Different types of business information, their sources and purposes

Tesco has stores in 14 countries across the world. In the UK it is the grocery market leader it has about 30% of market share. This means that Tesco is the main supermarket leader in the shores of the UK.

The key purpose of Tesco is to make profit. Tesco’s is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and is the second largest in the world measured by its profit.

Tesco is in the tertiary sector. This is because its sells the products, it doesn’t manufacture or directly get the product from its primary sector. Tesco’s has millions of shareholders which the majority shareholder only has around 3% of the shares. This just shows the vast amount of shareholders that Tesco’s has because the majority shareholder only has 3%. This is PLC in the private sector.

Communication is the exchange of information through the use of spoken mode or written mode. Communication is important in a business because it conveys messages from one person to another or from one department to another.

Types of information



verbal communication is when there is somebody speaking, verbal information can be used in face to face conversation, verbal communication is also used in phone conversations and also webcam communications. It can take place on a one to one basis or it can be used by one person to address groups of people.


Written is when there is information presented in the form of characters written e.g. on the computer or paper based. Written communication is used on leaflets, brochures, in letters, emails, newspapers, magazines etc. written communication provides the organisation with evidence of what has taken place and can be used to be referred back to if needed


On-screen is when information is presented on television or on the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones. It can be used to promote new and existing products and also make customers aware of special offers


Multi-media is using more than one media type to inform or express their product or service.it is also used to cover a range of formats so it has more chance of reaching more customers/ staff etc. multimedia communication can include online advertisement and also television advertisement

Web based:

Web based communication is when using the web browser to communicate with potentially millions of people worldwide. Web based communication can be undertaken using websites, emails and social media and is displayed to people on monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Types of information used at Tesco PLC


When the customer is communicating with employees of Tesco PLC staff, even if it’s just customers communicating with till operatives, customer service assistants, security guards or even asking about a query through calling up it still is verbal communication. Verbal communication doesn’t just include customer’s staff meetings/ briefings/ presentations/ tannoy announcements, it also includes the communication of internal staff, suppliers and to one another


Tesco PLC use written communication when they are advertising their promotions in-store, they also use written communication when they are responding to complaints or answering customer queries and also staff issues. Written communication can also include leaflets, brochure, presentations etc. It is also used when dealing with contracts for suppliers and employees and in many other ways


Tesco PLC use on screen communication is when they are advertising on television or in-store in-order to make customers aware of the offers that is available in their stores. They’re advertisements also include their products and services. On screen advertisement can also include advertising on the internet on pop ups and social media sites e.g. Facebook, twitter etc


Tesco PLC use multimedia communication in order to make customers aware of the promotions that they are offering on their products, this is done through television advertisement, advertisement on their website and other multimedia websites. They advertise their products and services that are currently available at the organisation, they do this through many multi-media platforms such as tablets, smartphones and television. By doing this the help to increase the level of exposure their campaign has to the potential customers

Web- based:

Tesco PLC uses web based communications to inform their customers is through them advertising special offers on their website or other websites such as Facebook etc. They also do their advertisement through pop ups that will appear on many website that you visit, to make you aware of the special offers that are available to you through the organisation. Tesco PLC also have their own intranet which allows the organisation and its employees to communicate with one another confidentially on an internal basis

The purpose of business information

The purpose of communication is to allow the exchange of information and ideas.

