Automated Enrollment System for Balanacan National High School Essay Example
Automated Enrollment System for Balanacan National High School Essay Example

Automated Enrollment System for Balanacan National High School Essay Example

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  • Published: December 8, 2016
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Background Study

The school was founded in July 1972 by Mrs. [Name].

Honorata del Rosario. The people of Balancan, led by Brgy. Captain Fruto Ramiro, initiated the establishment of a Rural High School. During his term, a resolution was passed requesting for its establishment, which was approved during the general assembly in May 1972. The first class, consisting of 49 students, was organized on July 17, 1972 under the name Balanacan Rural High School with Ms. Honorata del Rosario as its teacher.

Judith Larracas is the school administrator in charge of Balanacan National High School. This school obtained its current name and status through a law passed by Congress, which made all government high schools in the provinces, municipalities, and barangays nationalized. Presently, Mr. Rafael Rodelas oversees the day-to-day operations at Balanacan National H


igh School. Nevertheless, student enrollment is still done manually by the teachers assigned to each grade level.

Problems Faced by the Client

Manual filing at Balanacan National High School has caused issues such as misplaced student documents, loss of form138 and form137, delayed student enrollments, and damage to old files from termites.

Solution to the Problem

The principal sought help from the District Office to recover the lost documents.

Objectives/Goals of the Project

The Computerized Enrollment Systems aims to automate and address problems associated with manual processes at Balanacan National High School. The system will ensure accurate and efficient management, storage, retrieval, and monitoring of records.

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Scopes and Limitations

The "Computerized Systems for Balanacan National High School" project will focus on automating enrollment transactions within the institution. This includes document assessments, student registration, and recording authorized contributions.

PTA fee, computer fee & etc.) and preparation of reports. The system will generate the list of officially enrolled students input by the teacher every enrollment period. The accurate monitoring of authorized contribution to produce financial reports will be handled by the system.


The developed “Computerized Systems for Balanacan National High School” will be helpful in terms of managing, storing and retrieving information and efficient monitoring of the records of the students.

Feasibility Study

Economic: As a public institution, Balanacan National High School relies on government funding. This means that the institution needs to consult with the government before purchasing any system.

Technical: Balanacan National High School has 22 functioning computer units.

Operational: The school is staffed by 12 teachers who handle subjects for all the students.

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