Women as Sexual Objects
Women as Sexual Objects

Women as Sexual Objects

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  • Published: November 21, 2021
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To address the damage social media and advertisements have done to women by portraying them as sexual objects in the society resulting in social degradation and aggression towards them; the solution is to create advertisement restrictions for sexual content, form women empowerment programs, and promote social and gender equality.


Throughout the years, women have appeared in many ads, and this is an on-going issue that exists in today’s world. The female society has been sexual provoked through the use of nudity images in advertisements, and the irony of these ads is that they are to empower women, Dr. Jean Kilbourne who has been closely monitoring the advertising images used by companies to expand their brand names, says “advertising has gotten more powerful and more intrusive.” She also stresses that technology has been a large contributing factor to these images which showcase impossible beauty through women’s bodies. ( Dove-Viebahn, 2012).We learns to know that the ideology of sexually degrading women is not only presented in the modern era but was also submitted in the history of advertising. (Jan). The problem all started during the great depression when “advertisers tried desperately to energize the depressed market with emotional appeal” (Jan). This was a way to awaken the dying market for most companies. The “cultural cauldron of the era co-existed with an ev


er-expanding market,” in which young women lured people and increased the rates of consumers of the subject products. The erotic continuum of harassing women encouraged them to be “be sexy, stay sexy, and get sexier” (Jan). This perception was, so women felt more beautiful and feel free to show their physical beauty. The way society values women’s physical appearances, instead of their mental capabilities, shows how society demeans the value of women as nothing, but an object.

The Current Situation

In today’s world, society’s acceptance of “regarding women primarily as sex objects” is extremely threatening, demeaning and offensive towards the female community. Many advertisements showcase women performing sexual poses as a way to market agencies’ products and lure men into purchasing more products. Women are used as ponies through which more customers get to come in and increase the business profitability. So far this has been the reason why advertisement agencies choose women featuring that are sexually appealing to men to be part of their ads. These women are portrayed to be vulnerable, fragile and beautiful, and they also depict an image of being dependent on men. (Lundstrom and Sciglimpaglia, 72)So together, we can bring an end to this threat and support for women power.

Despite the many agencies claiming to want to empower women, there is still a big threat to women and young girls participating in the advertising business. In our modern and brave new world where technology is a click away, there has been a constant increase in the trend of women portrayed as sexual objects through advertisements. (Lundstrom and Sciglimpaglia, 72). How? Advertisers encourage models to dress and pose provocatively, so as to sell more magazines of those “sexy” poses and sell more products.


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are several examples of large enterprises using women to sell their products. A few of these advertisements include;

Advertising 1 (Tomford): The company’s fragrance product is placed in the middle of a woman’s breast. We are unable to see her whole body because the advertisement crops the body from her lips to breasts. The size of her breasts is bigger than the fragrance product placed between them while her mouth stays open. So what does this imply? The act of oral sex? The body positioning is symbolic and expressive of women’s social identity. This image reflects a woman who is powerless and out of control, therefore clearly exhibiting a sex object. The fragrance product is specifically placed in the between her breast to represent a sexual position whereby a woman was submitting by holding her breasts together. The display of the breast does not relate to the spray, but the fact that it is there shows how women are used as sex objects. (“Tom Ford Sexual Advertisement – Google Search”)

Advertising 2 (Dolce & Gabbana): We can see how the woman is lying helplessly on the floor as the man is aggressive pushes her arms down. There are also three additional men in the advertisement staring at her like a lion staring at its prey. Why should we be concerned? This is because it shows how the man wearing the brand’s clothing has won the battle to get the girl. The fact that the woman is lying helplessly implies that she is just an object used for competition. The men around her show dominance and hunger as they look at the man on top of her. The woman is wearing a lingerie and stilettos while three other men are just looking as if waiting for the half naked man to be done so they can engage the woman too. It almost gives one a sense of gang rape. (“Dolce Gabbana Sexual Ads Analysis – Google Search”).

Advertising 3 (Gucci): The brand is presenting its new fragrance product called “Gucci Guilty.” The advertisement shows the top half of a naked man and woman. The man has a confident grin on his face as the woman presses her body against the man as she deeply inhales the fragrance. The advertisement showcases a fragile, submissive and dependent woman craving for the man’s attention. It also shows how women are dependent on men and ho men treat them with cruelty and never pay attention to them. (“Gucci Guilty Ad – Google Search”)


It is these types of advertisements that create a social misrepresentation of women and what they can do. Young girls start adopting to such advertisement and dressing to look like the models and women in an ad and then we get to a point that they are treated as prostitutes. The problem that this ideology creates is the fact that society not only degrades the value of women as an inferior class but also influences men to increases aggression towards women.

One of the impacts of advertisements portraying women as sexual objects is social degradation. This is because “the power of advertising to persuade, manipulate, and

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