Purpose of information:

The purpose of the information on Tesco PLC webpage is for customers to easily access the area they want for example of the have a query they are able to go onto the contact page and contact Tesco PLC in various ways e.g. through written or verbal communication. Another purpose of the information presented on the Tesco PLC website is to inform and also to make them aware of the future developments

Updating knowledge:

Tesco PLC also have regular updates on its blog to allow customers to know of the difference that Tesco PLC are making for instance they donated 4.3 million meals to feed people in need this Christmas. They also present information on their website about sales figures/ new promotions. Knowledge also needs to be updated for employees on a regular basis and this is often done in meetings, reports and emails for example

Informing of the future:

On the Tesco PLC home page it also has an investment link where you are able to find out about the investment that they want to undertake in the near future for example Tesco PLC want to launch their own healthy living brand. The information will be available to customers making them aware of the new superstore that are going to be created in the future, this information will also be available to managers as they will no the strategic direction they will have to take in order to make those builds successful. The purpose of the information is to inform stakeholders of future plans. This can be communicated in lots of ways such as emails on quarterly bases

Strategic directions:

On Tesco PLC investors page it also states their strategic directions, one of their strategic direction is to increase growth and return. This information will be available in annual reports, and will only be available to managers. The strategic report that will be presented in the annual report will show the strategic direction for the next and previous year and this can be seen by any member of the public. Some strategies will only be communicated to certain people at certain times using a range of communication techniques

SWOT analysis:

They undertake a regular a swot analysis and the report that is produced is then presented to managers to see what is going on and it can be related to SWOT analysis. Will be presented in conferences or meetings and will also be available to managers and authority figures. So that they can be developed strategies from the funding

Offering competitive insight:

Tesco PLC use advertisements when they compare themselves to the leaders in the market area for example when they compare themselves to Sainsbury, Morrison’s and Asda to say what they are doing better that their competitors. For example they would compare their deals opposed to their competitors and if they provide cheaper deals then they’re competitors they will promote it to undermine their competitors. The customers will be able to access such information if it is presented in advertisements.

Communicating sales promotions:

Tesco PLC communicate the sales promotions in many different ways i.e. they communicate the promotions through on screen, multimedia and web based communication, the organisation will be presented on television advertisements, Facebook, twitter, YouTube. This is when the organisation promotes special offers to its customers. The information will be available to customers as it will be aimed at them. Staff will also been informed of such promotions so that they will be able to help and support with promotions in store when dealing with promotions

Inviting support for activities:

Tesco plc would use written and spoken communication when they require their staff to do over time due to staff being sick or to ask staff to help out for a charitable project. They will also invite external personnel like volunteer to help out with charitable activities. This information about inviting support for activities will be aimed at customers and the details about the activity will be available, so the customers know what they are getting themselves involved in

The purpose of verbal information at my chosen organisation

In Tesco PLC the way that information is shared verbally is through face to face communication and pre-recorded information over the phone. Verbal information can be taken place in many different circumstances such as speaking to customers or within the Tesco PLC organisation

Updating knowledge:

Tesco PLC managers may update the knowledge of their staff if there is going to be a presentation or meeting, they would also use verbal communication to make staff aware if somebody is off ill and if they’re would be anybody willing to do the over time. They will also update he knowledge of the customers through regular advertisements on television about the new promotions, they will also use their blog page at Tesco PLC website to publish regular updates

Informing future development:

They would allow their employees know the direction and promotional tactics Tesco PLC want to undertake in order to increase their sales figures. This is often done through the use of meetings and staff briefings

Strategic direction:

Team leader or managers at Tesco PLC would inform their staff that they have new aims or target for the New Year and so they are required to achieve those targets by doing the set rules which will allow that to occur. When verbal communication is used in this way it is often supported by written information so that the staff can refer back to what has been said

Swot analysis:

The overall analysis can be verbally communicated to their staff on regular basis to make them updated on their objectives and aims, SWOT analysis is likely to be most detailed in a written format

Offering competitive insight:

Tesco plc manger may offer competitive insight to their staff so they are aware of the tactics that they can use in order to beat their competitors in the region in which they are falling behind, e.g. if Tesco PLC are falling behind in the customer service department they would have verbal team meeting to make their staff aware of the improvements required

Communicating sales promotions:

