Cash Crops of Pakistan Essay Example
Cash Crops of Pakistan Essay Example

Cash Crops of Pakistan Essay Example

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  • Published: October 1, 2017
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The chief harvests of Pakistan are classified into nutrient harvests and non-food harvests. The nutrient harvests include wheat. rice. maize. coarse grains. gms and other pulsations. The hard currency harvests are cotton. sugar cane. baccy. mustard and benne. The entire country. output and production of each harvest is now discussed under separate caputs.



Wheat is the chief nutrient harvest of the people. It occupies an of import place I farming policies. The portion of wheat is 3 % to GDP. The country under wheat harvest was 8494 1000 hectares and wheat end product stood at 23. 2 million dozenss and it contributed14. 4 % to value added in agribusiness in 2006-07. The country and output of wheat has bit by bit increased in Pakistan dye to the debut of new wheat assortments. improved agronomic patterns. increased H2O handiness and i


mproved H2O usage efficiency greater usage of fertiliser broad spread usage of mechanical implements. better storage installations and a support monetary value policy and favourable conditions conditions. The agribusiness of Pakistan is to confront another large challenge from the World Trade Organization government ( WTO ) from the twelvemonth 2005.

Harmonizing to the WTO understanding on agribusiness. it is necessary for each state. to supply market entree to international trade goods and to make away with domestic and export subsidies. Pakistan will now hold to take stairss to minimise the cost of production of harvests and besides maintain quality of goods to vie in the international market. With the coming of Green Revolution the wheat production has increased from four million tones in 1960 to 23. 5 million tones in 2006-07. In order to increase the outpu

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of wheat per acre. some extra steps shall hold to be taken.

These in brief are ( one ) Development of new high giving up assortments ( two ) production and distribution of certified seeds ( three ) Seasonably seeding of wheat ( four ) Timely handiness of fertiliser and ( V ) riddance of weeds from Fieldss. The production of wheat in 2006-07 is highest in the history of state. Pakistan now is non merely self sufficient in wheat but is besides in a place to export the excess wheat to other states.


  • Rice is the 2nd largest nutrient harvest in Pakistan.

It is now a major export point accounting for 6. 1 % of entire export net incomes over the last five old ages and contributes 1. % to GDP. The production of rice during 1999-2000 was 5156thousand tones. It came down to 3882 1000 tones in 2001-02 and increased to 5438 1000 tones in 2006-07. The Government of Pakistan is taking effectual steps to increase the output. production quality and export of rice. Research attempts are go oning on developing high giving up basmati and Iris assortments. Emphasis is besides being laid on agronomic research every bit good as on improved extension services fertiliser usage. direct seeding etc. The flow of inputs and credits is besides being well increased.

Spray is besides provided to the rice agriculturists at subsidised rates. Pakistan produces finest quality of rice named as ”Basmati” It enjoys monopoly in the international market. After Thailand. Vietnam. USA and India. Pakistan is the 5th largest rice exporting state in the universe.


  • Maize is an of import nutrient grain as good natural stuff for

comestible oil production. It is besides used to bring forth amylum and domestic fowl nutrient mixes. The entire country under corn was 1026 1000 hectares in the twelvemonth 2006-07which has doubled since independency.

More than half of the harvest is growing in NWFP and about all the balance in Punjab. The entire production during 2006-07 was 2968 1000 tones. The chief ground for the hapless public presentation in this harvest is the deficiency of equal seed supplies and unequal farm patterns required to obtain high outputs from intercrossed and synthetics. Attempts to take bing restraints are desperately required to increase the production of this valuable harvest.


  • Barley is an of import coarse grain harvest. It is grown in dry. waterless conditions.

The entire country under class grains in the twelvemonth 2006-07 was 93thousand hectares. The usage of barley for human ingestion has declined well in recent old ages. It has been replaced by wheat. However. the class grains constitute an of import nutrient and fresh fish beginning. It is besides being progressively used in the domestic fowl provender. The low output of class grains is chiefly due to inadequate fertiliser usage. hapless land readying. deficiency of works protection and cutting of harvest for fresh fish.


  • Gram is an of import beginning of vegetable protein and play an of import function in the diet.

It is adult both as rabi and kharif harvests. The entire country under gm was 1073 1000 hectares in 2006-07. The entire production was 842 1000 tones in 2006-07. The production of gm and other pulsations remain concentrated mostly in Barani countries. Gram with 2. 3rd of entire land area under pulsations. is the dominant

harvest. The production of gm and other pulsations fluctuates aggressively due to changing rainfall and frequent blight harm. The production can be increased by presenting tolerant assortments of seeds and support monetary values.

CASH CROPS 6 ) Cotton: Cotton is the most of import hard currency harvest of Pakistan in footings of country and value add-on. It is the chief foreign exchange net incomes for the state with the production of 13. 0 million hard currency return to the husbandmans. It supplies natural stuff to the fabric industry and provides employment to the people populating in both rural and urban countries. Its part is 1. 8 % to GDP. The country and output of cotton from the twelvemonth 2002-03 is given below: The Government of Pakistan has provided following support to cotton production system in the twelvemonth 2006-07.

1 ) Subsidy of Rs. 00 per bag of fertiliser.

2 ) Electronic media was used fr speedy engineering transportation among the turning community.

3 ) Handiness of agricultural recognition at the door measure of the husbandmans. The Government plans to increase cotton production to 14. 4 million bales in 2007-08


  • Sugarcane harvest serves as a major natural stuff for production of white sugar and Gur and is besides a hard currency harvest. Its portion in value added in agribusiness is 3. 5 % and in GDP 0. 7 % in 2006-07. Sugarcane was cultivated on an country of1029 thousand Hectors during the twelvemonth 2006-07.

The higher sugar cane production is the consequence of addition in country. timely rains. easy handiness of fertiliser and pesticides and attractive monetary values of sugar cane offered by the Millers.


  • The entire country under tabacco. during

the twelvemonth 2006-07 was 62thousand hectares and production 126 1000 tones. The production of all right Virginia baccy is chiefly concentrated in lower Landau Basin. fields of the Punjab and NWFP. Pakistan is run intoing its domestic demands of tabacco and is exporting a ample measure of manufactured baccy in the from of coffin nails.

In order to increase production new assortments of baccy demand to be development. Fundss should besides be provided to hike the research and development coders with a position to cut downing the cost of production and bettering baccy quality. Tobacco agriculturists cooperation should besides be organized.

Oil Seed and Vegetable Oils:

  • The chief harvests grown for oil are colza and mustard seeds helianthuss. safflower soya beans. Entire demand of comestible oil was1. 9 million tones. which 32 % was met through domestic production and remaining68 % was imported.
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