Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example
Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example

Analysis Of Sex With Love Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2017
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Peter Bertocci has explained the human experience of sex and explains the value of sex as portion of the significance of life. Sing sex an terminal in itself Peter argues that more profound satisfaction is felt when the normal experience of sex lecherousness is non chiefly an terminal in itself but a symbolic look of other values. Bertocci farther explains the challenge in love which he explains through his patterned advance of love in which matrimony and its values are highlighted as an essentialness to protect sex and love. He argues that sex, love, matrimony, household, and societal duty are the cardinal factors that conveying stableness in the society and nurture the values morality. He considers love as an indispensable component to populate, otherwise it will be a mere being non populating gleefully. He argues for the


topographic point of matrimony in society and emphasizes on the self regeneration of the spouses through this fresh relationship.

In my sentiment he truly draws on personal experience and has a closed minded position. I disagree and will give grounds and statements in my essay as to why I think that Bertocci narrates a narrative of an ideal state of affairs.

Difference between Love and Sexual Activity

Psychoanalysis asserts that love and sex can ne'er be of same beginning and character due to differences of decisive nature. Love and sex must be analyzed in their ain horizon and in their purest signifiers. Sexual activity is related to biology related to some being ; love gives an emotional touch and a mark of persons ideas. Sexual activity is used to extinguish the tense attitude ; love can be used as an flight

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caprine animal from 1s ain failure. Sexual activity satisfies a individual physically ; love gives felicity. Sexual activity has a broader significance ; particular significance is shown through love. Natures name can be answered through sex ; civilization is satisfied through love. Sexual activity is known to 1000000s ; 1000000s have non even heard of love affair or love. Sexual activity is arbitrary ; love is ever directed to person. Sexual activity gives relaxation ; love prepare the personality. The gustatory sensation and pleasance of sex can non be called subsequently while love can be recalled anytime even in ideas if the lover is non physically present. Sexual activity is an act ; love is religious. Sexual activity avidity is for a short clip whereas love is uninterrupted heat. ( Reik, New York: Grove Press. 1945 ) .

Can Love and Lust be Combined?

( Reik, p. 19 ) , observes that if love and sex are combined, it is really hard to measure that which has the most portion or portion, to be precise, during a sexual intercourse. I believe that it is strictly dependent on our perceptual experience. It is our ain head and organic structure that drives us to a peculiar point where we need to believe that what should be combined and what should be separated. I believe that there are ways in which sex without love can be as joyous, fruitful and comforting as sex with love. So, the inquiry as to the combination of lecherousness and love, one can non state that which is more ruling but one can state is that rough signifier of sex is generated after disassociating love

from sex.

Sexual Activity with Love

What Bertocci has explained about love is that through sex with love one gives in everything but Rollo May s Love and Will ( New York: Dell Publishing Co.. 1969 ) , says that one will ever keep something back until the act is personal, and if we use this word personal alternatively of love, the context of sex is broadened and sex can be joyful even the spouses are non lovers. May farther argues that keeping off something does non intend that sex will non be a pure sex. Harmonizing to May ( p. 311 ) , relationship and familiarity are much more of import factors than simply holding sex with a individual because of the impersonal society and it is unknown that the act of sex will fulfill the needed demands of relationship and familiarity. But what one can state harmonizing to Mays stance that through love one is absorbed in another and isolation can be overcome through this. The sarcasm of love is that one is at the same clip losing oneself and absorbing the other in him. Mays writings show a deficiency of apprehension of how satisfaction can be achieved through sex without love.

Analysis of Sexual Activity with Love

Like May many people in this universe are incognizant of the possibility of sex being a loving act even without being lovers to each other. As I mentioned earlier this is a traditional or closed head position that sex without love is non every bit fruitful as sex with love. I reiterate my position that Sexual activity without love allows the spouses to hold a more restful feeling. Contrasting

to what bertocci, I would state that sex with love taking to a more chaining relationship which leads to taking each others pain, so puting your life in the basket of matrimony which will set down your life in the raising of kids. Bertocci farther asks you to nurture the society through all these predating Acts of the Apostless of yours. Sadly, a true and a happy relationship of sex have been destroyed by the choke offing positions of authors such as May and Bertocci. Sexual activity should be as free and actuating as a clear sky is available to the bird that goes high in strength and liquors to hold a broader overview of the elaboratenesss of this universe. This feeling takes me higher and regenerates the true spirit of life and makes me see what the trusters of sex with love can non see or visualise in their ideas.

Sexual Activity without Love

( Russell Vannoy, Buffalo: Prometheus, 1980 ) gives some of the illustrations from the documents of his pupils. I would wish to advert a few ; pleasuring my lover leaves me pleasance less as the head is devoted to his satisfaction, therefore upseting the whole construct of sex. The deeper you get involve in other individual and as the other is absorbed in you, the more a individual is ceased to be a separate individual, which is perfectly non encouraging and every bit non satisfactory.

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