Understand how to support positive outcomes for children Essay Example
Understand how to support positive outcomes for children Essay Example

Understand how to support positive outcomes for children Essay Example

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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1. 1Describe the societal economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of kids and immature people. When working with kids and immature people you have to maintain in head that every kid is different and alone in their ain manner. To make this you need to understand the possible impact that the societal economic and cultural environment could hold on their personal results in the hereafter. There are a figure of many different types of societal economic and cultural factor that will hold a large impact on a child’s positive impact. A few illustrations are: •Personal choices- there are many different types of household life styles out at that place these yearss that could impact impact. A good 1 could be a going household or people that live within a nomadic place and merely remain in one t


opographic point for short periods on clip. This will hold an impact because the kids traveling around a batch will fight to larn how to socialize with us because they will believe that it is unpointed doing friends with people they know they will be go forthing behind really shortly.

•Looked after children- being a looked after kid can hold an impact depending on the fortunes of the state of affairs as the kid may experience unwanted or unloved. Feeling like this knocks the child’s larning self-esteem.

•Poverty- households that have a low income can hold an impact because kids tend to compare with one another one what they have and don’t have. Thingss like excess larning chances intending things like one kid stating they do dancing and another child’s household can’t afford it this could tak

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to kids falling out. Branded apparels I have known to be a chief issue in the yesteryear which is a good ground to schools holding uniform.

•Housing and community- this could associate in good with another type of poorness and low income based jobs. If person is populating in cramped conditions were they have to kip in the same room as a batch of other kids in a tight infinite can hold impact because the somewhat older kids have nowhere to analyze and the younger kids have nowhere to play. Traveling from house to house will impact the kids larning once more because of the changeless alteration of schools.

•Educational environment- the bulk of kids attend chief watercourse schools and colleges that are all scene that are inspected and checked but a really little sum of kids are place civil wrong that don’t have the right demands or put up for a child’s larning possible.

•Anti-social behaviour- a kid with truly bad anti-social behavior would see being excluded from school or even removed off from household members ( going a looked after kid ) .

•Health position of ego or household members- people with a physical unwellness or suffer from emotional state of affairss or disturbed behaviors are likely to be affected more than those without. Physical upsets that involve the encephalon such as chromosome upsets or epilepsy… any serious unwellness puts on a batch of emphasis and duty on other members of the household every bit good as the kid.

•Disability- people with a disablement find it a batch harder to transport out any drama or physical activities that other people do take for granted. Children that become carer

for a household member are populating in a function reversal manner this means that they may hold to lose out on their childhood to assist back up their parents or carers.

•Health and support- households that are in demand of wellness advice and support are usually the 1s who don’t receive it because they are incognizant that it is available to them or are diffident how to travel about seeking the aid.

•Addictions in household or self- parents with dependences are usually absent from their children’s larning both physically and emotionally. Substance usage is frequently non ever but frequently related to hapless parenting. Over clip kids may go a chief carer for parents and attentions that have an dependence and this has a large impact on their kid goons and duties it would take up most of their trim clip so lack of prep and attempt will be available for them to give. Besides kids who have been around these sorts of dependences could perchance go a user themselves as its all they have of all time known.

•Bereavement and loss- the physical and emotional well-being of parents and kids enduring from mourning can be badly affected.

•Family outlooks and encouragement- some parents have a really high unrealistic outlooks for their kids or they have a really hapless apprehension of their child’s existent demands. Misinterpretation of a kid needs or non offering them changeless support can take to the kid feeling insecure and have a really low self-pride. •Religious beliefs and custom- spiritual beliefs and practises have the possible to deeply act upon many parts of kids and immature people’s lives including attacks to rearing. Young people need to

be able to show their beliefs and cognition without being judged or harassed.

•Ethnic/ cultural beliefs and customs- all kids should be able to take pride in their cultural beginning. This should be on the feel of dignity and a positive sense of individuality. Most kids and their households frequently experience racism which amendss their self-esteem.

•Marginalisation and exclusion- kids whose place life deficiency modus operandi and stableness or basic attention demands are non being met are marked as different. Children are besides marginalised because of their disablement and poorness fortunes. Any thing that makes them different from the norm. 1. 2Explain the importance and impact of poorness on results and life opportunities for kids and immature people. There are 5 chief grounds that could do impact on results and life alterations for kids:

•Low income: this can intend that kids may non hold the same advantages of there more wealthier equals.

•Poor lodging: this could take to ill wellness due to unacceptable criterions within the place.

•Ill wellness: non holding entree to the right nutrient and warm vesture could impact wellness.

•Low academic accomplishment: this could come due to there non being such an accent on the importance to larn or back up brackets within the place.

•Low self-pride: kids could hold low self-prides due to the remainder of the above. The every kid affairs scheme aims to cut down the inauspicious effects of child poorness. An of import portion of the scheme is the development of topographic points like kids Centres and drawn-out schools and purpose to:

•Provide more entree to early year’s instruction and attention for kids in poorer vicinity.

•Provide wellness services that are easy accessible.

•Provide topographic point for kids

to play and for parents to run into other parents and do new friends.

