?What is sexting? Essay Example
?What is sexting? Essay Example

?What is sexting? Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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In this age of engineering and information, cyberspace and nomadic engineering devices dominate our society ( Burton, L, 2012, p.1 ) , with over 90 % of Australians aged 15-17 owning nomadic phones ( Australian Communications and Media Authority, 2010, ?4 ) . Today’s teens are besides overexposed to sexual content in many facets of the media ( Burton, L, 2012 ) . This extremely sexualised digital civilization has transformed the manner young person relate to one other ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) .

One phenomenon that has emerged from the increased handiness of these devices and sexual exposure is the pattern of ‘sexting’ ( Society Pages, 2013, ?1 ) . The term ‘sexting’ derives from unifying the words ‘texting’ and ‘sex’ and “refers to the sending


of sexually provocative stuff from modern communications devices” ( Forde, L. & A ; Hardley, S. , 2011 ) . ‘Sexting’ is presently having mass media attending ( Walker, S. , Sanci, L. , & A ; Temple-Smith, M. , 2011 ) . It is recognised as one of latest young person phenomena in popular civilization ( Funnell, N, 2012 ) .

Although the sharing of sexually expressed stuff is non a new construct, it has become simpler with the cyberspace ( Walker, S. , Sanci, L. , & A ; Temple-Smith, M. , 2011 ) . Shared images “become portion of a immature person’s digital footmark, which may last forever and have the possible to damage future calling chances or relationships” ( NSW Government, 2008, ?3. ) . The prevalence of sexting

A national study conducted in 2010 by the administration Understanding

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Teenagers found that 59 % of adolescents have electronically transmitted sexually implicative stuff ( Understanding Adolescents, 2010, ?3 ) . In another study conducted by the popular adolescent misss magazine Girlfriend found that 40 % of 558 participants had been involved in sexting ( Parliament of Victoria Law Reform Committee Sexting Inquiry ( PVLRCSI ) , 2012 ) .

In Queensland entirely, 459 sexting offenses were reported in 2011 ( PVLRCSI, 2012 ) and in Western Australia sexting offenses have tripled in figure from 2009 to 2011 ( PVLRCSI, 2012 ) . Research by American psychologist Andrew Smiler found assorted causes that attribute to sexting: to show committedness in a relationship, to affect friends, to hassle or bully, or as a daring. Harmonizing to an article in the Teacher Learning Network diary,

In popular civilization, sexting is seen as a immature person’s phenomenon: nomadic phones, raunch civilization, a deficiency of suppression, a deficiency of regard even a deficiency of ethical motives are seen by many as the perfect storm that has created the sexting phenomenon. ( Funnell, N, 2012 ) . Looking at sexting through the lens of Sociological Theory

Feminist Theory
Sexting is recognised as a gender related issue because immature misss experience force per unit area from the over-sexualised media to show themselves as sexually desirable. Similarly, immature work forces have been conditioned to anticipate this behavior. Sexting has created a mechanism for immature people to realize these outlooks ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) . It is understood that immature misss are at greater hazard of inauspicious effects than immature work forces by this behavior ( Walker. S. ,

Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) . Experts go every bit far as to claim “…the possibility of a nexus between sexting and gendered sexual force aiming women” ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) .

Woman’s advocator, author and talker Melinda Tankard- Reist discusses in her DVD Too Sexy Too Soon that our society tells immature misss their primary value is being on show sexually. Our society has created a civilization where sexualisation of immature miss is regarded as normal ( Tutorial DVD ) . Jean Kilbourne and Diane Levin, writers of Sexy So Soon, argue: Male childs are surrounded by media messages that encourage them to judge their female equals based on how they look, frequently to see them with disdain, and to anticipate sexual subservience from them ( Burton, L. , 2012 ) . An interesting anecdote on the development of the women’s release motion from feminist Anne Manne reads:

The relationship between women’s release and the new sexual freedom was ne'er an unsophisticated one. The two motions have frequently been in tenseness. … Jostling aboard welcome marks of women’s new-found position, and a more relaxed, tolerant, unfastened and broad society on sexual affairs, many of the contours of the new sexual liberalism remain shaped by male laterality ( as cited by Burton, L, 2012 ) .

Ms Manne ( as cited in Butron, L, 2012 ) goes on to state that “along the manner we allowed ‘sexual liberation’ to be dictated to by pornography” . This position appears to be supported by many females reported in our media today. In the research paper Underage and

Over- exposed Burton ( 2012 ) interviewed a immature miss who said,

Look at most girls’ function theoretical accounts. Most famous persons are merely out at that place at parties, acquiring rummy and holding sex with everyone. Paris Hilton – every bit much as she is a bad function theoretical account to us, she is ever in the newspapers and material like that so younger coevalss will be influenced by he.

