adorning or oversing activities for the kids.

I surely feel that leisure chances do be for adult females outside of the family but other responsibilities and concerns take precedency. There may be instances where equal chance exists for work forces and adult females but adult females still tend to execute the feminine undertakings. They will of course be concerned with repasts and attention of kids at assorted activities.

Another job confronting adult females 's engagement in these activities is that they find it hard to take part in them. Other adult female may be excessively busy with household, lack physical ability or simply non cognizing where to larn the activity. It is of import that adult females empower themselves in facets of leisure and diversion. This will guarantee that they will besides harvest the benefits of diversion and leisure. Work forces need to accept them into programmes and supply equal chances in our communities.

In recent times at that place has been an addition in sapphic, homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons. Peoples now feel free to unwrap their alternate sexual individuality. In the past nevertheless leisure did non cover with issues of gender. These persons are now being openly accepted into communities ; nevertheless few chances exist for them in footings of diversion and leisure. They are progressively going parents, which indicate that they besides have households. All households need to bask the benefits of diversion and leisure including the homosexual and sapphic households. There are few programmes that are designed

for them, which re-enforces that they need to be accepted into all programmes without favoritism. There have been programmes such as the homosexual games and Olivia sails but this creates segregation. We should plan programmes that accommodate everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. In this manner we eliminate any misconceptions and prepossessions that people may hold within our societies.

Leisure, Recreation, Race and Ethnicity

Engagement in recreational and leisure activities is influenced by 1s race or ethnicity. These factors besides contribute to how programmes are provided for communities ' people. Race and ethnicity both influence diversion and leisure but have different significances.

Race refers to the familial make up of a individual. This includes features such as oculus coloring material, skin coloring material and hair. Ethnicity refers to our societal and cultural heritage. Cultural groups can be identified by linguistic communication, imposts and faith ; this is what distinguishes them from other groups.

There continues to be racial and cultural stereo types in our society despite the on-going battle against favoritism. This impacts significantly on diversion and leisure due to the fact that most programmes do non provide for all races and ethnicities. It besides creates segregation amongst groups in programmes. This is one of the grounds that the section of Sport and Recreation of South Africa has created the autochthonal games undertaking. The undertaking is seeking to follow and convey in autochthonal heritage to life amongst people of South Africa. Western civilizations preponderantly oversee these programmes. Leisure services should take to unify the different groups in order to give people the chance to larn about the different races, civilizations and ethnicities jointly. This would make an apprehension between

the differences that people may see. This would besides forestall under representation in the diverse races and ethnicities. We need to guarantee that all groups feel comfy and experience a sense of belonging when take parting in these programmes. Everyone should be invited, included and involved. By holding programmes that include these factors we can make understanding and positive relationships between groups. This will enable us to get the better of the bias and racial strife that may be still present in our communities.
I feel that one manner in which we can relieve the job of under representation is for the so called minorities to give themselves another individuality. They must no longer see themselves as a minority. By building an alternate individuality they can give themselves a new representation. This would decrease the perceptual experience of them being minorities by others. This in bend would do them more unfastened to engagement in programmes. This may develop an attitude in them in which they believe that they are portion of the group. We must endeavor to supply programmes that alleviate inter-group misinterpretations and promote favorable dealingss.

Socio - economic Status and its Influence on Leisure and diversion

Socio - economic position is a agency of sorting people into classs based on their income, instruction, business and wealth.
Peoples within a specific category have similar attitudes, values and involvements. These things can impact on diversion and leisure picks. Socio - economic position can impact leisure in a figure of ways.

First, the sum of instruction and/or the sum of money that a individual has influences the sum of free clip and income available for recreational intents. In general the lower

categories have been minorities when it comes to participation in recreational activities. They besides seldom take part in wellness and fittingness programmes. Those in higher categories who have more instruction and disposable income expression for more refined and esteemed leisure. For illustration, in the United States it has been discovered that the hapless on the job category and in-between category have been the prevailing users of public and non - net income services. The bureaus that map in the assorted sectors provide programmes for all income degrees but target the lower and in-between category peculiarly. This is a rational attack as it provides chances for those who can non afford the more expensive recreational options. However the upper - category may hold entree to these programmes but frequently take to travel the commercial path. They may use these services as most see it as supplying a higher quality of service. The upper category may besides take the option of commercial services due to the issue of position. Status may be assigned to things such as sole nine ranks or alien travel finishs.

