A Lesson from… the Amish? Essay Example
A Lesson from… the Amish? Essay Example

A Lesson from… the Amish? Essay Example

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  • Published: September 22, 2017
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Is there a lesson we can learn from the Amish about how to teach our children literacy skills? This article suggests a different approach, emphasizing the importance of family connections in early learning. It advocates starting to build basic literacy skills from a very young age, when a child's brain is most receptive to learning. In this method, the dad in the household would read Disney stories to his six-year-old son, even though the child cannot yet read or write. The child will actively engage with and comprehend the words spoken by his father.

Within Amish society, a boy is considered a fully literate family member and advances in his education by playing word games such as scrabble. As the child gains access to school, they will have a head start and positive attitude towards reading and writing. Unlike in public


schools where children may feel discouraged, in Amish society, literacy is viewed positively.

In my opinion, this essay is filled with nonsense. It is not wise to take advice from a society that chooses to isolate itself from modern advancements. This would be equivalent to seeking advice on building a house from a beaver. Reading to children at an early age and engaging in word games can aid in their learning skills. However, claiming that the Amish education system is superior to our own and that our schools fail to teach proper English is not only ironic but also foolish. The Amish community tends to shelter children from most public information, which hinders their education. Additionally, the English language continuously evolves and undergoes frequent updates in modern society. If Amish children are taught an outdate

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version of the language, they may become illiterate in our society.

The Amish community shields their children from certain information, resulting in missed opportunities in their upbringing.

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