Literacy and the Politics of Education Essay Example
Literacy and the Politics of Education Essay Example

Literacy and the Politics of Education Essay Example

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  • Published: October 10, 2017
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Literacy and the Politics of Education This article, Literacy and the Politics of Education written by C. H Knoblauch was written to express his feelings on how America is becoming illiterate ever since a new era of technology was introduced in 1960. Knoblauch believes that the few who are literate will succeed in life, and that the rest of general society who are illiterate will have trouble finding success in their future endeavors. He has taken on this subject because of his frustration on his fellow peers, and their lack of motivation to excel in literacy.He uses repetition to stress the fact that we need to become more literate to succeed in today’s society.

Knoblauch uses articles from various writings of other literate authors to hel


p get his point across. He goes into detail explaining in order for society as a whole to succeed in life that it starts with the success of each individual’s literacy. Knoblauch explains how other totalitarian countries keep their strength by keeping the majority less knowledgeable about literacy.Dictators, of such countries are literate, and keep that privilege from the citizens of that country, because if the people of the country were as literate as the dictator himself/herself then the people would have the power to over through such dictator. Knoblauch uses all of these examples to point out and stress the importance of literacy and writing in the world today, and stresses that without the know-how of reading and writing we will not succeed.

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