There are besides activities that may appeal to all societal categories such as reading or socialising but there are others that can be placed in each societal category entirely. For illustration, go toing the opera or boating may most probably be assigned to the upper category, where as a encampment trip would more likely be an activity of the in-between category. Sometimes there are activities that are popular to all categories but may be enjoyed in different ways.

Socio - economic position has a important consequence on diversion and leisure activity picks. If we are

to be justified suppliers of diversion and leisure we need to understand these impacts and supply services that meet the demands of everyone. It may non ever be possible to supply these services to all people but we need to understand the fluctuations in demands and leisure forms for those that we target. In this manner we can guarantee that no 1 is denied and unrepresented of diversion and leisure chances.

An of import factor that has restricted many people recently is the planetary recession. The ability to fund recreational or leisure services is an issue that all socio - economic categories have faced. With the current province of the economic system all service suppliers have to bring forth income to remain alive, even the non - net income and public administrations. The construct of wage to play is going more outstanding and this eliminates the hapless and working category about wholly. Many programmes are being kept alive by sponsorships and in - bend maintain our much needed recreational programmes alive and accessible to all.

Is leisure good or bad?

Most if non all leisure activities we can make hold positive results. There are truly good leisure activities, nevertheless, merely if they are carefully moderated. Some of the activities that people participate in during their free clip include athleticss, cultural activities, engineering every bit good as socializing with friends.
Sporting activities e.g. swimming or playing soccer provide great positives in the sense that we exercise, we relax, forget about our jobs for a piece and meet people. I feel that leisure activities which involve athletics should maintain the component of competition every bit low as possible. The accent should

be on holding merriment and taking in the experience. When it develops into a serious competition it could discourage others who are merely at that place for the merriment facet. Everyone should be included at all times with the purpose of supplying some kind of satisfaction to all involved.

Cultural activities like larning to play a musical instrument, reading or composing can supply a host of positives. Many people use music as a manner of personal look of their ideas and emotions. This can assist supply an mercantile establishment for the person. There are many traditional instruments that people can larn to play despite being of different cultural or racial backgrounds. The instructional categories educate people on the civilization behind the music every bit good as supply them with the accomplishment of larning how to play these instruments. This besides allows us to get the better of barriers of race and ethnicity in the sense that people spend more clip with other races.

Technology provides us with options to traditional leisure and diversion. It sometimes eliminates the physical constituent but can excite the head. Playing video games, web browse and watching telecasting can be really interesting every bit good as educational. There are pictures games which can give us an thought of what it takes to fly a plane or be a front line soldier during the Second World War. It creates experiences similar to the existent thing and provides escape from the world of life. We should nevertheless be really careful with these activities ; they can do people socially incapable, by doing them shy or quite and curtail face to face brushs. It can besides

do people pass excessively much clip indoors. We must pull a steadfast balance when take parting in these activities in order to pull out the positives. Television has legion good or bad programmes which can educate, supply relaxation and alleviate emphasis in an person. It besides has negative influences, which means we must choose what we watch carefully.

Most persons enjoy passing clip with friends, such as traveling to the film theater, traveling out for dinner or traveling out at dark. These activities provide a batch of benefits to us but there are jobs associated with it every bit good. A major job is the maltreatment of intoxicant and drugs at dark clip run intoing musca volitanss. Peoples tend to over imbibe on darks out with friends and engage in substance maltreatment. Substance maltreatment can hold serious emotional and physical deductions. Self - control will take to happy and gratifying experiences in these state of affairss.

Science and engineering has provided our societies with the highest degrees of comfort. Technology has besides made much more clip available to us. Vacations and holidaies have besides increased and the continuance is much longer.
If we do non command our leisure and diversion it may go the nucleus of our being. Our free clip must be spent constructively instead than being damaging to us. It is the duty of our societies to do diversion and leisure an plus instead than a liability.

