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Dota Thesis Essay Example

Dota Thesis Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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Here in the Philippines. we believe in the expression of our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal that “Youth is the hope of our Mother land” . In their manus lies the future coevals to follow. But as we see from the state of affairs today. what we are anticipating from the young person is the contrary if the stating. Adolescents are prone to gestation. Almost every twelvemonth there is a rapid addition on the figure of pregnant young persons. One of the major causes of this job is that most of the young persons presents grew up in broken places. Parents either the male parent or female parent of the young persons chose to go forth their kids behind because of the fact that they can non manage any longer their duty as parents. In relation to this job. our authorities is now working on the Reproductive Heal


th Bill ( RH Law ) as one of the most effectual solution non merely to teenage gestation but besides to the increasing population of our state.

The literature reappraisal was conducted to place hazard factors associated with adolescent gestation and parentage. including forms of teenage sexual behavior. every bit good as current cognition about effectual schemes in adolescent gestation bar. The impact of teenage parentage on parents and kids and ways of back uping pregnant and rearing immature adult females was besides explored. The reappraisal relied preponderantly on Australian literature in order to reflect local issues and positions. However. the demand to see more recent or extended research in some countries required the usage of abroad literature. chiefly from the US and the UK. Teenage gestations in

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the Philippines surged by 70 per centum over one decennary. a superior functionary of the United Nation Population Fund Agency ( UNFPA ) .

Ugochi Daniels. UNFPA state representative. said the lifting figure of adolescent gestations in the state is an country of concern that the bureau is giving serious attending to. exposing as it does adolescent misss ( 10 to 19 old ages old ) to high hazard. Government statistics on female stripling gestations indicate that the entire figure of one-year births changed little over the predating 10 old ages. but the figure of teenage gestations rose 70 per centum. from 114. 205 in 1999 to 195. 662 in 2009. Based on informations compiled from birth certifications. of the 1. 75 million unrecorded births in 2009. the latest reappraisal twelvemonth. over 11 per centum involved adolescent female parents.

Teenage gestation is widespread in the Philippines. particularly amongst the hapless. It is astory that may non be excessively pleasant. but one that is repeated all excessively frequently. Adolescent gestation is anobvious lifting issue in our society. During the 21 st century. the statistics about this issue continues to lift even though there are a batch of disadvantages that immature female parents and male parents can evidently acquire in the said issue. Fox ( 2008 ) defined adolescent gestation as: Teenage gestation is one of the most of import and dismaying issues in today’s universe. A adolescent gestation. besides referred to as adolescent gestation. comes to be when a miss attains maternity before she becomes a major or grownup. as laid down by the jurisprudence of the land Some 16. 5 million Filipinos belong to the 15-24 twelvemonth

old age group. We are forced with a glowering truth that at a really immature age. a batch of immature people today have kids of their ain. 30 % of all births belong to this age group ; and by the age of 20. 25 % of the young person are already female parents.

This flooring truth about adolescent gestation in the Philippines should wake the authorities and parents themselves to take action ( Flores. 2008 ) . Harmonizing to the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study by the University of the Philippines Population Institute ( Uppi ) and the Demographic Research and Development Foundation. 20 six ( 26 % ) of our Filipino young person countrywide from ages 15 to 25 admitted to holding a prenuptial sex experience. What¶s worse is that 38 per centum of our young person are already in alive-in agreement. Another is the 1998 National Demographic and Health Survey ( NDHS ) reveals that 3. 6 million of our adolescents ( that’s a humongous 5. 2 per centum of our population! ) got pregnant. In 92 per centum of these teens. the gestation was unplanned. and the bulk. 78 per centum. did non even use contraceptives the first clip they had sex ( Singsong. 2008 ) . Most adolescents don’t program to acquire pregnant. but many do. Teen gestations carry excess wellness hazards to the female parent and the babe. Risks for the babe include premature birth and a low birth weight. To command this. we must assist each other by following the suggested solutions.

I. Cause

Causes of adolescent gestation are happening due to following grounds harmonizing to Fox ( 2008

) : Consequence of ramping endocrines. Most adolescents experience sudden and hitherto unknown emotions and feelings during their early pubescence. All this. coupled with a sudden sense of new-found freedom and gender. consequences in many of them giving blowhole to their feelings through sexual looks and experiences. Of class. most states stress on sex instruction in schools. but yet. some adolescents involve themselves in insecure sex. which could take to unwanted gestations. Peer force per unit area. A batch of adolescents indulge in early sexual behavior due to peer force per unit area.

