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There are service learning opportunities in the campus that can be utilized for one who wants to volunteer and gain experience. They include: a) Brotherhood: southeast campus provides extracurricular activities. b) Academics: fraternities provide academic resources such as halls of residence, study room, computer room, brother tutor programs and previous exam files. c) Athletics/intramurals: fraternities involve in sports such as basketball, football, racquetball, bowling, inner tube etc. d) Philanthropy and community service: chapters organize fraternities to offer community service e. g. tutoring, high way clean up, or in big brother.

e) Social development: fraternities provide social programming such as individuality leadership and memories, serenades, recruitment events and social events. f) Leadership: the Greek system helps individuals to sharpen their skills through involvement in Chapters officials, committee chairs and committees, student government academic honor societies and community advisors. g) The power of 2%: this is based on the start of American college fraternity movement of 1776 where it symbolizes leadership, independence, scholastic movements and service to campuses and communities (South East Missouri State University).

Apart from volunteering in the college fraternities, there are other service opportunities that students receive learning near the campuses. These include: a) Volunteer as

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daycares. child shelters, scouts among others in Child welfare department and offer services in family preservation ,child protection , group care, adoption , advocacy and intervention for agencies like Adoption agencies Child day care , Foster care agencies , Family preservation agencies , Public and private child welfare organizations. b) Volunteer in grassroots causes and community agencies in the community organizations e.

g. local and state governments c) Volunteer in the corrections facility or victims’ program s of the criminal justice or corrections departments. d) Volunteering in special needs camps, daycares, schools, or hospitals for developmental disabilities at schools or hospitals. e) Volunteering at hospitals, the American Red Cross or AIDS agencies in health care services and senior citizens (South East Missouri State University). CONCLUSION Volunteering is a beneficial engagement to personal development and societal development. This can be seen by the three examples I have looked at.

The experience gained as a professional in leadership and management roles improves your understanding and capability to integrate social issues and needs of people across diverse backgrounds. For instance the Boys Scouts of America provide excellent experience in leadership, community service, environment consciousness, better understanding as an American citizen and improve communication skills, physical fitness and fun. It is of importance to note that at every level one is i. e. student or professional one has opportunity to challenge himself/herself for service to mankind.

This does not only improve your skills but helps others to see life differently. For instance when volunteering for Habitat for Humanity one learns to have positive attitude, a cooperative spirit, learns building safety measures, teach others as well as encourage and appreciate other peoples company and culture. For students fraternity opportunities in leadership prepare one for future leadership roles helps one to build his individual leadership, improve presentation skills and social skills as well. Therefore to become a volunteer is not in vain but a valuable exposure.


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