Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example
Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example

Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2017
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Sex is an integral part of life and holds significance in the human experience, as stated by Peter Bertocci. He asserts that although sex can be viewed as a standalone act, it carries deeper satisfaction when it symbolizes other values. Bertocci underscores the importance of love and its challenges, highlighting marriage's role in preserving and nurturing love. According to him, social stability and the formation of moral principles depend on the interconnection between sex, love, marriage, family, and social responsibility. Love is essential for true fulfillment in life because mere existence without it lacks happiness.

The author defends the significance of marriage in society and highlights how this new relationship can be transformative for those involved. It is evident that the author's perspective is personal and narrow-minded. However, I disagree with their viewpoint and will present evidence and arguments in my essay to counter Bertocci's id


ealized portrayal of marriage.

Distinguishing Love from Sexual Activity

Psychoanalysis asserts that love and sex cannot have the same origin or possess identical qualities due to inherent disparities. It suggests examining love and sex separately, considering them in their purest forms. Sexual activity is linked to biological functions and individual organisms, while love encompasses emotional connections that reflect individuals' thoughts and feelings.

Sexual activity is used as a means to relax and relieve stress, while love can serve as a way to escape from personal disappointments. Sexual activity provides physical satisfaction to an individual, whereas love brings happiness. Sexual activity carries a broader significance, but love holds a special meaning. Sex can fulfill a person's natural desires, whereas love satisfies the cultural needs of society.

Millions of people are familiar with sexual activity, while man

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have not even heard of romance or love. Sex is unpredictable, whereas love is always directed towards someone. Sex provides relaxation, but love helps shape one's personality. The sensations and pleasures of sex cannot be remembered afterwards, whereas love can be recollected at any time, even in thoughts when the lover is not physically present.

According to Reik (New York: Grove Press, 1945), sexual activity is an act, while love is considered religious. Sexual activity is characterized by avidity for a short period, whereas love is continuous heat.

In his book, Reik (p. 19) explores the question of whether love and lust can be combined. He observes that it is challenging to determine which element holds the majority during a sexual intercourse when love and sex are combined.

Our perception greatly influences our views on combining or separating certain things. Our own thoughts and experiences guide us to determine what should go together and what should be kept apart. In my opinion, there are ways in which sex without love can be just as pleasurable, fulfilling, and comforting as sex with love. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which aspect dominates in the combination of lust and love. However, it can be said that a more rough form of sex arises when love is separated from the equation.

Sexual Activity with Love

Bertocci states that when engaging in sex with love, one gives their all. Rollo May also explores this concept in his book "Love and Will" published by Dell Publishing Co.

In 1969, May suggests that one will not withhold something until the act becomes personal. By substituting the word "personal" for "love," the scope of sex widens and it

can be enjoyable even if the partners are not in love. May also contends that abstaining from something does not mean that sex cannot be pure. According to May (p. 311), the importance of a relationship and intimacy surpass simply engaging in sexual activity due to the impersonal nature of society. It is uncertain whether the act of sex will fulfill the necessary requirements of a relationship and intimacy.

According to Mays, one could argue that through love, one becomes completely engrossed in another person, and this can help overcome feelings of isolation. However, the irony of love is that while becoming absorbed in someone else, one also loses a part of oneself. May's writings indicate a lack of understanding regarding how satisfaction can be achieved through sexual activity without love.

Analysis of Sexual Activity with Love

Like May, many people in the world are unaware that sex can be a loving act even without being in a romantic relationship with each other. As I mentioned earlier, this is a conventional belief that sex without love is not as fulfilling as sex with love.

I would like to reiterate my belief that engaging in sexual activity without love allows the individuals involved to experience a more relaxed and peaceful state. In contrast to bertocci's perspective, I would argue that making love with a deep emotional connection leads to a stronger bond between partners, enabling them to support each other through difficult times and commit to a lifetime together, including raising children. Bertocci also emphasizes the importance of using these intimate acts to contribute positively to society. Unfortunately, authors like May and Bertocci have diminished

the true essence of a fulfilling and joyful sexual relationship. I believe that sexual activity should be as liberating and inspiring as a clear sky, offering the opportunity for individuals to soar high and gain a broader understanding of the intricacies of our world.

This sensation elevates me and rejuvenates the true essence of life, enabling me to perceive things that advocates for sexual intercourse without love cannot comprehend or envision in their thoughts.

Sexual Activity without Love

(Russell Vannoy, Buffalo: Prometheus, 1980) presents a few examples from his students' papers. I would like to mention a couple; when I pleasure my partner, I experience less pleasure myself as my focus is solely on their satisfaction, disrupting the entire concept of sex. The more deeply involved we become with another person and vice versa, the less we remain distinct individuals, which is neither encouraging nor fulfilling.

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