Rush Hour Essay Example
Rush Hour Essay Example

Rush Hour Essay Example

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  • Published: August 20, 2017
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Elaine Terranova uses an fable to picture the overall message about life in her verse form. “Rush Hour” . This fable creates the subject that domestic maltreatment is a serious job that causes injury and is intolerably avoided. Terranova uses the characters in her verse form to show this horrific truth about human life. She does non come out and straight say that this household is being abused ; she uses these characters as symbols to stand for the maltreatment occurrence. She uses her enunciation to portray these images of characters being abused.

Terranova begins her verse form by giving the image of a “…baby’s scabbed face…” in a dramatis personae. picturing an hurt. She so uses the character of the ma who. “…is in trunkss and dark glassess. ” which is an allusion w


here the reader should be familiar with that the spectacless are covering black eyes ( L. 5 ) . We know this because Terranova intimations this when she states that no 1 can see what is behind “…her ain dark glasses” ( L. 28-29 ) . All of these are references the reader has to do with this fable Terranova uses in this verse form.

After acquiring an apprehension of what is traveling on. Terranova so goes to demo the consequence of this maltreatment. The female parents organic structure. “sags … and tenses” demoing the depression with the manner her organic structure droop. and the tense is a contemplation of the injury ( L. 7-8 ) . Domestic maltreatment takes a toll on the small 1s ; we see the small girl typifying unhappiness as her caput is merely. “…inclining toward the window�

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without stating a word ( L. 12 ) .

The issue seems to be a repeating issue as. “she pulls the kids to her…thinking of the arm raised over them. . ” as if she were traveling through the maltreatment once more ( L. 29-30 ) . It is inferred that it is reoccurring because the female parent pleaded that. “It was an accident. ” and that. “He didn’t mean to make it. This is the truth about human life. twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours people face domestic maltreatment. and most of the clip it is avoided.

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