There are besides the recent jokes of child star Miley Cyrus and her about adult public presentations at the VMA Music awards in September and her raunchy new movie cartridge holder for hit individual Wrecking Ball.

Symbolic Interaction Theory Symbolic interactionists concentrate on how communicating is cardinal to all human interaction and how these interactions create society ( Carl, J & A ; Baker, S, 2011 ) . This theory would see sexting as young person exerting their power to make society. These young person are developing their ain criterions of what is normal and acceptable behavior ( Carl, J & A ; Baker, S, 2011 ) . Youth see sexting an grownup or media-generated construct ( University of New South Wales, 2013, p.1 ) .

Youth do non name this activity sexting, but refer to such behavior as taking noodz, bare selfies, soiled movies or sexy movies ( The University of Melbourne, 2012 ) . However, although this creativeness and individuality may be acceptable within subgroups, such as the young person subculture, on a macro degree it frequently conflicts with the norm ( The University of Melbourne, 2012 ) . Symbolic Interactionist Chafetz argues that work forces and adult female communicate otherwise: work forces tend to rule

conversation and adult female follow arbitrary regulations that work forces impose.

She says “Women use organic structure linguistic communication in ways that weaken their ability to asseverate themselves, this makes them look less powerful than their male counterparts” ( Chafetz, 1997 as cited in Carl & A ; Hillman, 2011 p. 86 ) . Work force and adult female frequently act in a default mode associated with stereotypic gender functions. For illustration, adult female usage organic structure linguistic communication and gestures, or in this instance bare images, whereas work forces tend to be more direct exposing their maleness by demanding these images from their female opposite numbers ( Carl & A ; Hillman, 2011 ) .

Sexting is a good illustration of the manifestation of how an individual’s definition of gender develops from mundane interactions ( Chafetz 1997 as cited in Carl & A ; Hillman, 2011 ) . In today’s society, we are flooded with sexually expressed stuff and people appear desensitised. Psychologist Andrew Smiler stated

A porn aesthetic pervades civilization – in manner, music, amusement and behavior. This is apparent in the hoardings, music pictures and interior decorator shops that shape the desires and imaginativenesss of a younger and younger demographic. It is non merely that civilization has become more sexualised. It is that the imagination of the adult erotic has shaped the sexualisation of civilization. ( Smiler, A every bit cited in Burton, L, 2012 ) .

Research conducted by Hewlett Packard found that what is communicated visually has more impact than any other signifier of communicating. Their research supports the thought that ocular communicating can be more powerful than verbal communicating, proposing in many cases

that people learn and retain information that is presented to them visually much better than that which is merely provided verbally ( Hewlett Parkard, 2004, ?1 ) .

Sexual images are everyplace, frequently without words, and are making a whole new set of community values. These images are promoting our immature people’s sexual geographic expedition and therefore reenforcing the behavior of sexting. Australian Institute research worker Flood stated that the “‘regular and frequent exposure to sexual content in mainstream media produces greater sexual cognition and more broad sexual attitudes among kids and immature people” .

Although the media operate at the macro level their influence permeates through to a micro degree, therefore act uponing the manner persons communicate. Symbolic interaction provides a utile account of how the sub-culture of sexting has developed. Effectss of Sexting

Social and Emotional
Young person are readily involved in this activity but are naive as to its effects. Harmonizing to Goodings and Everaardt ( 2010 ) as cited in of the Parliament of Victoria Law Reform Committee Sexting Inquiry ( PVLRCSI ) ) , 2013 the “social branchings can be the most detrimental when it comes to sexting” . The instance of Jessica Logan an 18 twelvemonth old pupil in America demonstrates the dangers of sexting. The images she sent to her fellow were subsequently distributed to 100s of people and finally ended in her self-destruction ( Forde, L. & A ; Hardley, S. , 2011 ) .

Although most instances are non every bit utmost as Jessica’s, the mass distribution of these images is common. There are many other damaging physiological, emotional and societal ( Goodings and Everaardt ( 2010 ) as cited in

the Parliament of Victoria Law Reform Committee Sexting Inquiry ( 2012 ) . Sexting is a unsafe activity and unluckily “the viral spread of these images and the associated shame have reportedly led to societal, psychological and legal effects for victims” ( Katzman, 2010 ) .

Owing to the celerity of technological development, patterns such as sexting are non adequately covered by Australian jurisprudence. This is known as ‘cultural lag’ ( J, Carl, S Baker, Scott, Hillman & A ; Larwrence, 2011 ) . Young people who send and receive sexually expressed images may happen themselves in serious problem under assorted province and Commonwealth kid erotica Torahs.

