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Dear Sir/ Madam

I am composing to you refering a job that has arisen from the purchase of one of your decorative merchandises on December. 29th. 2012 at your shop in Castlepoint – Bournemouth. The point is your N? 7 Firmer Younger Looking Skin priced 97? . The job developed shortly after using this merchandise for the first clip when I arrived in Portugal on January. 3rd. 2013. Within one hr. my cheeks became ruddy and began to distribute. After two hours. my full face was swollen and remained so for three yearss. No other decorative merchandise had been applied to my face. and I am certain that this merchandise caused an allergic reaction on my tegument.

I went to the physician and he told me non to utilize your merchandise once more. I had to pay 150ˆ to the skin doctor. Transcripts of grosss for this service and the merchandise purchase are included in this missive. I would appreciate being instantly compensated to the sum of 227. 35? . This amount is to reimburse me for the dermatologist’s visit and for the purchase of the merchandise: ( 130. 35? – skin doctor + 97? – merchandise ) .

In decision I can state that this sum doesn’t wage all the uncomfortableness and problem the usage of your merchandise has caused me. No money can pay what I felt when I looked at the mirror and saw my face…I besides send you a exposure of myself to turn out all this and I advise your research labs should prove all your merchandises on all teguments types. I look frontward to hearing from you within the following seven yearss ( one hebdomad ) . Yours dependably

Maria Santos

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