What are the important aspects of successful Human Resource Management
What are the important aspects of successful Human Resource Management

What are the important aspects of successful Human Resource Management

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  • Published: October 20, 2017
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In today ‘s competitory concern environment, human resource direction has made important pace in the past decennary. With the internationalisation of markets, holding a competent work force is a cardinal to keep competitory. Lending to an organisation ‘s strategic end is a cardinal country where HR can do a difference ( Anonymous, 2009 ) . Increased competitory force per unit areas lead organisations to revise their scheme. Organizations invest in new engineerings to increase their competitory advantage ; nevertheless, possessing province of the art engineering does non vouch success. In other words competitory advantage depends on the direction ‘s ability to consolidate planetary engineerings and accomplishments into competences to accommodate quickly to altering environment.

Harmonizing to Amit et al. , “ Associating HRM to organizational scheme was accentuated with the rise of resource-based position of the house presently. ” ( as citied in Dan-ShangA & A ; A Chi-Lih, 2008 ) . Strategic human resource direction links between organisation scheme, organisation environment and human resources. Human capital is now being increased focal point in the field of human resources direction and led to increased importance of pull offing human resources.

Why do you necessitate strategic human resource direction?

In recent t


imes organisations emphasize on the strategic value of human resource direction, in order to derive a competitory advantage. Besides capital, human resource is the 1 of the most of import assets in all organisations. The growing of human resource direction has led to more and more organisations detecting the benefits of utilizing good qualified and experient staffs who are ready to work from the twenty-four hours one. The importance of strategic human resource direction treated as portion of concern scheme in the organisation and its relationship with assorted employment policies. Human resource direction scheme operated suitably could increase organisational public presentation significantly. The Workforce Scorecard: Pull offing Human Capital to Execute Strategy ( 2005 ) concluded that how workforce success is a shared duty between line directors and human resources professionals and how effectual work force direction schemes can hold a powerful consequence on productiveness, profitableness and stockholder value. ( p.32 ) .The direction of human resource has to reassign down certain degree of duty. While organisational human resource scheme is decently configured, it will supply a direct and economically important part to organisation public presentation.

What you need for strategic human resource direction?

Organizations need to concentrate on the importance of the human resources in order to obtain and prolong competitory advantage for the organisation. Starks & A ; A Brooks ( 2009 ) stated that the strategic human capital direction program has two cardinal constituents: enlisting and keeping schemes, which are non reciprocally sole. ( p.62 ) . Successful human resource direction can be achieved by the execution of those schemes through human resources patterns such as recruiting, choosing, preparation and honoring employees.

Employee enlisting

Traditionally, by station advertisement message in the Internet can make broad scope of campaigners. Harmonizing to Rya

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& A ; Tippin ( 2004 ) , “ Employees who are referred are less likely to go forth, hold higher occupation satisfaction, and better public presentation ” . ( as citied in ValerieA & A ; A Janice, 2007 ) . Hire the right staff with the right accomplishments. Those referrals tend from cultural background, same coevals or making which matched with occupation specifications. While make fulling occupation gap of high degree place, it can be good to utilize internal publicities. Organization can take the advantage of investing made in recruiting and developing the employees by enrolling from internal. And employees besides can be motivated for their wagess for past public presentations. It leads to occupation satisfaction and public presentation betterment.

Training and Development

An organisation ‘s success is going progressively dependent on the cognition, accomplishments, and abilities of its employees. Organizations must be flexible to let an accommodation in production and resources to run into altering markets and client demands. Today, organisations are now stressing on the growing and development of their employees. The quality of employees and their development through preparation and instruction are major factors in finding long term profitableness of a concern. If good employees are hired, it is good policy to put in the development of their accomplishments, so they can increase their productiveness. Cross preparation and occupation rotary motion plan are besides helpful. With occupation rotary motions, employees can larn about different aspects of the organisation by disbursement clip in places in different sections. And besides, employees possess the accomplishment and preparation can able to execute a scope of different undertakings.

Employee Retention

Knowledge is of import for organisational public presentation. In order to develop the cognition worker and to retain the cognition, organisation has to implement human resource scheme and keep the competitory advantage. One key is employee keeping. Harmonizing to Drucker, “ Knowledge workers are non labour, they are capital ” ( as citied in Riham, 2008 ) . Without these “ capital ” , organisation would certainly neglect. And, effecA­tive enlisting program must integrate programs in order to retain employees one time hired. However, Alvesson stated “ The trueness of cognition workers and the ways to minimise turnover are critical direction jobs ” ( as citied in Riham, 2008 ) .

Employee keeping scheme leads to the publicity of effectual employee communicating and enhances the work force. With the deductions for occupation security and working status, quality of life and professional development both are ways to retain top employees. When companies start concentrating on their figure one plus, their people, keeping is no longer an issue.


Human resource direction staffs have been confronting challenges. Harmonizing to Barnett & A ; McKendrick et al. , “ Factors such as the globalisation of competition, the tightening of skilled labour markets, promotions in engineering, the growing of the cognition economic system, and the demand for flexibleness and expertness in the workplace have each presented strategic challenges to which organisations have had to response ” . ( as citied in Wickham & A ; O’Donohue,2009 ) . Lawler & A ; A Boudreau ( 2009 ) found

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