American Pie 2 Essay Example
American Pie 2 Essay Example

American Pie 2 Essay Example

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  • Published: December 17, 2017
  • Type: Film Analysis
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The Film I will be analysing will be "American Pie 2". The 10 minute sequence will be at chapter 15 and starts at 1hour and 14 minutes and 58 seconds.

The meaning of Montage is the connection of the images in terms of how each shot is edited, and the syntagmatic relations. This may create the mood of how fast a shot maybe will entail how long the shot will be.

The meaning of Mise en Scene is the look of the shots in terms of the composition and framing of the camera can be read by the audience.

1st Scene-

The Mise en scene of the scene can be split into two sections. The framing of the shot is open and shows the river with a sandy beach. In the corner is the resort the main characters of the


story. The shot was long shot and made audience pay attention to the setting and 2 second pace it was at. The setting held an atmosphere as on the sandy beach there were lots of people sunbathing of a sort of chilled atmosphere. The montage of the first scene can be entailed by the speed of the shot it only lasts for two seconds. This two second pace reads to the audience where the setting is about to be for the next shot.

2nd Scene -

The Mise en scene of the opening of the scene starts off with a closed framing, this is of Jim opening the door the shot of the character is close up and it as if we are entering the room with the character. The impression given from this shot indicates that we should pay attentio

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to him this can be entailed by the camera following him. When Jim opens the door the pace the camera was going indicated that someone was going to be there. This displays the mintage of the shot.

The syntagmatic relations of the scene unravelled. The Syntagmatic relations works in cooperation with Montage it can entail a lot of information the audience. The speech of Jims reaction to see Nadia showed how shocked he was and how unprepared he was. The speech he used was full of "um" and this can illustrate how shocked he was, this was combined with his acting of the body language of when he almost fell of the sight of her in his room. The puzzled look on his face implied to the audience he didn't know what to do. The character Jim plays was an embarrassment prone guy and he really didn't want to make a fool of himself. As the audience you can tell what type of character he already is from watching this scene as the body language of him being nervous in terms of fiddling and acting cool in terms of putting his hand on his hips switches.

Referring back to the mise en scene of the Conversation between Nadia and Jim the shots kept on moving to whom spoke this made the audience in that we follow what is being said and to recognise the relationship between the both of them. The shots were also close up between both characters therefore the viewer reads this to pay more attention of the character. The montage at the same time can be constructed by the fast pace of the shots

between the both characters this increased the tension. Once Jim says he is going somewhere the focus is on the both of them the shot is long shot which entail that there is action to focus on. The camera follows Jim leaving the room this reads to an audience the next scene will indicate where he is going referring mise en scene.

3rd Scene

The next shot is a close up image of a house and a car outside entail to the audience where Jim has gone.

A new character is introduced within this 10 minute sequence called Michelle.

Jim Goes to Michelle for advice as he didn't expect Nadia to come and he doesn't want to mess it up

The framing of the scene is mainly in a bedroom and the scene opens with Michelle giving advice.

The composition of the frame, in terms of the shots is close up as Michelle is giving advice, when she pauses the camera switches to Jim to indicate he is the person she is talking to and him listening. The camera moving from Michelle and Jim indicates we should concentrate on their relationship this can also be entailed by the pace the cameras switched from person to person.

4th scene

The next scene involves three characters Michelle, Nadia and Jim.

The mise en scene on this scene the framing can tell the character is at ease in the background is the homely setting of the lounge. The way the image is portrayed of having a soft focus when Nadia is by herself makes the audience sympathetic of her and a sharper focus when Jim and Michelle are together to show emphasis that they are doing this

to make Nadia jealous. The movement between the shots keeps on switching again this once again entices the audience to watch the relationship develop between Michelle and Jim and to watch Nadia's jealousy grow.

The montages of the shots were set out as a slow pace when the characters are talking. The action and dialogue was at a fast pace which built up the intensity.

5th Scene

In the background there is a rocky kind of love song which encodes an atmosphere of some sort of action occurring with love.

The Mise en scene in this scene in terms of its composition of Michelle and Jim together in this scene is in a rather romantic atmosphere on a beach the action towards both characters.

