Learnings From the Experts: National Finance Summit Essay Example
Learnings From the Experts: National Finance Summit Essay Example

Learnings From the Experts: National Finance Summit Essay Example

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  • Published: July 6, 2018
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The National Finance Summit held last Saturday gave so many things to ponder on to students as the chosen speakers gave ideas and information that are very helpful and contributive to everyday life of a Finance student. The knowledge they passed on to us future executives may be found and read from the books but learning it from them made a big difference to me. This rare opportunity of joining and listening to the experts of the industry I am belonging to was more than what I expected and more than what I paid for.

The effort exerted by the JFINEX officers and junior executives in choosing the best people to give talks about the important matters we should learn was a big success as the speakers were not boring. The discussed topics were also beneficial and of u


se in the business life. The talk given by the first speaker, Mr. Marvin Fausto, was very interesting and I enjoyed listening to him. The topics he discussed were attention grabbers; in fact all the students’ eyes and ears are focused on him. He was my favorite and the best among the four speakers.

He delivered his speech with formality and humor at the same time. The students can learn different things that cannot be obtained from the book in the lecture he gave. Actually, the things he shared were very simple and uncomplicated that’s why the students had fun with him. The ways to get rich and the steps to financial freedom which he imparted to us were remarkable. The steps he gave were something that can’t be erased in our minds for this is not just usefu

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for attaining financial freedom but also to different things like achieving our goals in life.

After his speech, the students are talking about the formula he gave and we are planning to compute how much monthly saving we must keep to have financial freedom when we grew old. I remember him saying that ‘Investment is about having enough’. This seems to be very difficult to master for we all know that enough for humans is immeasurable, and that’s why this is one of the challenges he gave to us as a future investors, a challenge that we have accepted and have taken oath of, a challenge we are ready to accomplish to help ourselves and our country.

Don’t invest in anything that you don’t understand’ this for me is the statement that I will remember in the Second speaker, Ms. Karen Roa. Like all the other speakers, her credentials are amazing. She talked about asset management, and how to handle money and invest. Her statement is straightforward, in investing your money, put it in something that you have a complete awareness and familiarity. Know your objectives and your risk profile, have a discipline, set a plan then invest.

And as a student without enough experience in matters like investing big time, start with the easy-to-understand-stocks. Mr. Emmanuel Lopez, the third speaker, talked about the current events in our country. I am little bit proud at the moment he was talking because I can relate and I am updated in the things he was saying unlike the others. We have the same opinions about the matters in our government today that’s I can help but to agree with him.

‘Channel all the energy to more productive use that benefits the people’ – a plain sentence that we should practice.

Don’t waste energy to useless and nonsense things, utilize it to more fruitful activity that will be beneficial to everyone instead. The Fourth speaker, Mr. Ricardo P. Torquero, has a different view on things. Frankly speaking, I was not listening in some parts on the speech he delivered, maybe because his voice was not active and he was just reading what he is saying. But one thing he said that kept on my mind was that, ‘you can see how good a policy the government is doing in the way they budget the money of the country’.

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