Berhampur Tourism
Berhampur Tourism

Berhampur Tourism

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Berhampur Tourism

Berhampuris one of the major commercial hubs of Ganjam district.It is a centrally placed topographic point in the province of Odisha which is located at the South of Chilika Lake in the southern portion of Odisha. Berhampur is most celebrated for the beautiful and unbelievable hand-woven silk. For this ground, Berhampur is besides known as the Silk City. Apart from the good quality silk, Berhampur is besides celebrated for the assorted spiritual finishs. The shrines of Jagannath, Thukurani and Nilakantheswar Shiva Temples her are ever deserving sing. There are besides a figure of museums found here which have a aggregation of sculptures and specimens of natural history. Berhampur being a convenient base point has a figure of topographic points of tourer involvement and hence is one of the most favorite tourer finishs. Silkss are non the lone shopping option in Berhampur apart from the unbelievable silk there are a batch of other shopping options for the tourers and travellers in the metropolis.

A Brief History of Berhampur

Behampur is the most populated metropolis in the Ganjam territory of Odisha. It is a legendary every bit good as an acknowledged metropolis for its Ag filagree plants and silk saris. Berhampur is the most commercialised urban Centre in Ganjam territory and besides in the State of Odisha. Being included in the list of coastline metropoliss, Berhampur is ever noted for its discovery flaxen beaches along with its first-class art work. The bandeau and metal ware, wood carvings, horn playthings and rugs make a good place decor. Berhampur has late been renames as


Brahmapur. Due to the mass esteem drawn by the metropolis, it is besides been nicknamed as “The Silk City” . It is known as one the largest and oldest metropoliss of Orissa. Berhampur one time formed a portion of district under the reign of Emperor Ashoka. Berhampur is the chief railhead for all the nearby tourer finishs in Odisha and therefore serves a common articulation for the territory of Ganjam and all the nearby small towns and towns. Hence the trade, commercialism and the abroad minutess have become prevailing in this underdeveloped part.

The best clip to see Berhampur would be between the months of October to June. During this clip the conditions here is at its best. Besides a figure of festivals celebrated in Berhampur at this clip of the twelvemonth. Hence this makes this metropolis look more colourful than of all time. The beaches, temples and assorted tourer finishs are at their best during this clip and the conditions is besides really pleasant.

Topographic points of Interest In and Around Berhampur

Tourism in Berhampur is emerging these yearss due to the scenic beauty in and around the country. The figure of temples in this part makes it a true spiritual finish. The Bankeswari, Narayani, Kulada, Mahendragiri, etc. are some of the celebrated temples found here. Apart from this there are besides a figure of beaches that makes this metropolis even more desirable particularly for those who love some warm zephyr and comforting clime. There are a figure of tourist musca volitanss and celebrated rubber-necking options for all the tourers wh

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visit here. From beaches, hills and waterfalls to assorted spiritual finishs, Berhampur contains all the topographic points needed to entertain any tourer who wishes to take a expression at this beautiful metropolis. Some of the most outstanding tourer topographic points in Berhampur include:

Gopalpur Beach:Gopalpur beach is amongst the celebrated tourer finish in Berhampur. For all the beach lovers this beach is like heaven. It is located at a distance of 16 kilometres from the metropolis. There are regular coach services from the metropolis to Gopalpur. It is one of the pleasant and quiet topographic points of the metropolis. There is besides a beach festival held here.

Taratarini Temple – The Shakti Pitha:This temple comes under the list of celebrated spiritual finishs in Berhampur. It is believed that there are four Shaki Pithas that is Bimala, Kamakshhya, Taratarini and Dakhini Kalika which originate from the limbs of the cadaver of Sati Mata in the Satya Yuga. Out of these, the Taratarini Shakti Pith is present in the Taratarini Temple and therefore the name. This is known to be the chief place of Tantric cult. It is besides said that it originated from the chest of Sati Mata.

Ballipadar:Ballipadar is another celebrated tourer finish in Berhampur which is celebrated for black vaulting horses.

Sri Sri Sri Sidhibinayakya Pitha:Sri Sri Sri Sidhibinayakya Pitha is amongst the celebrated spiritual finishs in Berhampur. It is one of the largest Ganesh Temples in the State of Odisha. It is located near the Giri Road in Berhampur.