The advertisement/ promotion department would communicate verbally to their line of control in order for them to make them aware of the new promotions that they are willing to do, e.g. they might ring the area manager to make them aware of the promotions that Tesco PLC want to take into action so they pass it on to their span of control. They will also use tannoy announcements in store/ and radio advertisements etc, to communicate current sales and promotions

Inviting support for activities:

They would use verbal communication to speak to staff if they require extra help due to an absence of a staff member or because they require help on charity programme or some other store initiative

The purpose of written information at my chosen organisation

Updating knowledge:

Tesco PLC would use written mode to make a report stating the knowledge of the organisation for example they would have a written report stating the aims and objectives that they had set for their previous year. The organisation will also use newsletters/ staff magazines/ brochure for customers to update their knowledge about the organisations and its activities

Informing future development:

The investment team may produce a report suggesting future markets that would be best beneficial to Tesco PLC an example of this was when Tesco PLC entered the banking market their investment team provided and undertook many years of investigating the market to see if the market would be beneficial to Tesco PLC. They will use signage to inform customers of store changes, an example of this the signage on canal road, when Tesco PLC was updating its store they had signs saying they are sorry for the delay but they are making the store better and bigger so customers are able to click and collect

Strategic direction:

There will be many written reports that will suggest ways that Tesco PLC can improve their products and services, this will be solely based on market research and then presented to customer service head department. The strategic direction can be a short or long term direction which can last from 1-5 years

Swot analysis:

They will use swot analysis in order to see what is happening and also compare it to Tesco PLC strategy, this report will be provided in a written mode and presented to department heads. So that they are aware of the organisations current situation and potential future plans

Offering competitive insight:

There are annual reports that have to be presented by all the grocery market business i.e. Tesco PLC, Sainsbury, Morrison, Asda etc and so Tesco PLC is able to access their competitors report and use them to find ways to beat their market competitors. Tesco PLC may also chose to focus upon a particular area of competitiveness at times and this will mostly take place using a written report format

Communicating sales and promotions:

The marketing department contact area managers to make them aware of the promotions that they have set, this can be done through email, e.g. they will use written mode to make area managers to be aware that Tesco PLC want to do a promotional offer on coca cola for example when the Christmas period comes they will know the campaigns. The will also use signs in-store- newspaper ads to inform the customer of the promotions that are taking place

Inviting support for activities:

This is when charitable events occur and the supermarket requires staff to work over time or even extra hours. An example of this is the Christmas period when Tesco PLC vowed to give meals to elderly people during the Christmas period, they would have required staff to do extra hours in order to meet their target of 4 million meals. Support for such activities would be required using a range of written communication methods

The sources of written information at my chosen organisation- where it originates

The information that is provided in Tesco PLC can be obtained or gathered through many different ways for example getting competitors annual report will be obtained via external resources. But Tesco PLC annual report will be information gathered through internal resources such as data and profit created through different quarters. Different departments have different methods of communication so it may vary where and when information comes from to compile the written information that is developed

The purpose of onscreen information at my chosen organisation

The reason why Tesco PLC would use on screen information is to make their consumer and customers aware of their promotions, they would also use the on screen information to decrease their competitor’s reputation by comparing their weaknesses against their strengths e.g. Tesco PLC would take advantage for position in the market to undermine competitors. Also on-screen allows sound and movement to occur which is eye catching. Also staff for training purposes etc.

Updating knowledge:

Onscreen information such as advertising on televisions can be used to inform customer of special offers that are available in store on Tesco PLC website

Informing future development:

Tesco PLC would use televisions advertisement to make people aware of the promotions that they are setting for upcoming events for example Tesco PLC would use television promotion to make customers aware of the promotions they are offering for the Christmas celebration. Larger developments that are communicated to staff are only shown on screen in a meeting and training context

Strategic direction:

Tesco PLC would also use television advertisement to make customers aware of their strategic direction in some cases, longer opening hours, and more store openings will be convenient to customers, it is unlikely to be used to inform staff except maybe over monitors and larger screens for training purposes

