Computer Aided Instruction(Sample) Essay Example
Computer Aided Instruction(Sample) Essay Example

Computer Aided Instruction(Sample) Essay Example

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  • Published: December 26, 2017
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The purpose of this study is to create a computer-aided instruction for the grade seven students of The National Teachers College. This will allow the students to use the computers Individually that will provide their lessons and drills. In addition, this study aimed to determine the academic performance in the pretest and posters of students taught in their English subject using CIA and the traditional way of pedagogical method. The primary objective of the study is to ameliorate the competency of grade seven students in terms of their spelling, pronunciation and comprehension.

In order to attain the objective, the proponents came up with further objectives. First is to create a computer-aided system In English subject for grade seven students. Basically, this is for the proponents to find out if it is effective since the students have not used CIA for their subject. Next is to enhance


the skill of students in terms of - spelling, pronunciation and comprehension. Lastly, is to determine the academic performance in the pretest and posters of students using CIA. The result of it would Justify if CIA is effective.

Computers have revolutionized education worldwide. They have been the focus of computer literacy programs and have been used to deliver instruction in the form of computer aided instruction. Computer-Aided Instruction (CA') is an individualized teaching method. It is also known as computer-assisted instruction. This refers to instruction presented on a computer. It facilitates instant access to information with accuracy and provides opportunity for systematically organized maximum learning for all learners. In addition, it provides a complete individualizing instruction.

CIA spawns motivation and stimulation that could bring about interest in th

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appreciation of the subject at hand. No wonder, many teachers were now into innovating the old learning style and replacing it with more authenticated and well updated techniques such as CA'. The functionality of this research is to supplement student's reading instruction. CIA is good for motivating students to study English for they are anxious to use computers. Students are tired of traditional English classes and are interested in a new style of learning.

They can study English with their own learning styles, and they can see the results of their learning. Moreover, students think materials are new and fresh if they are presented on computers. They seem to be willing to spend more hours and do more exercises on a computer than by hand. A classroom equipped with CIA will bring them about learning individuals. These features indicate that learning is more student-centered, more experiential and more challenging. With these characteristics, education becomes more developmental.

CIA is a systematic way of designing, carrying out and evaluating the teaching learning process. It makes instruction more effective, understandable, and meaningful. All types of resources are used to make the learning easy. Over the years, more and more technical inventions have taken their place among the educational aids with which teachers surround themselves, so as to make their caching more effective. The unique property of the computer as a medium for education is its ability to interact with the student.

Computers as a medium of teaching will be a great motivator for them. Also, it will reduce the workload of the teachers. It can provide the opportunity for a student to work at his or her own

pace. The study is significant because it tried to identify the correlation of modern instructional technology to the performance of grade seven students in teaching English. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated placement environment (DID) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991.

Visual Basic is designed to be relatively easy to learn and use. It was derived from Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) and enables the rapid application development (RADAR) of graphical user interface (GU') applications. EBB. O was the programming language used by the proponents since it is easy to create a graphical user interface and its different capabilities. Aside from that, this will suit the computers in the computer laboratories of the high school apartment. Adobe photos was also used for the lay-out and other graphics for the system.

RATIONALE The proponents conduct and chose this study basically for the grade seven students of the National Teachers College. According to one of the English faculty in the High School Department, grade seven students are weak in terms of their comprehension skills. This will also help the students to enhance their learning ability in the said subject. In addition, it will help English teachers to lessen their tasks since they are teaching from morning to evening. Computer-aided Instruction CA') programs personalize learning, providing immediate feedback with unlimited patience.

Its graphical display captures the attention and interest of the pupil longer than any teacher can while the learner advances at his or her own pace. With the high tech programs for education has been introduced complete with sound and user interaction motivating visual.

This process provides evaluation of computerized instruction, through testing and recording the student's performance. The advantage of this research is that it serves as a reviewer and that it increases the student's examination scores. It also minimizes the amount of time required to master certain topic.

The CIA will provide the pupil with the necessary basic knowledge of computers while improving their ability in spelling, pronunciation and comprehension, hone their intellect and expand their knowledge through computer interaction. Once the research has been executed this will provide the lessons of the students, short stories and randomized questions for comprehension skills, and voice over that will help the students in terms of their pronunciation skills. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY General Objective 1 .