One specific piece of statute law is Part 10.6 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995, which makes it “an offense to entree, transmit, publish, possess, control, supply or obtain child pornography” ( Forde, L. & A ; Hardley, S. , 2011 ) . Furthermore in Queensland, those being convicted of kid erotica may besides be added to the Sexual activity Offenders Register.

Sexting besides falls under the class of sexual torment under S28A of the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 ( Forde, L. & A ; Hardley, S, 2011 ) . These Torahs are designed to protect kids from the maltreatment of grownups and many agree that they are badly suited to the issue of young person sexting each other ( Forde, L. & A ; Hardley, S, 2011 ) . Those working with kids would necessitate to be cognizant that if they confiscate a information storage device incorporating such images, or if such images are stored on a school device, stuff they can besides be charged ( Forde, L.

& A ; Hardley, S, 2011 ) . My Role

As a young person worker I would be involved at a grassroots degree in mentoring and back uping of young person involved in this pattern. I would besides desire to be involved in sex instruction categories. Harmonizing to experts it is critical to include youth’s sentiments and thoughts if effectual solutions are to be found ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011, p.8 ) . As a young person worker I need to ease this and do certain that young person are given this voice. Christian Youth Work Perspective

Adolescence is a clip of life where worlds are organizing their individuality ( PBS, 2011, ?1 ) . Young people are seeking for truth, intent and belonging. Many youth do non hold any authorization in their life teaching them on how to construct and keep healthy relationships and therefore are more likely to be involved in hazardous relationships ( Burton, L, 2012 )

Christian young person workers and chaplains have a great chance to be in schools educating young person on subjects such as individuality, intent and healthy relationships. As a Christian young person worker I want young person to happen their true individuality in Christ and that they finally belong to him. This truth is the most empowering cognition any human can hold and it answers these inquiries of individuality, truth and intent. Christian Evaluation

From a Christian position the act of sexting would be seen as sexually immoral behavior and therefore frowned upon because it would incorporate images that would be considered adult. There are infinite mentions to such behavior in the Bible

to back up this. In 1 Playboies 6:18 Paul writes ; Flee from sexual immorality. All other wickednesss a individual commits are outside the organic structure, but whoever sins sexually, wickednesss against their ain organic structure. Make you non cognize that your organic structures are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are non your ain ; you were bought at a monetary value.

Therefore honor God with your organic structures ( NIV ) . Paul reiterates the wickedness of sexual immorality in 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7 ; It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality ; that each of you should larn to command your ain organic structure in a manner that is holy and honorable… The Lord will penalize all those who commit such wickednesss, as we told you and warned you before. For God did non name us to be impure, but to populate a holy life ( NIV ) . The message version of Ephesians 5:1-4 provides an
first-class illustration of how healthy relationships are of import and without good apprehension of them people fall into the trap of immoral behavior.

Watch what God does, and so you do it, like kids who learn proper behaviour from their parents. Largely what God does is love you. Keep company with him and larn a life of love. Detect how Christ loved us. His love was non cautious but excessive. He didn’t love in order to acquire something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that. Don’t allow love to turn into lust, puting off a

downhill slide into sexual promiscuousness, foul patterns, or strong-arming greed.

Though some linguas merely love the gustatory sensation of chitchat, those who follow Jesus have better utilizations for linguistic communication than that. Don’t talk dirty or silly. That sort of talk doesn’t fit our manner. Thanksgiving is our idiom. However, it is non the function of Christians to judge the young person involved in this behavior, but to promote them to alter this behavior because it is unsafe. The function of Church should be to advance healthy relationships and demonstrate Christ’s love.

A community attack is needed if sexting is to be efficaciously reduced. Parents and the instruction system need to work together with the young person in order to undertake this issue ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) . The job could be addressed through: 1. Sexual activity instruction classes that include advice on ( a ) the development of healthy relationships, ( B ) the dangers of sexting and ( degree Celsius ) sexual morality and self-image ( PVLRCSI, 2012, p.8 & A ; 9 ) and ( Funnell, N, 2012 ) .

2. Supplying seminars for counsel officers, counselors and chaplains in schools to help them in turn toing this issue with their pupils ( PVLRCS, 2012 ) . 3. Integrating the voice of young person into the efforts to turn to the issue of sexting ( Walker. S. , Sanci, L. & A ; Temple-Smith, M, 2011 ) . 4. Schools supplying instruction for parents on the issue of sexting. This should include, ( a ) the assorted effects of sexting, ( B ) the legal branchings

and ( degree Celsius ) how they can enforce limitations on engineering more efficaciously ( PVLRCS2012, 2012 ) . 5. Supplying a authorities community service proclamation on this issue be, e.g. a telecasting advertizement run. 6. Updating the jurisprudence demand to turn to sexting suitably.

7. Conducting farther research on the subject.

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