Swot analysis:

They would use on screen advertisement to make customers know of their achievements that they had set through swot analysis. It is used for presentations and training for the staff when needed

Offering competitive insight:

They would use advertisement to affect their competitors reputation e.g. they might advertise that they were the cheapest in the first quarter based on their products opposed to Asda or Morrison’s they will also advertise that they are the market leaders in order to increase their reputation which will suggest that they are doing well and know what they’re customers and consumers require

Communicating sales and promotions:

The way that Tesco PLC would make customers aware of their promotions would be through television advertisement and also multimedia advertisement. This is done on a very regular basis by Tesco PLC as they operate in such a competitive industry

Inviting support for activities:

They would advertise if they require help for example Tesco PLC advertised when they required customers to help provide meals for elderly people during the Christmas holidays, Tesco PLC know that this advertisement is success as they were able to provide 4.3 million meals to elderly people during the Christmas period

The source of on screen information at my chosen organisation- where it originates

Most of the sources that are used and displayed at Tesco PLC is internal as most of the special offers and data is collected by internal resources, the sources for the advertisements are obtained through the marketing department at head office. The annual report are obtained and created through acquiring information form the different department and setting them together into an annual report that will be published on their website, it includes the previous year revenue, and the new ventures they started of that year

The purpose of multi-media information at my chosen organisation

Updating knowledge:

Introduction of new media will increase our understanding of our customers and will also increase our connection with our customers

Informing future development:

Tesco PLC will use multimedia formats to inform customers of future developments such as their introduction healthy living brand.

Strategic direction:

Tesco PLC will use multimedia formats to inform customers and consumers of the strategic direction that they want to take, for example they would allow customer to know about their future developments such as they used multimedia modes to allow customers to know of their introduction of their healthy living brand

Swot analysis:

They will gather information and use it for their swot analysis report. That will be used to provide information to managers on a store regional and national basis where appropriate

Offering competitive insight:

They will use multimedia sites in order to update their information of their competitor’s tactics and then find out way into beating their competitors in such sectors which they fall behind in

Communicating sales promotions:

Tesco PLC would use multimedia sites to promote the latest promotions, to make customers aware of the new cheap offers that are available at Tesco PLC, and also make staff aware of what promotions are being undertaken

Inviting support for activities:

Tesco PLC will use multimedia sites to ask for help to help the needy, for example Tesco PLC used multimedia sites to ask for customers help to help them provide food for people in need with meals during the Christmas period

The sources multimedia information at my chosen organisation- where it originates

Tesco PLC multimedia sources originate from Tesco PLC itself, the multimedia content originate from the design and development department as they have to make the advertisement that will grab the attention and inform customers as well. Many others departments may be involved in providing information for multimedia purposes but this largely depends upon what it is the organisation wants to focus on and communicate

The purpose of web based information at my chosen organisation:

Web based information is a type of information system or software that normally uses internet web technology to deliver information. Tesco PLC has its own website in order for customers to use it to update their knowledge and also buy products from Tesco PLC websites, the customers can also use the click and collect service in order to pick up their products after they have ordered them , the products can also be delivered to the customers. The intranet is very important as it keeps the staff up to date this can be done through emails

Updating knowledge:

Tesco PLC would use web based information like the blog to update customer’s knowledge of the products and services and also their knowledge of their future developments

Informing future development:

Tesco PLC would use the blog or the news page to inform customers of future development, e.g. Tesco PLC used their news page to launch their new healthy living brand

Strategic direction:

Tesco PLC uses their website to provide information of their strategic direction, for example this information is provided in the investor’s page

Swot analysis:

The information that is gathered through their many pages such as their contact page can be used in their swot analysis report, which can allow the organisation to know more about their customers

Offering competitive insight:

Tesco plc will use web based information to gain access of their competitor’s information, they are allowed to do this, because the law states that all businesses in the groceries market have to provide an annual report