How is leisure good to the person in Society?

Leisure has many deductions to the persons in our society and it does non know apart against race, category or gender when supplying people in our society with positives. Society needs to

be educated on how diversion and leisure programmes can be good to them. This will advance engagement and underscore the importance of it in our societies. Leisure is a major force in our lives, to the extent that it has become a major concern for authoritiess, parents and leaders.
Peoples are now passing more money each twelvemonth on activities such as athletics, touristry, out-of-door diversion and many other past - times. There has besides been a impetus towards organised leisure with alterations in basic life and competition between our involvements. However leisure can still be self-generated, lone and surprising.

Apart from physiological demands such as sleeping, leisure is what we engage in chiefly. Harmonizing to Leitner and Leitner ( 2004 ) if you are 18 now, of the likely 60 old ages that you will populate for, you will pass 18 old ages in full clip leisure. This might be an alarming statistic but it is rather precise. Diversion and leisure has the ability to educate and supply us with critical constituents for our wellness and growing from our birth to our decease. It is in this sense that leisure provides us with a sense of health, satisfaction and improved quality of life. Diversion and leisure can supply the potency to significantly lend to our physical, societal and emotional well being.
Having considered the importance diversion and leisure I will now discourse the benefits that it can supply us with.

Emotional well- being is an of import constituent for a good life. If we are mentally healthy we are filled with positive emotions. Diversion and leisure can supply us with positive emotions.

Diversion and leisure provides a channel for us

to better self - definition, self realization and a sense of authorization. It provides us with chances for self - geographic expedition of our endowments, capacities and our possible. Diversion and leisure do non possess any restraints and can be used to reenforce our individualities. Bing actively involved in Recreation and leisure relates to our mental wellness in manner that leads to our intrinsic motive being enhanced in day-to-day life. Iwasaki and Mannell ( 2000 ) found that by merely believing in it, it can lend to our emotional good - being and is adequate to cut down mental unwellness symptoms. This may be rather precise in the sense that in what of all time we do we have to believe positively in order to accomplish our ends. On the other manus, active leisure and diversion may be more stimulating than inactive diversion and more good to our psychological wellness. If the both are linked the results may be even more positive.

Stress is a major issue for everybody. Numerous surveies have pointed out leisure 's ability to assist people get by with emphasis. Stress can frequently do us really ill and can take to complications such as bosom disease, high blood pressure and organic structure strivings. The effects of these complications can be reduced by diversion and leisure.
The research in the field of diversion and leisure has confirmed that basking life 's pleasances, holding fulfilling societal relationships and prosecuting self - expressive behavior can assist to take down emphasis and have positive effects on our immune system. This suggests that we should back up our diversion and leisure in order to avoid these complications. Psychological

good - being can be promoted by activities that are meaningful, fulfilling and active. It provides a balance for the demands of life even during times of crisis.

Our physical wellness is strongly related to emotional wellness. Our physical wellness can profit greatly from leisure and diversion. By remaining active in recreational and easy activities we can derive legion physiological benefits. The cardio - vascular, respiratory, musculo - skeletal and metabolic systems benefit greatly. Diversion and leisure can assist the organic structure respond favorably by cut downing the hazards that of coronary bosom disease, high blood pressure, colon malignant neoplastic disease and diabetes.

An active life style besides helps diminish weariness, provides us with protection against fleshiness, maintains bone denseness and joint mobility and may even protect us from urinary piece of land infections. Changeless physical activity promotes enjoyment, encourages support from others and enhances our assurance in our ability to on a regular basis take part. It besides helps to cut down any negative perceptual experiences of being physically active.

Technology and peoples life manners have made life in general more sedentary. This emphasises the importance of activity during recreational and leisure activities much greater. It does non count on the type of activity that has been chosen. It can be a game of Frisbee, surfing, group exercises or even Thai qis. They will all supply some kind of physical benefit. Numerous surveies have besides confirmed that regular engagement in these recreational activities provide the necessary aerophilic benefits.