•Help parents and carers to entree any grownup preparation and instruction.

1. 3Explain the function of kids and immature people’s personal picks and experiences on their results and life alterations. Children should be given the chance to take portion in lending their thoughts to their acquisition as giving that chance to them will promote them to endeavor and accomplish to their full potency and maintain them good determined to transport out undertakings. The EYFS says that every child’s single demands and capablenesss should be Centres of all planning and determination devising. Children have an equal right to be listened to and their thoughts valued when it comes their acquisition. 2. 1 identify the positive results for kids and immature people that practicians should be endeavoring to accomplish. The 5 positive results that kids should accomplish are:

•Be healthy
•Stay safe
•Enjoy and accomplish
•Make a positive part
•Achieve economic well-being
The extra support that is in topographic point for kids that may necessitate a little more support to be able to accomplish these jails are:
•Speech and linguistic communication therapy
•Support from the wellness professionals extra acquisition support
•Assistive engineering
•Specialised services
2. 2 Explain the importance of planing services around the demands of kids and immature people. There is a broad scope of different services available for kids and their households. They are all designed to do certain that kids will make all positive results by working towards the every kid affairs framework. Facts about child poorness can do it look like the jobs involved with hapless neighbors can merely be resolved by authorities intercessions. Although an alternate attack is an plus based

community development attack. This attack builds on strengths of all the community’s vicinities instead than merely concentrating on the jobs and countries where things are missing. When working with parents this attack highlights the undermentioned things:
•Finding out the accomplishments and capablenesss of the parent and carers group
•Building on bing community groups and administrations.
•Linking with and assisting to better local services.

2. 3 Explain the importance of active engagement of kids and immature people in determinations impacting their lives. Active engagement is of import because it’s all about affecting the kids and parents in decision-making at every degree. All kids have the right to take portion in any thing that involves or affects them. Their engagement is indispensable to be able to make the best possible results. The accomplishments you need to utilize to advance active engagement are active hearing and reacting to feedback. Active engagement benefits kids by giving them:

• Opportunities to construct accomplishments in communicating. decision-making. resiliency. developing positive relationships and assurance. •Opportunities to larn. to hold merriment and to accomplish to their full possible •Active citizenships: holding a voice and being able to act upon service proviso. •Updated services which are antiphonal to kids and immature people’s demands. 2. 4 Explain how to back up kids and immature people harmonizing to their age. demands and abilities to do personal picks and experiences that have a positive impact on their lives. Child centred practise: supporting kids and immature people- to transport out a kid or immature individual centred attack practicians need to take in to account and value the kid and immature person’s voice whenever possible within the planning procedure. There are positives to both

kids and grownups in doing your pattern a kid centred attack.

This includes the followers: •Services are appropriate for their needs- holding children’s sentiments help grownups to work more efficaciously and can associate to a child’s single demands. •Taking into history the demands of others- kids who learn to show their ain demands besides learn to see the demands of others around them. •Respect and understanding- kids and parents frequently working together can do relationships stronger and advance greater apprehension and respect •Promoting self-esteem and self-worth- when kids are involved and you have respected their thoughts and capablenesss they start to turn in assurance and self-pride. There are many things that can impact kids and immature people. E. g. chances of drama. societal interaction and local environments. On these issues and many other things kids will hold a valid part to do.

3. 1 Explain the possible impact of disablement on the results and life opportunities of kids and immature people. Disabilities can hold a immense consequence on a kids positive results and life opportunities but the possible effects will change every bit much as the kids tend to. and it depend on the dried-up truth and nature of the existent disablement in inquiry to the sum of support that’s to be offered. Communication and interaction- the bulk of kids with particular demands have troubles in one or more countries of address communicating and interaction. A kid might demo marks of hold in their address and linguistic communication: their development might be what is expected of a kid that’s 6 to 12 months younger. Other kids might hold address trouble but can understand speech really good. Cognition

and learning- kids with troubles in this country happen it difficult to understand new constructs. work out jobs and larn accomplishments.

Children with little trouble in this country will necessitate extra support to develop their acquisition and apprehension this could include extra clip. repeat and practical experiences. Children with severe/complex troubles in their knowledge and acquisition are the 1s that need considerable aid to develop early constructs like under and over. Their drama may remain at the degree of centripetal geographic expedition without traveling in to feign and function drama. Behaviour. emotional and societal development- kids with these sorts of troubles are usually 1s that are withdrawn or isolated. aggressive and acting in upseting ways and deficiency in concentration this could besides be to make with their troubles towards societal development such as sharing attending. collaborating good with others or recognizing their ain emotional province when in groups. Sensory/physical needs- sensory troubles can change from long-run to lower degrees of ocular and hearing damages. which can sometimes be impermanent.

Physical damages arise from physical causes and can besides originate from neurological causes like intellectual paralysis. Cerebral paralysis is to make with failure to parts of the encephalon. taking to loss of control over musculuss. position and balance. Some kids could hold a combination of both sorts of damages which has important effects on their development. Medical conditions- some medical conditions can hold a immense consequence on children’s acquisition. A child’s status may do them to hold frequent clip out of larning environment to go to intervention. Other medical conditions like asthma or diabetes may be managed by taking medicine and do non necessitate to do intervention with

a children’s acquisition development.