To ameliorate the competency of high school students in terms of their spelling, pronunciation and comprehension. Specific Objectives 1. To create a computer-aided system in English subject for grade seven students. Basically, this is for the proponents to find out if it is effective since the students have not used CIA for their subject. 2. To enhance the skill of students in terms of 2. 1 Spelling 2. 2 Pronunciation 2. 3 Comprehension 3. To determine the academic performance of students using CA'. The result of it would Justify if CIA is effective. ASSUMPTIONS OF THE STUDY

The existing system in the High school department was the traditional way of teaching English subject. This provides textbooks, visual aids and other reading materials for the students. The programming language to be used is Visual Basic 6. 0 since this will be the compatible version for the outdated computer units in their laboratory rooms. Furthermore,

this will provide good graphical user interface. SCOPE AND LIMITATION The study will create CIA system which includes lessons and drills that has three categories-?spelling, pronunciation and comprehension for the students.

In the would type their answer after it. For the pronunciation category, they will be given a set of words and they should pronounce it with the use of microphone. And lastly, for the comprehension category, the CIA will provide either a picture or a paragraph that tells a story that is appropriate to a particular topic. Either way, the test in this category would be in a multiple choice. All drills would have a time limit so that the students would be tested on how they retain their knowledge and how easy it is for them to recall the lessons taken.

These will allow students to read and learn their sessions on their own and practice their English skills as well. Furthermore, it will comprise dictionary that has a definition and a voice output per word, voice recording or recognition, log-in page and the summary of scores of the student after the drills. However, this study is intended for the grade seven students of The National Teachers College. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Teachers. This is to enhance the teaching skills of the teachers by giving them ways of utilizing technology in the teaching-learning process.

They could apply CIA as an instructional method to arouse student's interest and curiosity in the subject, thereby enhancing their level of performance. Students. Through CA', the student's learning is way better because they will be provided with opportunities to be responsible in seeking for knowledge, developing their skills

and values which they can apply in today's modern life. They would positively benefit from any output of this study through the impact of computer technology and its share on the learning process.

It assures them a ready place in the ever-changing and upgrading world that is free from innocence of the technology. School. This study will be a better way to provide quality instructions, thus, ringing better impression to the academe as well as the community they serve. They may augment the awareness of the result of computer technology in the learning of the students thereby motivating them to provide enough number of computers to be used in the CIA for a favorable and conducive learning environment.

CIA is indeed a great way of teaching method with regards to the use of computer itself as well as the graphics that were interesting for the students. Likewise, It is shown that the use of CIA significantly increased student final exam grades (Collins, 2008). That was according to some research and that defines that CIA is undeniably an effective way of teaching. Teachers should not solely rely on the so called chalk-talk method if they want to engage their students (DRP. E Ah Eng, 2009). By using the traditional method, students were not so attentive in the class and they were lacking in motivation.

Therefore, the use of pictures and slide charts should be utilized to interest the students. Regardless of age or education level, high interaction between user and computer seems to increase differentiation and recall, promote problem solving skills, enhance comprehension and encourage higher level cognitive thinking (Changing and Chem., 2009). Therefore, as what

the statement said, making computer as a reliable tool for teaching that will not only interest the students, this will also increase their memorization or recall for the previous lessons that were instilled in their mind through the graphics or pictures and even voice output of CA'.

Technology is another major function that provides opportunities for learners to practice the language through mechanical activities that are not normally used in the classroom (Dialogue and Yielder, 2010). The proposed CIA system for English subject has a voice output. This will help the students to be trained properly in their engage and specifically in their pronunciation. Local The achievement of the students in English taught through CIA was found significantly higher than of the students taught through traditional method (Beers, 2009).

Moreover, using CIA in the classroom allows for students and teachers to work collaboratively, discuss ideas, and promote information (Largo, 2008). Truly, CIA has many good effects and values for the students. Technology in school setting cannot be disregarded (Olivarez, 2010). With the computers as a tool in education, it would be easier for the teachers to impart knowledge to students. Former education Secretary Jellies Lupus(2009) said, "We wish to equip Filipino students with skills that will make them leaders in the 21st century world.

