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The Endless Steppe Essay Example
851 words 4 pages

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. ” (Johann von Goethe) “The Endless Steppe” by Esther Hautzig is a novel about a family’s determination to survive. In the novel it tells of how determination, the human ability to adopt, and happiness can hold a family together and help […]

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Divorce Education Hope Literature Second Language Social Institution
Learning English as a Second Language Essay Example
1139 words 5 pages

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are four of the most essential steps for people learning a new language. English is not my first language, it is my third, and I have spent a lot of time and effort to going through these steps. As an individual learning a new language, I can definitely say it […]

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Amy tan English Language Learning Second Language
The Knife thrower Essay Example
939 words 4 pages

The Knife Thrower is a short story written by Steven Millimeter and appeared in Harpers Magazine for the first time, in 1997. The story is about a well-known knife thrower, named Hens, who is visiting a small town for a single Saturday night. There are a lot of rumors about Hens and the people in […]

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Books Clothing Education Event Fiction Second Language
Benefits Learning Second Language in a Young Age Essay Example
774 words 3 pages

In the globalization era, we have to be able speak more than one language. At least we could speak English fluently because English is a language which is used by almost all over the worlds. Therefore, English start to be learned in a young age, especially in Non-English native countries. People believe that when second […]

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English Language Learning Second Language
O2, T-Mobile and Orange Essay Example
1346 words 5 pages

Various documents are utilized by organizations in order to communicate with staff, suppliers, and buyers. For this assignment, I will be utilizing publications from three mobile operators (O2, T-Mobile, and Orange) and two different documents from each company. The purpose of the O2 sales brochure is to attract attention and encourage potential new customers to […]

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Brand Computer Network Computer Software Database Education Hardware Mass Media Operator Second Language Telephone
Cross-Linguistic Similarity And Transfer In Foreign Language Learning Essay Example
2620 words 10 pages

Cross-linguistic Similarity And Transfer In Foreign Language Learning Contentss: Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Method Cross-linguistic similarity and its types: Definition of cross-linguistic similarity 5 Actual, perceived and assumed similarities 7 Functional / semantic and formal similarity 9 Similarity, contrast, and zero dealingss 11 Transportation and its types: Definition of transportation 13 Linguistic relativity, conceptual transportation, […]

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Foreign Learning Second Language
Age in Second Language Learning Essay Example
36 words 1 page

There are several theories relating age and second language acquisition.  Some language experts say that age directly affects second language learning, while others argue that age is not a factor in second language learning.

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Education Learning Second Language
Factors that influence literacy development Essay Example
1428 words 6 pages

“Intelligence rules the world, ignorance carries the burden” (Marcus Garvey). According to Kofi Atta Annan (Order of St Michael and St George), a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations and world renown author “literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. It is a tool for daily life in […]

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Development Literacy Reading Second Language
Factors Influencing the Second Language Acquisition Essay Example
724 words 3 pages

Factors influencing the learning of a second/foreign language Some students learn a new language quickly and easily than others. This simple fact reflects the hard work and persistence of the learner. However there are other crucial factors influencing the success that are totally beyond the control of the learner. These factors can be categorized as: […]

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Education Learning Motivation Second Language
The Interaction Hypothesis Essay Example
1979 words 8 pages

The Interaction Hypothesis (IH) is attributed to Michael Long (1981) is based primarily on the work of Stephen Krashen and Evelyn Hatch. Long emphasized the importance of comprehensible input that was central to Krashen’s Input Hypothesis but claimed that this input was most likely to be acquired during interactions which involved discourse modifications. This claim […]

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Hypothesis Second Language
Attitudes of Pupils to Tv Show Based Vocabulary Teaching in Efl Classes Essay Example
1908 words 7 pages

Summary: The article suggests that popular television series can boost enthusiasm and stimulate quick and effective vocabulary learning in students. These shows can act as powerful instruments for managing time effectively and creating unforgettable experiences to enrich student’s education. By embedding vocabulary within a significant context, it greatly improves the results related to student engagement […]

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Attitude Education Learning Second Language Teaching
Contrastive Analysis Essay Example
1043 words 4 pages

Contrastive Analysis (CA) is an approach to the study of SLA which involves predicting and explaining learner problems based on a comparison of L1 and L2 to determine similarities and differences. It was heavily influenced by theories which were dominant in linguistics and psychology within the USA through the 1940s and 1950s, Structuralism and Behaviorism. […]

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Contrast Learning Second Language
English As A Second Language Essay Example
726 words 3 pages

Nowadays, all people say that English is the most essential and easiest language that people could use to communicate in different countries. As I read thoroughly the two articles, which are called “ English seen as a Co-star among Global Language” and “Can English be Dethroned”, I’ve found out that people more commonly accept using […]