Mahurikalua:This is the topographic point of worship for Goddess Shakti Maa. The Sankranti festival is celebrated at a great extent in this topographic point and hence a big figure of worshippers are seen crowded during the festival. It is located at 30 kilometres off from Behrampur.

Dhabaleshwar beach:This beach is besides another celebrated beach in Berhampur. It is besides near to the Gopalpur beach. The tourers enjoy sailing, surfing and sun bathing here. There is a besides an Island nowadays here in the beach known as the Dhabaleshwar island.

Siddha Bhairavi:This spiritual finish derives its name from it’s the goddess Maa Bhairabee. It is found at the distant small town of Mantridi. The idol’s alone characteristic makes it even more celebrated that is it is carved in with one leg and three custodies. It was placed in the temple in the twelvemonth 1937. This topographic point has now become a really of import Shakti Pith. Peoples from nearby countries and metropoliss visit this shrine about every twenty-four hours. There is immense crowd during the Sankranti yearss.

Taptapani:Taptapani is another celebrated tourer finish and it is known for its hot springs. It is elevated at about 1,800 pess above sea degree. This topographic point is located 56 kilometres off from the Berhampur’s railroad station. Another temple known as the Kandimata Temple is situated nearby along with a cervid park which is maintained by the wood section.

Aryapalli:Aryapalli beach is situated at 32 kilometres far off from Behrampur. This beach is another celebrated beach or tourer finish of Berhampur, apart from Gopalpur beach. Any nature love tourer will bask the sand, sand and breaker at this beach along with the

quiet and capturing clime which conveying freshness to the psyche.

Mahendragiri:Mahendragiri is a 1500 metre tall hill found amidst the evergreen woods which add to the scenic beauty in Berhampur. A rill known as Mahendra Tanaya flows down this hill. This topographic point besides has interesting and funny archeological remains from the times of the Ramayana and Mahabharata which attracts tourers from all over India.

How to Reach Berhampur?

Berhampur metropolis is really good connected by agencies of roadways with National Highways NH-5 and NH-217 connected to the nearby metropoliss and towns of the province of Odisha. The three Wheeler car, taxis and coachs are the most of import manner of local transit in this metropolis.

Berhampur is connected by railroads to all the major metropoliss and towns nearby as it is situated on the East seashore railroad line linking the two tube metropoliss that is Kolkata and Chennai.

The Berhampur Airport with historic significance is located at a distance of about 5 kilometres from the Silk metropolis. This airdrome is near to the tower of Berhampur University. This air passage is good connected to all the major metropoliss of the state.

Berhampur besides has two ports that is the Gopalpur Port which is one of the Oldest Ports in Odisha along with another upcoming port at the Bahuda Mouth.

Where to Stay in Berhampur?

Bing one of the favourite tourer finishs, Berhampur has sufficient Numberss of hotels to remain and dine within the metropolis. Most of these hotels are budget hotels and are moderately priced hotels which provide all the necessary installations. Berhampur being a commercial metropolis besides has rather a few luxury hotels. Due to the handiness of these munificent hotels most of the tourers sing Berhampur prefer to remain for a twenty-four hours or two and research this beautiful metropolis. Below is the reference of the most outstanding and preferable hotels in Berhampur:

Where to Shop in Berhampur?

It is genuinely a delicious experience to shop in Berhampur. Apart from the universe celebrated silk and silk points, Berhampur besides has in shop a stock of handcrafts, Ganjam brass work, Paralakhemundi and Gopalpur coirmats. Berhampur will non let down any tourer when it comes to shopping. Some of the celebrated markets in the metropolis include the Annapurna market, the Urban bank route, the SNT route, Chena Bazar and Big Bazar. Berhampur shopping besides includes manus woven apparels and beautiful pictures that bring of the art and civilization of this metropolis. There are besides many pictures of Gods and goddesses which are painted by manus by the adult female common people in Berhampur. Beaded jewelry, handloom merchandises and handcrafts are some of the other things to shop for in Berhampur. Such things are easy available around every street corner. When it comes to shopping Berhampur offers a broad scope of assortment.