As Long as the Grass Grows or Water Runs Essay Example
As Long as the Grass Grows or Water Runs Essay Example

As Long as the Grass Grows or Water Runs Essay Example

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  • Published: August 12, 2017
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Directions: While reading the chapter, consider and answer the following questions. What is the main theme discussed in this chapter? The central theme is the endurance of Native Americans and the consequences of Americans occupying their land, destroying their communities, and spreading diseases. What evidence does Zinn provide to illustrate the overall impact of Indian removal? He uses the story "Fathers and Children" as an example to demonstrate the overall impact. The book described how Native Americans were treated cruelly, displaced from their homes and ancestral lands, resulting in a significant decline in their population. How do Jefferson's views on Indian policy differ when he served as Secretary of State compared to when he became President? Why did his views change? During his time as Secretary of State, Jefferson believed that the Indians should be left a


lone. However, as President, he shifted his stance and supported their forced removal. This decision was driven by the desire to create vast open lands for American settlers to utilize for trade, commerce, economics, and to gain more respect from the majority of American citizens. How does Andrew Jackson's early political and military career foreshadow his Indian policies as President? Prior to becoming President, Jackson held animosity towards Native Americans and had engaged in numerous wars against them. Once in power as President, he had greater authority to implement policies aimed at permanently removing Native Americans from their lands.What are the differences between Zinn's perspective on the War of 1812 and traditional histories? Zinn believed that the war was unnecessary, while traditional histories suggest that the war was fought to break away from England.

Why does Zinn

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compare the Nullification Controversy of 1832 and the enforcement of Worcester v. Georgia? He does this to show that there were still people who believed in leaving the Indians alone and were willing to fight for their rights. Some states tried to abolish federal duties, but those supporting Jackson outnumbered them.

What does the phrase "As long as grass grows or water runs" signify? In my interpretation, this means that the relationship between these two different civilizations will always remain unchanged, which is not favorable. So, as long as the grass continues to grow and the water still runs, things between them will continue in that way.

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