To accomplish this, we must improve our basic education and utilize Information Communication Technology to transform it". Furthermore, in relation to Lupus' statement, Rafael Rolland( 2009), managing director of Microsoft Philippines stated that the first five years of partners in learning have given us the amazing opportunity to work together with schools and teachers in changing the way students learn and

ensuring an improvement in student performance. Both statements believes that technology enhanced educational system will produce individuals who are skilled and able to make meaningful contributions to out community.

RELATED STUDIES Local Olivarez (2010) conducted a study about CIA which compared the pretest and posters scores obtained by the students who are using CIA and those who are not. It was similar to the present study because both studies aimed to determine the effectiveness of CIA to students by giving them pretest and posters. The difference is that the present study determines the academic performance of students that took retest and posters before and after using CA'.

The study that was conducted by Unguent HTH Thai Ho (2009) had an experimental design specifically the pre-test and post-test design was used to find out the effects of computer-aided instruction in comparison with the traditional approach using the lectures with handouts. The study also emphasized that English teachers need to assess their present methods of teaching if these are still effective and integrate the CIA in their present style of teaching. Using technology in classrooms will help students excel in their particular subjects.

Aside from that, CIA is an effective and fun as well as an instructional tool for the students. Foreign Hoist-Shank Human (2008) conducted a study on the relationship between computer use and academic achievements and found out that computers did not make a difference in students learning without their fully understanding the topic. He added that by Just providing students with drills and practice or providing them a computer to let students learn on their own and apply their learning, did not show positive

relationship in learning their English.

The present study was similar to study f Human because both studies focused on the relationship of academic achievements of the learners who were exposed to computer technology. Another study was made by Hussy and Folia (2010), this showed that the performance of the students exposed to CIA either individually or cooperatively were better than their counterparts exposed to the conventional classroom instruction. However, no significant difference existed in performance of male and female students exposed to CIA in either individual or cooperative settings.

This is related to the present study because it also determines the performance of students. The pill (2008) also made a study with regards to the effects of CIA on the achievement, attitudes and retention of fourth grade students. His study used two groups-?the experimental and control group. Control group in his study was taught using a lecture-based traditional instruction and experimental group was taught using educational software (CA').

This study and the present study have the same objective, the only distinction is the study of pill was intended for Mathematics subject while the present was for English subject. This also proved that CIA for learning and teaching is an effective tool. Based on the study of Serine (201 1), the study reveals that there is statistically significant increase in the achievements and problem solving skills of the students in the experimental group that received the computer based science and technology instruction. This is Just the same with the present study but the subject matter differs.

Aims to describe and analyze methods, throw light in their limitations and resources , clarify their presuppositions and consequences ,relating

their potentialities to the zone at the knowledge. Research Population A research population is generally a large collection of individuals or objects that is the main focus of a scientific query. It is for the benefit of the population that researches are done. However, due to the large sizes of populations, researchers often cannot test every individual in the population because it is too expensive and time-consuming.

This is the reason why researchers rely on sampling techniques. N = N / (1 + Nee) where: n = Number of samples N = Total population e = margin of error The proponents got a total of 290 respondents, comprising of instructors and students, who were asked the questionnaires which is one of the data gathering instruments used. After the development of the software, evaluation forms were also strutted to the same number of respondents. Research Setting The research setting implies the location where the study was conducted. The grade seven students of The National Teachers College of Manila.

Research Design The pre-test/post-test control group design used in this study. This method is the most widely used experimental designs in pre-test/post-test design, in order to determine the effectiveness of the proposed software system whether it is applicable than the traditional way of teaching. Method of Research Used To understand the use of statistics, one needs to know a little bit about experimental design or how a researcher conducts investigations. A little knowledge about methodology will provide us with a place to hang our statistics.

In other words, statistics are not numbers that Just appear out of nowhere. Rather, the numbers (data) are generated out of research. Statistics

are merely a tool to help us answer research questions. As such, an understanding of methodology will facilitate our understanding of basic statistics. Survey Research. Survey is often used to assess thoughts, opinions and feelings. Survey research can be specific and limited , or it can have more global, widespread goals. The goal is to gather information about the study .

Survey research was conducted questionnaires and evaluation forms that was provided by the proponents. Library Research. Exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well a individuals with a focus on intellectual content ,information literacy and the learner. Serves as a place for the proponents to do independent work, use books articles ,magazines, unpublished materials for gather information. Through this method, the proponents get a lot of facts information that are needed to support the study.

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