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Against Co-Education Co-education is a system of education in which both boys and girls attend the same Institution or classes. It is an evident feature of the new era and was not practiced in early ages. This co-education is common in many Western and European countries. However, this system has many drawbacks which cannot be ignored. Firstly, in co- education, where both genders study together, students are mostly shy and hesitant in the classrooms. They are not as open to teachers as they can be in single sex schools.

They are not able to clear up their problems in class because they are afraid that they can be made fun of by the opposite sex. On the other hand, In single sex institutions students learn more, and cross questioning is possible. Cross questioning is a key feature to learn more about different things. Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry stay foolish”. Jobs meant that never be satisfied by an answer and always be eager to ask more so that you can learn more.

Similarly, this would be possible when children study in a single gender institute where they are not hesitant o ask many questions and as a result they

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learn more. Furthermore, students will be confident enough to present their ideas in the class. It was a thinking that girls and boys should study together in order to be more confident, now they Just need to represent their Ideas In front of people who can listen to them no matter how poor the idea is and these new and different ideas make them learn more. Single gender institutes can take the best out of children because they are not in any sort of complexity.

Students know that even If they represent the worst idea they would not e made fun of and they can always ask the teacher how to improve it, whereas in co- education schools children are not able to learn from their mistakes because some of them are either too shy to ask. Or are In their ego of not being wrong. Moreover. Co-deed education causes distractions among students in their studies. This problem exists among students of all ages. Whether it’s in early education institutions Eke elementary schools where the students think that the opposite sex Is gross, or In high schools where students are attracted by the opposite sex.

These distractions lead to less attention on schoolwork and student participation in class as students of one sex try to Impress the students of the opposite sex. Especially males. They give more attention to their dressing rather than studies, which can be extremely disturbing. Moreover, studies have shown that co-education system also promotes crimes and wrongdoings. Pakistan, a third world country, does not support co-education because of the way it is presented by the media.

People in Pakistan adapt the culture of media ND have a cultivation effect on them which is- they do what they see, so, the results are negative and there is an Increase In crime rate reported from co-deed Institutes. Even a developed country like USA faced problems and an increased crime rate in co- deed schools. According to the California Department of Education the top ranking problems In schools In 1940 were, In order: talking out of turn, chewing gum, making noise, running in halls, cutting in line, dress code infractions, and littering.

Already by 1980 moral conduct had dramatically worsened in a way that would not have been ay 2 abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, and assault and these crimes are mostly reported from co-educational institutes. Studies show that co-education has decreased the puberty age from 18 to 13 which means that as soon as a child enter his or her teenage they are not innocent enough and are attracted to wrong paths more quickly. It is due to co-education that many parents are reluctant to allow their daughters to attend high schools.

For example, in Cyber Buckwheat and tribal areas of Appalachians, girls are not allowed to study due to co-deed schools. Their implies don’t allow them to go out and seek education. Some families set harsh boundary lines for girls and boycott with them if they want to seek higher education. These strict rules are decreasing the rate of literacy of girls in Pakistan. If single gender institutions were commonly practiced then families would have been confident enough to send their girls to seek education. This is strongly affecting the literacy rate of girls in many of the third world and developing countries where people are narrow minded.

I believe that boys and girls should be educated parallel so they can get better education. Teaching styles could be designed specifically for each gender because both genders have different natures and they adapt differently. Even in the real life we treat two elements of different nature separately so why not here. By treating them separately, institutions will give more attention to each gender and this won’t destroy their confidence but instead make them more strong and confident for their future. Co-education doesn’t mean that students are not going to face opposite sex till the time they finish their education.

There are many institutions where girls and boys are separately taught and at the time of competitions they come up as strong teams in order to win and dominate the opposite sex. Examples of such institutions include Kingbird College for women and Atchison College. To conclude, co-education has many drawbacks. One of the most concerning of them is the decrease in literacy rate in third world countries where they need to educate their children desperately so that they can improve the future of the country. Furthermore, the social problems tend to increase and children become mature at an early age.

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