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1. How relevant are the concepts of competencies to the jobs in a chicken-processing plant?

The concepts of competencies in a chicken processing plant are probably basic, one must be able to perform a task, understand the language to be able to do the task properly, and to understand and meet the basics standards set by the company.

2. What information sources would be of most significance regarding jobs in a chicken-processing plant?

Considering the many safety and health issues within a chicken processing plant not everyone may be able to acclimate and cross train into other jobs, training, health issues and safety need to be considered when training any employee in a new job to ensure their acquiring the skills required to do their job well and avoid injuries and health issues that are rampant within the industry, not to underestimate the health risks posed to the consumer if these issues are not understood and maintained within the company.

3. Are dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs an inevitable part of any economy?

Due to the change in the eating habits in the United States this industry, these dirty, dangerous and unpleasant jobs have become extremely prevalent. Chicken offers an economical, leaner, and more versatile meat source for people, and has been a food staple in the world for more years than we can count. It is no wonder chicken is the world’s primary source of animal protein and a healthy alternative to red meat. It is unfortunate that in this country we have many people willing to work that lack the basic skills to do anything but these dirty, dangerous jobs and are willing to do them to keep themselves and their families fulfilled. The same holds true for other countries in the world.

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