This is due to the fact that they feel the great demand to be ‘hip’ and ‘accepted’ by their circle of friends. The lone manner they could likely accomplish that would be by holding a fellow or girlfriend or at least by dating and indulging in sexual Acts of the Apostless frequently. Contraceptive Failure. Though there are many types and trade names of preventives and exigency birth control pills easy available in the market. these are ne'er a warrant for complete safety. Merely Mother Nature knows when she might desire to acquire into action. so no signifier of birth control is traveling to be wholly unfailing! ( Fox. July 18. 2008 ) . Other causes of adolescent gestation are:

1. Lack of Parental Guidance. Most people evade their kids from speaking about sex. In some instances. they provide false information sing sex and deter their kids to take part in any enlightening treatment about sex. In some instances. teenage female parents are non good educated about sex before acquiring pregnant and therefore this leads to miss of communicating between the parents and the kids.

2. Inadequate Knowledge about Safe Sex. Most striplings are incognizant of safe sex. They likely have no entree to the traditional methods of forestalling gestation. And the chief ground buttocks is that they are either excessively abashed or fright to seek information about it. It was found that more than 80 % of teenage gestations are unintended. 3. Exploitation by Older Work force. This is another major factor that contributes to pregnancyamong the adolescents. Those misss who day of the month older work forces are more likely to go pregnant before they attain muliebrity. Rape. sexual developments etc. besides takes topographic point that leadsto unwanted gestation among adolescent misss.

4. Socio Economic Factors. Teenage misss who belong to the hapless households are more likelyto become pregnant. Research workers have found that even in the developed states teenage gestation occurs most normally among the disadvantaged subdivisions. 5. Glamorization of Pregnancy. The film industry and the media contribute to teenage gestation by romanticizing adolescent gestation in intelligence narratives and films. Movies that depict adolescent gestation as something to be desired encourage teens to prosecute in foolhardy sexual activity. harmonizing to ABC’s “Good Morning America. ” During adolescence. teens become more focussed on their visual aspect and how their equals perceive them. They want to be seen as portion of the group. so if adolescent gestation is viewed as acceptable in their school or amongst their friends. they may seek to go pregnant as a manner to derive societal credence.

6. Teenage Drinking. Teen imbibing can do an unexpected gestation. harmonizing to the website Love to Know. Many teens experiment with drugs and intoxicant. Drinking lowers a teen’s ability to

command her urges. lending to 75 per centum of gestations that occur between the ages 14 and 21. Approximately 91 per centum of pregnant teens reported that although they were imbibing at the clip. they did non originally plan to hold sex when they conceived. 7. Sexual Abuse or Rape. Teenss can go pregnant as a consequence of sexual maltreatment or colza. The Guttmacher Institute states that between 43 and 62 per centum of teens acknowledge that they were impregnated by an grownup male. and two-thirds study that their babies’ male parents are every bit old as 27. Approximately 5 per centum of all adolescent births are the consequence of a colza.

8. Inconsistent usage of birth control Even though the usage of preventives has increased among adolescents. its usage remains patched. Teenss may utilize birth control to assist forestall adolescent gestation. but most do non utilize preventives systematically. Erratic preventive usage. nevertheless. is better than none. A sexually active adolescent that does non utilize any birth control has a 90 per centum opportunity of going pregnant within a twelvemonth. Some of the grounds that birth control is non used include the undermentioned: uneducated about birth control. uncomfortable utilizing birth control methods and unable to entree dependable birth control. 9. Abstinence-only sex instruction. Despite recent authorities attempts to fund abstinence-only sex instruction. the huge bulk of teenage male childs and misss ( 62 per centum and 70 per centum ) have initiated vaginal sex by the age of

18. Because of their nature. abstinence-only plans leave out educational information on birth control. These plans have ne'er been shown to really cut down the incidence of adolescent gestation.

However. they are the plans that receive the most support from the authorities. There are province authoritiess that forbid any kind of adolescent sex instruction in schools at all. This means that teens that experiment may non hold information on birth control and are more likely to prosecute in activity that consequences in adolescent gestation. 10. Psychological factors. The immature and irresponsible behavior originating couple complex teenage psychological science is another of import cause of teenage gestations. Adolescents frequently go through a figure of emotions because of their ain passage from childhood and equal force per unit area.

The causes above are besides similar to the causes here in the Philippines.

II. Solution

a ) Existing Solutions – since abortion is immoral and lawfully incorrect here in the Philippines. they consider acceptance for the babe or credence for the parents. If non yet born. so they suggest that the babe non be killed. Presently. the authorities proposes sex instruction but it is still debated whether it would be taught or non. One manner to forestall gestation is by practising safe sex. In add-on to it. birth control tools such as rubbers. pills. intra-uterine devices or dominations can modulate the birthrate of a woman’s eggs. Even though it decreases the opportunities of non being pregnant. still it is non 100 % certain and effectual to avoid gestation. Some are even desperate that they will come to a point that they have to abort their babes without cognizing the effects it may do to the female parent and it will kill the scruples of who will of all time make this abortion thing.

