Life Is a Battle Essay Example
Life Is a Battle Essay Example

Life Is a Battle Essay Example

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  • Published: December 22, 2016
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Life is a battle. No matter how tough or easy a person’s life is there is always a battle with life. Many times people feel the whole world is against them. There may be a lot of stress and internal conflict within everyone’s battle. The reality is when the war is won; there eventually is another battle to fight. For instance in my own current personal fight, I am fighting for my tenant right to breath fresh clean air. I have neighbors whom smoke. I currently am putting up a fight with the corporate office of my complex as well as my apartment manager to switch apartments. So far I am winning the fight because I have delivered proof that my apartment smells of an illegal substance that is not of my own doing. Again, I am proof if you fight for your life you m


ay indeed win your battle.

Education is essential for every life battle. Without knowledge you will have no power. Education can not only help you socially and politically but it can help you with your own personal battles. My war with moving to a different apartment begin to succeed as soon as I begin to educate myself on California tenant rights laws, contact an attorney on my rights as a tenant, contact the local sheriffs department, and lastly called and wrote to the apartment complex corporate office and leasing office numerous times in order to get ahead in this fight. By remaining strong and determined you can gain a positive outcome. Moreover, you must be educated on your fight in order to win the battle.


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we have to go out into the world in order to educate ourselves to resolve problems, specifically legal problems. Not all people suffer with the same fight in life. This is what makes our fight for life so discerning and complicated. If a human being can have a joyful outlook on life, they will get through just about any hurdle life can throw at you. If we start to see ourselves as strong and independent rather than weak and inferior we will gain access on a whole new outlook on life. Fighting for your life does not have to get complicated if you know your rights! What does not kill you will make you stronger. For instance, if you die, you lose your fight. By staying alive and fighting for your life you will eventually win your fight. You will become stronger and gain self esteem.

Shifting the perspective that fighting for your life is actually a positive experience may be challenging for some. We all have a natural instinct to fight or flight. Those that run from their problems often never learn conflict and resolution. People that run from their problems do not handle confrontation very well. In order to get ahead in any personal war you may be dealing with you need to learn to be up front and confront the problem head on. Some people become extremely emotionally weak after a fight. These people may feel inadequate. Other’s become emotionally strong and feel as if they can conquer the world. Usually the wisest people in the world come out of a large struggle.

A well known Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel

once said “Look, it’s important to bear witness, important to tell your story… You cannot imagine what it meant spending a night of death among death.” If Elie can survive the brutality of the Holocaust, the Nazis, and Hitler, don’t you think you could really survive just about any battle with life? Elie survived, he than took it upon himself to educate the world with his story. He shared the most horrific details a human being could possible experience. Elie survived and told us his story. Elie feels a special obligation to speak out about injustice. This is proof that Life may be a battle but you can win the battle with life.

If a person studies the fight for life, or struggle with life they must understand the psychology of the struggle. One person may have an internal fight with themselves. For instance, someone who may suffer a chemical imbalance such as bipolar disorder may struggle with the perception of reality. The person with bipolar disorder will have extreme up’s and down’s unless they get treated and possibly go on some sort of medication to treat their imbalance. Other people, like myself, may have a fight, or struggle with others. I personally have had to fight for a Month to be able to move. My fight has been a difficult one. My end result thus far seems to be that I will be able to relocate to a different unit. Everyone’s fight for life is a uniquely different one. In the end we all have to deal with some sort of challenging struggle.

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off

and try again. Anytime your battle is not won, keep pressing on. If you continue to fight, even at your weakest point, eventually the outcome will be positive. It is important to remain proactive. You must make your thought, speech, and ideal turn into an action. I am not talking about physically fighting for your life. Unless of course you’re in some sort of sport like martial arts and you need to defend yourself to fight for your life. I am speaking about your internal fight. As Yoda states in the movie star wars; “Only a fully Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Emperor. If you end your training now - if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did - you will become an agent of evil. “You must train yourself to be proactive to gain a win on your battle. If you take an easy route and settle, you will be just as bad as your worst enemy. In life it is not always about the end result. However if you fight for your life you will gain not only a new perception on life, but you will become a more confident, stronger, and well adapted human being. Therefore, you must fight the good fight in order to fight for your life.

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