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English Language Globalization Second Language Trade
Bilingual Children’s Story Book Essay Example
3394 words 13 pages

BILINGUAL CHILDREN STORY BOOK : A FUNCTIONAL LINGUISTIC PERSPECTIVE OF LEARNING ENGLISH Agnes Widyaningrum, SE, M. Pd Abstract Indonesian children are born as bilingual even multilingual children because Indonesia is a rich country having many different cultures. As one of cultural products, language can be learnt through various ways, one example is by reading children […]

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Children Learning Second Language
Three top challenges Singapore may face in the next decade Essay Example
1246 words 5 pages

Singapore is a relatively young nation, where its rapid economic development has wowed many from all over the world, and has attracted much attention. The economic milestones it has reached, in addition to its uniqueness as a multiracial and cosmopolitan society, has put its name on the world map, albeit being a very small country […]

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Challenges China Second Language Singapore
Critically Theory Of Instrumental And Integrative Motivation Essay Example
995 words 4 pages

Critically evaluate Gardner and Lambert’s theory of instrumental and integrative motivation as a key influencing factor in Second Language Acquisition During the process of studying second language, Gardner and Lambert’s theory about instrumental and integrative motivation has a significant impact on different learners. As Falk (2000; cited in Norris-Holt, 2001) states that if learners aim […]

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Learning Motivation Second Language Theory
Learning Styles Are Consideration In Language Instruction Education Essay Example
2315 words 9 pages

1Introduction Learning manners or learning preferences refer to specific approaches, behaviors, and problem-solving methods that scholars use in their learning process (Cassidy, 2004; Cohen, 2003; Oxford et al., 1991; Oxford, 2003). Scholars have different learning styles, including visual, auditory, hands-on, and kinesthetic ones. While researchers argue that no style is superior to others (Gregore as […]

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Learning Research Second Language
Development of language in SOV and SVO bilingualism Essay Example
2037 words 8 pages

The knowledge of language is one of the most important and necessary skills a person needs to have especially in modern society. This is because humans, like most other animals, are social beings and we are constantly bombarded by written and oral language just by walking outside of our homes. We need language, in simple […]

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Communication English Language Phonology Second Language
English in the World Today Essay Example
1723 words 7 pages

English as an international language Of the 4,000 to 5,000 living languages, English is by far the most widely used. As a mother tongue, it ranks second only to Chinese, which is effectively six mutually unintelligible dialects little used outside China. On the other hand the 300 million native speakers of English are to be […]

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English Language French Language Language Learning News Newspaper Teaching English As A Foreign Language
LA Lexis Essay Louisa Curry
2085 words 8 pages

In the past, vocabulary acquisition was not given much attention in second language research and teaching theory. Traditionally, language teaching focused on structure and syntax. However, there has been a considerable amount of research on vocabulary acquisition and teaching since then, such as works by Carter and McCarthy (1990), Lewis (2002), Near (1980), Nation (1990), […]

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English Language French Language Language Education Phonology
Assia Djebar’s Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade Essay Example
1374 words 5 pages

Assia Djebar is a celebrated Nigerian author who has written her work in French but has a more steeped critical and creative vision in the Berber and non-standard local Arabic cultures of her ancestry. According to her book “Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade” Assia is coming out as a strong feminist whose work made women open […]

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Education Feminism French Language Narrative Rape Society War
Importance of Language Essay Example
776 words 3 pages

Language is essential in all cultures, serving a purpose beyond simple communication. Each country possesses its own distinct language that mirrors its unique qualities and distinguishes it from others. Furthermore, languages have a profound impact on individuals’ outlooks and shape the culture of a society. Some countries have multiple languages spoken within their boundaries, enabling […]

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Education English Language French Language

Popular Questions About Second Language

Which second language is the best to learn?
The 7 Best Languages to Learn for Your Career Mandarin (Chinese) Arabic Spanish German Portuguese Russian French
Why learning a second language is important?
However, the importance of learning a second language is not merely limited to the ability of communicating with people who speak different languages. Studies show that learning a second language results in students achieving greater levels of divergent thinking, creativity, and cognitive development compared to monolingual children.
How do we learn a second language?
How do we learn a second language Stage 1- Silent/Receptive Stage 2- Early Production Stage 3- Speech Emergence Stage 4- Intermediate Fluency Stage 5- Continued Language Development.
What language is most learned as a second language?
" The data is as follows:French - Second most popular language of study in 77 out of 194 countriesSpanish - 57/194German - 29/194English - 13/194Portuguese - 10/194Italian - 5/194Swedish - 1/194Norwegian - 1/194Dutch - 1/194
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