Cause and Effect of Teenage Pregnacy Essay

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What causes teenage pregnancy besides being stupid and acting on hormones? There are a lot of factors to why there is lot of teenage pregnancy today. There are some say that child is seeking love and affection in ways they’re not getting, and some say it what done in family like mother or father been a teenage parent or both parents and the child thinks that acceptable since it worked so well for them. That parents allow their child be a wild child with no rules Others say it television shows like Teen Mom that makes pregnancy look it their ticket to fame,. Or the lack of sex education system. I will be discussing each of these reasons.

First I be talking about home environment can cause teenage pregnancy. A child seeking love and affection when they don’t receive at home can cause low-self-esteem. Having low self-esteem can damage children more than one especially in girls, can cause lot issues like teenage pregnancy. When their isn’t lot love in family coming from one parent or even both it can cause teenage girl to seek that kind of attention to fill that hole. For some girls having baby means gaining a family member that will want and depend on you when she doesn’t have it in first place. For them they’ll do whatever it takes to keep that or even try have more.

This effects everyone in that girl life: friends, family, guy that got her pregnant, his family. Another home environment that is bad for teenagers is one that has one parent that became teenage parent or both and neither of them tried to discourage their child to having under age sex to soon. One alternative to stop pregnancy is abortion. I find it very cruel and inhuman because effects of carrying that child will still be with the girl and may cause some serious mental problems down road because having abortion in my option is like having miscarriage. No female should have live with guilt of knowing they killed innocent life.

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