Diversion and leisure besides provide benefits such as societal good - being and societal development. They both contribute to our friendly relationships and the ability to acquire along with others.

Diversion and leisure promotes societal interaction for both kids and grownups.

Engagement in activities that are extremely sociable promotes societal support. Our societal good - being requires societal support. This can assist prove connexions or relationships amongst persons an can besides beef up and prove the relationships during recreational experiences. When people feel that they are being cared for and supported they tend to experience better about themselves and their lives. This can assist people to develop and keep their household lives.

With the developments in engineering activities that emphasize sociableness are non every bit common as they used to be in our societies. Peoples are traveling farther off from the construct of socialising. Some prefer to watch a film entirely at place on the DVD participant instead than at the film theater with others. People invest in place gym equipment alternatively of go toing a gym at a recreational Centre or a wellness nine. It is of import to continue the older methods in order to advance societal benefits to the persons in our societies.

The many benefits of diversion and leisure converge to make a sense of good -being in people. It is of import as it emphasizes the verve in our milieus and the universe. It helps us develop vigorous and caring communities and has the power to make harmoniousness among the diverseness in which in exist.

Life satisfaction is what we strive for everyday. It is hard to specify but we can acknowledge it when we have it. It is an emotional and internal experience. Diversion and leisure helps us accomplish this satisfaction. When we are satisfied with our lives we focus less on our

egos, go less hostile and opprobrious and by and large less vulnerable to disease. These are qualities that need to be eliminated from our societies. We need to be more loving, forgiving, swearing, originative and sociable. Diversion and leisure can assist supply these qualities for us. This will in bend provide a snow ball consequence as happy people tend to be more positive about their leisure activities. They feel positive and accept the belief that these activities are in fact assisting them and the people around them.

In order for the importance and benefits of leisure and diversion to be experienced by people in society, we need to hold leisure professionals who possess the necessary accomplishments to guarantee it is executed efficaciously. Whether you are employed at a infirmary, cantonment, subject park, national administrations or a resort, you must be able to present positive experiences for people. You must be able to body qualities that reflect professionalism. He should besides possess qualities that enable him to present the programme or activity successfully.

The leisure professional must establish his attempts on the demands and involvements of the focal point group. He should seek to develop programmes based on their demands instead than his ain. Even if he is employed in a net income devising administration he must concentrate on the desires and demands of the consumer or else he will neglect in his efforts. He should possess the willingness to listen and larn to people in order to supply the right facets of the programme. He should encompass the diversenesss of race, civilization, gender etc. Respect should be given to himself and the participants.

Recreational experiences require precise administration

and planning. He must be able to supply a sustained attempt in the proviso of activities. A willingness to set in long hours and difficult work is imperative. A batch of recreational activities occur on weekends, after hours or public vacations. This means that he must be willing to work during other people 's free hours. This is a major forfeit that most people are non willing to do so it is of import to see.

The leisure professional should possess a high grade of unity. Our universe is invariably faced with Acts of the Apostless of misconduct and improper behavior. When presenting a service you must keep a high degree of ethical duty. This is of import particularly when covering with the diversenesss amongst people. Participants should be treated with self-respect and equity by the leisure professional. This will reassign between participants ; they will larn to handle each other gracefully and with regard.

The leisure professional must possess the ability to project the way of the programme or activity. He must be able to visualize the positive result of the service. The program will merely come together if he can foremost see it go oning. This provides way and purpose. The participants will by and large anticipate an first-class service but he muse seek to transcend those outlooks.


The importance of diversion and leisure to the persons in our society has a figure of deductions. As discussed earlier it relates to race, gender, socio - economic position etc. , it affects a broad array of people and establishments. We must seek to educate people on the importance of these types of activities in order to get

the better of the assorted barriers that our societies face. It is one of the best developments in the last century to assist get the better of barriers such as diverseness and wellness related jobs. The world is that diversion and leisure programmes do work. This is right to the point where specific projections of what diversion and leisure can accomplish hold been put away. There are national sections that have multi -million dollar budgets around the universe in order to do it a portion of everyone 's lives. It has been doing a difference to 1000000s of lives around the universe.


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