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A sad Day Everyone has gone through bad times in their life. It is the moment when you wish the earth would open up and swallow you. The embarrassment and discomfort felt during that time which may only last a few seconds feels like the time has stood still. I woke up at 6. 00 am, when I was rudely awakened by my screaming alarm clock. I pounded on it until I found the ‘snooze’ button. My eyelids felt heavy and dropped down. Tiredness got the best of me. I rolled back over to catch a few more minutes of sleep. I was about to start dreaming again when I realized that I had to go to school.

I jumped out of bed and in a flash looking at my alarm clock. It was about to hit 7. 00 am! I grabbed my uniform and ran to the bathroom. I missed and hit my hand on the door handle. It was so painful I groaned in agony. A few minutes passed and the pain had gone away. I quickly showered and brushed my teeth at the same time. I dried off in a blink of an eye and put on my pants and uniform. I looked at my watch and it was 7. 05 am. I skipped my breakfast and rushed outside because my bus was supposed to fetch me at that time.

To my dismay, the bus had Just passed and when I to in front of my gate house, the bus was already at the far end of the road. I looked around for my bicycle. When I found it, the tires were all punctured. Then, I remembered, when I was riding yesterday, some glass on the road punctured my tires. I started to panic. I had to get a ride to catch the bus. That was when I saw it. Leaning neatly against the wall, a bright pink with Barbie stickers all over, there sat my sister’s bicycle. “All right, Henry. You have no choice right now. Take it or leave it, “l murmured to myself.

I quickly closed the gate and pedaled the ‘super-cute’ bike. My cycling routine every day really paid off. I turned up to be quite expert in finding short cuts in my housing area. After passing through a few pavements, I finally saw the bus coming towards my direction. Then, I stopped the bicycle at the road side and waved to the bus like a mad man to pick me. When Uncle Vic, the bus driver stopped the bus, I could hear everyone laughing. Uncle Vic himself grinned, showing the gap between his teeth. When the door opened, as I was in a rush, I tripped over and landed with my chest on the ground. Ouch!! ” I screamed. All eyes were fixed on me. A few seconds later, they all burst in tears. I stood up quickly and pretended as if nothing happened. I put my chin up and walked straight to an empty seat at the back of the bus. I sat alone while thinking what might happen next in a few hours or worse, minutes. I had the feeling that that day would not be my day. No, not yet. “No. I have to stay positive. The day had Just started. I have another ten hours to spend before the night come. Maybe I can make something out of it,” I cheered myself up. We reached school fifteen minutes later.

I stayed behind to let the other students hem. My heart stopped beating for a millisecond. It was her! Roseanne! The only girl who could make my heart pounded fast since two years ago. She is two years younger than me. Wait a minute! She was in the bus from the beginning? She must have seen me with that pink bicycle and the humiliating incident that took place earlier! What a shame! I could hear her giggling with her friend. When they realized that I was right behind them, they quickly zipped their mouth and remained silent for a few minutes before bursting out again.

I changed my direction as soon as I got into the school bobby. I did not want to bump into her for the entire day. I made my way to my classroom quickly as the bell had already rang. I was Just about to sit when my Additional Math teacher, Madam Lucian came in. Before we could sit down, she asked us to show her our homework. I looked for my book in my bag. She was Just three feet away, but still I could not find it. Sweats of panic glistened down my cheek. Then, I remembered! My book was still on the table in my study room, laying neatly untouched. When I turned around, Madam Lucidness face was right in front of me. Ah! I Jumped back spontaneously. Miss, Henry? Did my face scare you that bad? Show me your book,” asked Madam Lucian. Miss… Rum.. I mean.. No, no.. Madam Lu,” I corrected myself and tried to stand up straight. “Okay, then. So, where is your book? ” she folded her arm. “Rum.. Well you see, Madam Lu, Rum I Rum.. It seemed that I left my book at home. It was totally UN… ,” before I could finish my sentence, Madam Lucian interrupted. “What is wrong with you, Henry? This is the third time already this week. What do you want to be if you keep showing this bad attitude of yours?

Do you think I can endure this all the time? No, Henry. I have my limit too,’ scolded Madam Lucian. “l am sorry Madam Lu. I promise I would not do that again,” I apologized. “If you really are sorry, meet me in the school auditorium today. I am putting you in detention,” said Madam Lucian. “All right, Madam Lu,” I sighed as she walked away from my table. The class continued as usual after that. Soon, when the clock struck one, I made my way to the school auditorium as fast as I could. I did not want to be late or else I would end up in another detention class. That would be a big ‘NO’!

I really had enough already today. On my way down the stairs, I stepped on a plastic bag and lost my support. How on earth did I not see that coming? I fell down and hit my bottom so hard. Everyone who witnessed the humiliating incident laughed. There was a boy nearby came and he lent me a hand to help me get up. When I stood, they laughed even harder. A bunch of girls in front of me immediately looked away. I had the feeling that something was not right. When I looked down, Oh my goodness! My pants were ripped! I quickly covered them with my bag. I could feel the blood racing to my face.

I decided to make fun of myself and laughed along. Well, it worked! I felt less embarrassed after doing so. “Chill, guys! I am fine. It was Just a practice for this new season So You Think You Can Dance. You know, a little Jump here and there,” I Joked. Although it did not make sense, yes, I know, but everyone got bored after a while and continued with their own business. Phew! I heaved a sigh of relief. I thanked the boy who helped me earlier. I almost forgot about my detention. I walked fast in a weird way, with my bag covering my back and my hands covering in front.

Luckily, the school auditorium was Just about mm ahead. When I got in, Madam Lucian was already waiting with a few other students whom I supposed were in detention too. She was about to lecture me again until she saw my ripped pants. I explained to her everything and asked for her sympathy to excuse me on that day. “All right, Henry. I allowed you to go home now but make sure you come here again tomorrow and you have to do double works than the others,” said Madam “Thank you. Thank you very much for your consideration Madam Lu. You have my words,” I shook her hand. “Okay, okay. Enough with that.

You may go now. ” Before I walked off, I caught a glimpse of her expression. It was so hard to tell whether she was trying to suppress her laugh or it really was her face that looked like that. “Ah! Forget about it. It does not matter now. The most important thing is that I must get home now before more people noticed my pants,” I said to myself. I hurried to the public phone in the school compound and called my dad to pick me up. I told him that I was supposed to be in detention right then. That was why I could not ride the bus. Fifteen minutes later, dad came. I hopped in and sat next to y dad.

I was about to put on a smile because I could finally go home and took a nap after going through such a bad day. Unfortunately, I got a lecture from my dad. Oh! I mentioned about the detention to him earlier, remember? I sat back, laid my head on the headrest and zipped my mouth all the way home. I was pretty sure I would get an extra lecture from my mom later. No, two lectures actually, from my sister too. I left her bicycle at the roadside, did not l? Wow! That was really a ‘bonus’ for me! I let out a deep, long sigh and said, “Today was really really really a bad day. “

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