Communicating sales promotion:

Tesco PLC will use web based information sites to communicate with their customers on their sales promotions such as YouTube, Tesco PLC will use websites that are regularly used to promote their special offers, they will also use their own website Tesco direct etc to promote their sales promotions

Inviting support for activities:

Tesco plc will use web based information sites to as for charitable support, such as Tesco PLC requiring help to provide food for millions of people during the Christmas period

The source of web-based information at my chosen organisation- where it originates

The purpose of web based information at Tesco PLC is to inform customers of the special offers that that they are promoting, they also use the website to inform customer of future development, it can also be used to keep customers aware of their latest updates and blogs. Most of the information that is presented in Tesco PLC web based information originates from internal sources for example marketing and sales

The sources of business information

The sources of information: internal

Internal information is information that is available in the business, this is called primary information, the information can include financial information, personnel information, marketing information, purchasing information, sales information, manufacturing information and also administration information


The way that Tesco PLC would obtain financial information is through deducting the cost by the profit in order to find out the operating costs and the revenue. It will also be used to set budgets. Analyse sales, and also predict profits

Human resources:

The way that Tesco PLC finds out the human resources that they use is through planned recruitment, training and the monitoring of staff absences. This will then suggest how many people are employed by Tesco PLC, it can also be figured out through adding up how many contracts have been signed, to see the human resources that Tesco PLC use, and also through how many personnel that are training


The marketing all occurs in the marketing department in the headquarters, the marketing team markets all the promotional tactics and research and also analyses. It would have information such as budgets, when promotions are taking place, customer’s opinions, trends and fashion trends in the market etc


The business obtains the information from their suppliers through invoices which suggest the quantity of product that Tesco PLC has purchased. It also costs for everything that is used and sold by the organisation


The information for the sales figures can be determined through the amount of stock that has been sold, this will then determine the amount how may sales have occurred. They will also use clubcard data to see the sales that have occurred and when purchasing are taking place for particular products etc


They do not manufacture themselves they pay other organisations to do it using the Tesco PLC brand. The way that Tesco PLC can determine how the products are manufactured is through visiting the manufactures and produce a report stating which supplier is responsible for producing a particular product line or range


The way that Tesco PLC sort out their administrations is through hiring administrators who will keep records of every different store that Tesco PLC own. The administrator’s role will include the management of invoices and also keeping track of all incoming and outgoing forms of communication. Administration is a department that is at the care of communications

The sources of external

External communication is communication from an internal personal and an external person, for example a Tesco manager speaking to a supplier. It is used to promote the organisation and also to interest investors


The government are external links which, put laws across which business in the groceries market have to abide by, for example there is a law that the government has put into place against Tesco PLC which limits the growth of Tesco PLC. It provides information regarding financial policy and also any legislation that may affect the organisation and its operations directly

Trade grouping:

Trade grouping is a group of businesses that operate within the same sector and not within the same location. For example Tesco PLC would be part of the groceries trade association and this organisation will provide information regarding what is going on in their market

Commercially provided:

Companies can use commercially provided information to help them make the correct business decision. The decisions are made based on information made available to them from other companies. Typical example of this may include keynotes and Mintel reports

Databases/ research:

Companies can research information that might help them increase the sales and level of interest in their business. The key thing to researching information that helps run your business to ensure it is accurate and reliable. Some companies will pay to access commercially available database that offer range of information directly based on their business sector.

Reliability of data sources:

Data can take the form of Quantitive or qualitative sources, and to analyses such data will require trained personnel to analyse. The sources can be primary or secondary and can be obtained through many way e.g. they can be obtained through the publishment of them, or companies may pay handsomely to obtain the information, the way that you can tell of the reliability of the sources is through checking if they are consistent through many other sources, you can also contact the organisation to check for the reliability of the resources. If data is not received for a reliable source it can seriously jeopardise the competitive position of an organisation like Tesco PLC