The focus is soft as of the couple as Michelle teaches Jim how to make kissing movements. The couple's shot start off as a long shot and then falls into a close up. Thus entices the audience to think something may happen as they see the action but when the close up comes it encourages them to think something more may develop.

The montage of the scene was fast this was just to show how Michelle helped him in his sexual experience improve himself for Nadia.

6th Scene

The music continues from the previous scene.

The mise en scene is the opening frame of pictures of Stifler, Stiflers mum and Finch. The Scene starts of with a close up and a hand about to pick it up.

The camera moves with the movement of the hand taking the picture away which makes us sympathise with the character as it emphasised the picture he picked up was important to him.

The shot ends

on him looking at the picture on a close up shot which appeals to the audience to pay attention to the emotions.

The montage of the shot was at a fast pace to work in coordination with the music but still significant to show us the emotions Finch was holding.

Scene 7

The music still continues.

The mise en scene opening frame is a long shot with Michelle and Jim playing against Nadia at Snooker in the setting of a lounge.

Michelle pinches Jim's bottoms as he is about to take a shot at snooker she looks across at Nadia's reaction. This action all occurs within a long shot so the audience can see what the agenda is and then focus changes to a close up to see Nadia's reaction.

The Montage of the shots was speedy between characters Jim and Michelle to build up intensity but slowed down to see Nadia's expression.

Scene 8

The music continues.

The mise en scene of this shot is a framing of the beach a long shot view of other characters Kevin and Oz playing volleyball.

The montage is speedy fast shots to work in cooperation with the music.

Scene 9

The mise en scene in the opening shot is Stifler and his brother creeping up from a field with binoculars.

The shot is close up which draws attention to what they are doing. The second shot within the scene is the image they have in their binoculars in a close up shot. This entails to the audience what they are up to and gives a clearer characteristic of the character.

The montage of the shots have still been at a fast pace to keep up with the music.


The music is still


The mise en scene starts off with Michelle and Jim are at a long shot view, which entails the audience to watch their action; Michelle is removing her bra without taking her top off. A close up shot draws attention to a bra wrapped round a pillow with two table cloths put in to replace as breasts. This entails the action that Michelle is teaching Jim and the sexual desires Jim has. The camera comes back to a long shot view of Michelle as she helps Jim caress the pillow to for fill a women's sexual desires.

A close up shot shows the back of the pillow and the bra hooks to tie up a bra which illustrates to the audience that will be his second action to be taught. The montage of the scene was fast this was indicated by the pace of the music

Scene 11

The music is still continuing. The montage of this scene is at fast pace but the mise en scene of the scene makes it slow in terms of the movements.

Finch is in a long shot view he takes a sip out of a whiskey travel bottle. The shot is slow in coming out of a long shot to a short shot and this can emphasise the mood that is taking place in it being dramatic.

Scene 12

The mise en scene of the opening shot is a close up of Michelle which entails to the audience to concentrate on her emotions. The second shot is Jim leaving a bedroom toilet in a long shot which the camera read to follow his actions in what us about to be discussed.

(Jim speaks to Michelle

of his nerves in what he is about to get himself involved with Nadia.)

The close up shot switches between characters so that you pay attention to what is being said.

A shot is taking from behind Rebecca and this entails the audience to sympathise with her and see her point of view of things.

Jim moves toward Rebecca as they are having their conversation, and move to a long shot view of the both of them talking opposite one another. This entails to the audience from the shot before hand take on Rebecca's point of view in the conversation that was about to be discussed.

Within the conversation they are having it would be taken over the shoulder of listener this technique makes us automatically sympathise with person's shoulder it is over. They both exit the room with camera moving with them getting up from their seats this entails that we should watch the action that is about to happen from the dialogue. The couple decide to have a fake argument. The couple walk down the stairs in a long shot view and each remark made from Michelle is made in a close up as leaves the house, the camera switched back at Jim and Nadia to see their reactions in a long shot view. In a long shot view the couple turn and talk to each other and then the shot switches to Michelle leaving. The camera focuses on her leaving in a long shot view then when she is in the car to look at her close up. The montage of the scene entails sadness in terms of the pace sand music that coordinates of the

slowness. The shot goes back into speed as it comes out of focus into a long shot and drives off.

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