3. 2 Explain the importance of positive attitudes towards disablement and specific demands. It matters a batch how we label those who are different to others. We are by and large much more cognizant of differences with in an person and have a batch more cognition about diverse demands and abilities. Peoples with disablement still seem to be sing a batch of favoritism and bias towards them. It is hence really of import that we think about what we say and who we say things when utilizing the footings and labels for people with disablements. Settings may non except kids from take parting in activities unless it is on the evidences of wellness and safety but normally could be advised with some planning and communicating from the child’s household.

3. 3 Explain the societal and medical theoretical accounts of disablement and the impact of each on pattern. The societal theoretical account is people with a disablement that has been caused because of society and the barriers it has created which include: •Attitudinal barriers: the impression that the handicapped people are childly. fearful or incapable of conveying value to different things. •Environmental barriers: limited or no entree to instruction. shopping and enjoyable activities. Poor illuming. little printed marks and usage of complex linguistic communication. •Institutional barriers: the deficiency of anti-discriminative statute law ; policies and processs which exclude handicapped people and conveyance or lodging systems which do non supply for people with damages. An illustration would be that wheel chair users in mobility impaired significance that they are merely physically disabled but are non really in a facilitated environment where they can utilize public

conveyance or the same installations that others without the disablement could. The medical theoretical account is the disablement that was used a batch until rather late. Disability was seen as a medical job: •The focal point is on the disablement or damage instead than the needed demands of the individual. •People are labelled harmonizing to their damage.

•If a medical remedy is non possible they were excluded from normal society. Isolated off from others. •The accent is on dependance. Everything is backed up by the stereotyping of the disablement which so leads to commiseration. fright and patronizing attitudes. An illustration of medical theoretical account: a kid is born a twelvemonth subsequently they are diagnosed with epilepsy and has delayed development. Before making the age of 2 old ages they are so labelled as a particular kid. By the clip the kid reaches 4 old ages they had particular educational demands and was a statemented kid. The kid was identified to hold dyspraxia. epileptic. developmentally delayed and had terrible communicating jobs.

By the age of 6 old ages the kid had been diagnosed as badly epileptic. intellectual paralysis and communicating troubles. It wasn’t until the kid reached the age of 9 that he started to go to a chief watercourse school with professional aid and started to come on truly good. As you can see from this instance study it was merely changeless labelling of others things because of the diagnosing that the kid had already got and his existent demands to force to one side because of this it wasn’t until later in life when it could of been excessively late that his demands were taken into

history and his acquisition was encouraged.

3. 4 Explain the different types of support that are available for handicapped kids and immature people and those with specific demands. Many kids with disablements and larning troubles have their ain personal demands that are cardinal to their larning a quality of life. Some kids may necessitate extra support from a sort of therapy. some may merely necessitate extra clip and attending and others may necessitate adaptations to be made activities or edifice wise. Examples of people available for offering support are:

•Learning support instructors
•Speech and linguistic communication healer
•Occupational healer ( O. T )
•Special educational demands coordinator ( SENCO )
•One to one support worker
•Social workers
4. 1 Explain the significance of equality. diverseness and inclusion in the context of positive results for kids and immature people. Equality: ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to take portion in society on an equal footing and to be treated suitably irrespective of their gender. race. disablement. age. sexual orientation. linguistic communication. societal beginning. spiritual beliefs. matrimonial position and other personal grounds. Diverseness: every person must be respected and peculiar values. attitudes. civilizations. beliefs. accomplishments. cognition and life experience of every person in a group of people. Inclusion: this means that every kid. immature individual and grownup or scholar is given equality of chance to entree instruction and attention. by run intoing their specific demands.

4. 2 comparison. giving illustrations. ways in which services for kids. immature people and their carers take history of and promote equality. diverseness and inclusion to advance positive results. Stereotype believing prevents people from seeing the kid from what they can really accomplish as an person with a peculiar life and

involvements. Making this leads to negative attitudes and favoritism. This will hold a detrimental consequence on the persons out comes and life opportunities. An illustration of stereotype thought is:

There are a group of kids both misss and male childs playing on the rug and its tidy up clip ready for bite. The instructor approaches the group of kids and inquire them separately to clean up a subdivision up like asks a small male child to clean up up the trains and autos so asks the misss to clean up up the dolls and put the doll’s house off. The small male child asks if he can clean up up the dolls and the instructor says no because a doll is what small girls drama with. The premise in this illustration is that misss play with dolls so they need to be the 1s that pick them up and set them off and that male childs are the 1s that play with trains so at that place for they need to be the 1s to set them off. The instructor is pigeonholing the kids by their gender. Children and immature people who experience inequality and favoritism may:

•Be unable to carry through their possible.
•Find it difficult to organize relationships.
•Feel that they are in some manner to fault.
•Lack assurance in seeking new activities.
•Be aggressive towards others.

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