With the aid of Science. Medicine has developed

a new pill prophylactic namedRU486. the forenoon after solution to a sex brush.

Adolescents presents are sexually active without their parents cognizing their sexual activities. Often times. media promotes gender to the immature which may do them to be mislead with incorrect information about sex and they might be misguided. that’s why parents play an of import function to the lives of their kids.

For all we know. sex is for those twosomes who already undergo to the Sacrament of Marriage. because making sex needs a batch of sense of adulthood non merely physical but mental and religious footing. Once a gestation occurs from prenuptial sex. the twosome is bound to populate together for the remainder of their lives with or without matrimony because they have now the duty to raise the kid.

The best manner to avoid adolescent gestation is by avoiding or abstaining from sex before matrimony. One thing is for certain. abstain from sex will maintain you 100 % safe from diseases. unsought relationship. and of class teenage PREGNANCY ( Life Challenges -AllAboutLifeChallenges. org. 2011 ) .

Other possible Solutions are:
1. Abstinence from sex until you are old plenty to make so.
2. Use of preventives and other signifiers of birth controls.
3. Sexual activity Education.
4. Affection and Guidance of parents.
5. Guidance.
6. Detering early dating

What Ever the solutions may be. we must all maintain in head that we must be pro-life.

B ) How it is done in other states.

Existing solutions do non merely exist on the Philippines but besides on other parts of the universe. For Example. abortion in the United States has been legal in every province since the United States Supreme Court determination in Roe V.

Wade. on January 22. 1973. Prior to “Roe” . there were exclusions to the abortion prohibition in at least 10 provinces ; “Roe” established that a adult female has a right to self-government ( frequently referred to as a “right to privacy” ) covering the determination whether or non to transport a gestation to term. but that this right must be balanced against a state’s involvement in continuing foetal life ( Wikipedia. 2011 ) .

In Egypt. they teach knowledge about male and female generative systems. sexual variety meats. contraceptive method and STDs in public schools at the 2nd and 3rd old ages of the middle-preparatory phrase ( when pupils are aged 12-14 ) ( Wikipedia. 2011 ) .

In France. They promote sex instruction and it has been portion of school curricular since 1973. Schools are expected to supply 30 to 40 hours of sex instruction. and go through out rubbers. to pupils in classs eight and nine ( Wikipedia. 2011 ) .

In Britain. which has one of the highest adolescent gestation rates in Europe. sex instruction is a het issue in authorities and media studies

In Sweden. sex instruction has been a compulsory portion of school instruction since 1956. The topic is normally started between ages 7 and 10. and continues up through the classs. incorporated into different topics such as biological science and history

In some states. such as America. Falcon clout is done by the teens. The Falcon Punch is most frequently used to stop the ill-timed gestation of a loved one in a humane mode. particularly if the loved one happens to be under the age of 16. ( EncyclopediaDramatica. 2011 ) .

Active mercy

killing. normally referred merely as mercy killing. is merely legal in the Netherlands and Belgium. ( Wiki Answers. 2011 )

Euthanasia is the knowing violent death by act or skip of a dependent homo being for his or her alleged benefit. and over the old ages it has been one of the favorite tools of those who think society is better off when we take active stairss to kill the hapless. the handicapped. the aged. or the ?unwanted? . Today the argument over mercy killing most commonly revolves around the issue of physician-assisted self-destruction. There are many signifiers of mercy killing but the aided self-destruction is its most common from. This method has besides been done to forestall adolescent gestation. ( Wikipedia. 2011 )

There are many possible solutions that can be done. some states perform different methods that are immoral for Filipinos. One illustration is abortion. But amidst all this. we must larn to give importance to life because it is God’s fantastic gift to all of us


This survey answers the undermentioned inquiries:

1. What is your reaction on adolescent gestation?
2. Make you cognize anything about RH Law?
3. Did you of all time think of aborting a babe?
4. Make you still continue to prosecute your instruction?
5. Make you cognize of anyplace in your local country where free rubbers are available to younger twosomes?
6. What is the best solution or bar on Early Pregnancy?
7. How the other state forestalling early gestation.

Locale of the Study

The Study was done in STI College Laguna. The IT pupils give an study about their reaction about Early Pregnancy and what they say about go throughing the RH Law.


