“Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” by Mary Ray Worley Essay Example
“Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” by Mary Ray Worley Essay Example

“Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” by Mary Ray Worley Essay Example

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  • Published: October 17, 2017
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Marilyn Ray Worley discovered the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance ( NAAFA ) three old ages ago. That minute she realized. after that life-long battle against being fat. that it doesn’t average being unhealthy. and that without being humiliated or being embarrassed. fat people must accept their organic structures. She wrote an essay entitled “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” which targets those fat people undergoing difficult dieting but still didn’t loss weight. and that there’s more to life if they would accept their organic structure and populate it to the fullest. free from humiliation.


Mary Ray Worley pointed out that life in an American society during the twentieth-century. a individual individual would believe and will certainly hold the feeling that being fat is a serious personal. societal and medical job. And because of that. they will ne'er take to be fat and would instead take to decease or cut off a limb than to be thrown with barbarous gags.

And that fat people became profoundly ashamed of their fat organic structures and are passing their lives seeking to feign what they were non. In add-on to that. thinness implies self-discipline and self-respect while fatness means self-contempt and deficiency or finding. “Pressures like these must surely lend to the shortening of many fat people lives. ” . as an extract from the essay. This is how she described the “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” . every


bit bold as her experience when she was a immature chubby kid who started dieting when she was at an age of eight. until her age turned to 48 as of now.

It was on the month of August 2000 that she attended an one-year convention held by the National Association to Advance Fat credence ( NAAFA ) . The topographic point was in San Diego but she explained it to be like ‘visiting on another planet’ . She had realized. on her week-long stay on that convention. that her whole life before that dark. she was transporting the heaviest load. how her organic structure shame had affected her full life. This portion of the essay. this small portion. would be the piece of the whole where realisation is traveling to go on. She had opened the head of other fat people that there still places where organic structure shame would non be a hinderance upon making felicity on mundane life. The writer had made this to be an oculus opener. ear backstop. and head shaker for the readers and hearers.

It was the first dark of the convention where this full ‘different planet’ had shown its true nature to her. It was a topographic point where all those fat people have freedom. without shame. had exposed their feelings and had expressed their egos where it was really different from what she called her place planet where fat people instead would be embarrassed and non an expressive 1. They are on their fashionable swimwears. a hundred or so of fat people who had now given the chance without vacillations to be in their organic structure. whatever it may look like. that their

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ego consciousness had no topographic point to come in.

In this portion of the essay. she had given Numberss of illustrations of things that those fat people can make merely like the other thin people do. There is freedom without any scintilla of embarrassment and vacillations as support for her claim while mentioning those fat people on their fashionable swimwears. Just like how she addressed that topographic point as a ‘different planet’ . the writer wanted to demo how people perceived fat people on their topographic point ( or what she called her ‘home planet’ ) as really different like the distances between planets. She had used a figure of address that will give impact upon demoing the differences.

“We’re non giving up. and we’re non allowing ourselves go. ” This was her reply when she had encountered person inquiring the inquiry if this was the best manner for them. the fat people. to populate. The individual who asked that inquiry might be indicating on to the topographic point she called the ‘different planet’ and could that the best topographic point and in that manner on that topographic point would be the best manner.

She answered courageously that there will be no giving up. She had made a statement of a promise that even on the exterior. there would be no vacillation. there is a freedom. that they will be freely can populate without being embarrassed transporting their heavy load. even on their place planet. In this portion of the essay. the writer was disputing and promoting the readers and the hearers. to populate out their life freely as they want it to be. This will function as a incentive for those fat people that the writer had commanded them. The writer in this mode. had reached the soundless portion. and might opened up the fat people’s consciousness to travel out of their coops and show they are portion of the planet.


The address happened last August 8. 2004 and she was applauded by 100 other really fat work forces and adult females. It was a success for the essay “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” and for Marilyn Ray Worley and for each and every fat people who are now winning some conflicts against humiliation. and that thins and fat people are get downing to populate the same. normal. and a happy life. the manner each and every one had wanted to life to be. the life taken from the fat people before. and now had been given back to them.

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