The fact is

that the RH Bill is now a jurisprudence of the Republic. and the President. excluding judicial intercession. has the duty of seeing to its effectual. merely and balanced execution. Indeed. it would be tragic if. after all the bitterness. we end up with a jurisprudence that is non implemented like many good statute law in this state.

Harmonizing to Dean Tony La Vina. in her position. the drawn-out argument. even if it was excessively long ( enduring 13 old ages ) . really improved the measure and. thanks in portion to the oppositions of the measure. we have a much more balanced and a better jurisprudence than originally proposed. Among others. it is clear that abortifacient methods are prohibited ( although the definition of abortion as forestalling nidation of a fertilized egg cell is controversial ) . freedom of scruples is respected. and there is neither a authorization to cut down our population nor a penchant for smaller households. Below is a sum-up of what I believe are the most of import commissariats under the RH Law: * It affirms in a balanced manner assorted province policies related to the right of wellness. including generative wellness. the rights of adult females. twosomes and households. and the protection of the life of the female parent and the unborn.

The jurisprudence provides for spousal and parental consent in specific cases although precautions to protect the single rights of female parents or those availing of a service or process are besides included. * In my position. the RH Law’s most of import proviso is the warrant by the State to supply “universal entree to medically-safe. non-abortifacient. effectual. legal. low-cost. and

choice generative wellness attention services. methods. devices. supplies which do non forestall the nidation of a fertilized egg cell as determined by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) and relevant information and instruction thereon harmonizing to the precedence demands of adult females. kids and other underprivileged sectors. ” * In implementing the above policy. the State shall advance and supply information and entree. without prejudice. to all methods of household planning. including effectual natural and modern methods which have been proven medically safe. legal. non-abortifacient. and effectual in conformity with scientific and evidence-based medical research criterions.

If this “no bias” rule is really implemented. it will travel a long manner in cut downing bitterness in the law’s execution. * The RH jurisprudence besides provides that the State shall besides supply funding support to advance modern natural methods of household planning. particularly the Billings Ovulation Method. consistent with the demands of acceptors and their spiritual strong beliefs. * The RH Law does non put demographic or population marks. and in fact. provinces that the extenuation. publicity and/or stabilisation of the population growing rate is incidental to the promotion of generative wellness. Further. each household has the right to find its ideal household size: although the State is mandated to fit each parent with the necessary information on all facets of household life. including generative wellness and responsible parentage. in order to do that finding. * Religious freedom is really respected in the RH Law.

Hospitals owned and operated by a spiritual group do non hold to supply services contrary to its beliefs although these infirmaries shall instantly mention the individual seeking such attention and services to

another wellness installation. which is handily accessible. The painstaking expostulation of a wellness attention service supplier based on his/her ethical or spiritual beliefs are besides respected. accompanied by an duty for referral. These exclusions do non. nevertheless. use in exigency instances.

* The RH Law provides that no individual shall be denied information and entree to household planning services. whether natural or unreal. Minor leagues nevertheless will non be allowed entree to modern methods of household planning without written consent from their parents or guardian/s except when the child is already a parent or has had a abortion. * Finally. age- and development-appropriate generative wellness instruction to striplings ( 10-19 old ages ) is mandated for public schools. which plan shall be based on audiences with parents-teachers-community associations. school functionaries and other involvement groups. Private schools may follow the plan at their ain option. but consistent with spiritual freedom. are non obliged to make so.

Scope and Restrictions:

This probe is conducted to find the rate of STI pupils that is reacted on Early or Teen Pregnancy. This manner. we could find the position and profile of the adolescent Reaction in adolescent gestation. The facets looked into were the quantitative information of figure of STI IT pupils Reaction in adolescent gestation and the information behind this. This probe focuses on figure of IT pupils Reacted in adolescent gestation in STI College Laguna portrayed by our group as respondents during February 2013.

Definitions of Footings

Teenage gestation – refers to any gestation on adult females that took topographic point between the ages 13 – 19 old ages old.
Teen aged Students – refers to pupils that ages a figure that end in

“teen” as the last syllable such as13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. and 19. Rate – refers to a measure from a recent measure
STIS – refers to Sexually Transmitted Infections
STDS – refers to Transmitted Diseases
Sexual activity – the amount of the structural. functional. and behavioral features of beings that are involved in reproduction marked by the brotherhood of gametes and that distinguish males and females RH – Reproductive Health

Contraceptives – A device or drug helping to forestall gestation.

Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. dcsi. SA. gov. au/pub/ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scribd. com/doc/51595306/Teenage-Pregnancies-in-the-Philippines-2. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. rappler. com/thought-leaders/18972-reconciliation-post-rh-law

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