Understand and explore the actuality behind social responsibilities Essay Example
Understand and explore the actuality behind social responsibilities Essay Example

Understand and explore the actuality behind social responsibilities Essay Example

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  • Published: August 25, 2017
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The research worker 's purpose was to understand and research the actuality behind societal duties that are carried out by the administrations in the corporate field for the benefit of the members belonging to the lower economic strata. The inquiries sing whether the `` good work '' or the `` giving back to the society '' was merely in black and white or was it in pattern every bit good had to be explored and the effectivity of the same had to be gauged. A qualitative research methodological analysis was most appropriate for this survey since the 'benefit ' becomes a socially constructed thought which needs to be explored in a manner so that it provides the research worker and readers and in depth apprehension of the survey.

Qualitative research is a wide umbrella term for research methodological analysiss that describe and explain individuals ' experiences, behaviors, interact


ions and societal contexts without the usage of statistical processs or quantification ( Fossey et al, . 2002 ) . Quantitative methods - runing from participant observation to question to talk about analysis- have since 1980s become cardinal methods of societal research. ( Seale et al. , 2004 )

As explained by Graham Gibbs, qualitative informations are basically meaningful, but apart from that they show a great diverseness. They do non include counts and steps, but they do include merely about any signifier of human communication- written, audio or visual- behavior, symbolism or cultural artifacts which could include single and concentrate group interviews and transcripts, ethnographic participant observation, e-mail, recordings, still photos etc. Central to good qualitative research is whether the research participants ' subjective significances, actions, societal contexts, as

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understood by them are illuminated ( Fossey et al. , 2002 )

Qualitative research is an umbrella term that covers a assortment of manners of societal research on a assortment of subjects such as sociology, societal anthropology and societal psychological science ( Denscombe, 1999 ) . This research is widely used by the pupils of assorted adherents in order to bring forth quality survey on assorted subjects. Qualitative research is concerned with significances and the manner people understand things besides concerned with forms of behavior. ( Denscombe, 1999 )

The qualitative research paradigm looks at an in depth analysis of the informations instead than concentrating on merely the populations. Research workers who work with qualitative research focal point on bring forthing theories instead than merely looking at statistical significance. In assorted instances the representation of informations may look in Numberss displayed in a tabular signifier or the significances that one draws can be represented on a pie chart but the focal point remains on how new theories can emerge, how significances of the societal concepts can be explained. There are normally assorted significances that emerges from merely detecting a human being which can non be quantified the same emerges from prosecuting in a insouciant conversation and all of this can be brought to the surface attractively by the research worker if followed the right form. In the words of William M.K. Trochim, `` qualitative research is explorative and inductive in nature '' .

What is of import about well- gathered qualitative information is one major characteristic is that they focus on of course happening, ordinary events in natural scenes, so that we have a strong grip on what

'real life ' is like. ( Miles and Huberman 1994: 10 )

Epistomological Position

Epistemology is one of the nucleus countries of doctrine. It is concerned with the nature, beginnings and bounds of cognition. ( Klien, 2005 )

The epistemic place high spots the place from where the survey emerges. Epistemology is about issues holding to make with the creative activity and airing of cognition in peculiar countries of enquiry. ( Stanford encyclopedia of doctrine, 2005 )

Given the big bing paradigm for societal research, the present survey chooses to borrow from the two established countries which are Advocacy and Liberal Feminism.

Advocacy looks at supporting the place of any individual or a group in this instance, the corporate. Advocacy as defined by the Princton Wordweb is the active support of an thought or do etc. ; particularly the act of pleading or reasoning for something.

Liberals hold that freedom is a cardinal value, and that the merely province ensures freedom for citizens. Broad women's rightists portion this position, and insist on freedom for adult females. There is disagreement among progressives about what freedom means, and therefore broad feminism takes more than one signifier. This entry discusses 1 ) classical progressive or libertarian feminism and 2 ) classless broad feminism. ( Baehr.A, 2007 ) Taking the instance of India, freedom in the true sense of the word is non something that adult females have entree to easy. There are assorted social norms and beliefs that restrict adult females from accessing rights that are a portion of the fundamental law.

`` Classical progressive or libertarian feminism conceives of freedom as freedom from coercive intervention. It holds that adult females, every bit good as

work forces, have a right to such freedom due to their position as self-owners. It holds that coercive province power is justified merely to the extent necessary to protect the right to freedom from coercive interference. '' . ( Baehr.A, 2007 ) . If we look at the right of adult females, although there are rights that are supposed to be available to all the citizens of a state irrespective of gender, but even though it is in black and white, the entree is limited and even if there is entree, the pattern is about negligible. The favoritism against adult females stem from the construct of gender.

Cultural libertarian women's rightists are classical broad or libertarian women's rightists who hold that the civilization of societies like the India is patriarchal and a important beginning of subjugation of adult females. They hold that the patriarchal civilization and the province are complementary systems of subjugation. . ( Baehr.A, 2007 )

Classless broad feminism conceives of freedom as personal liberty - populating a life of one 's ain choosing - and political liberty - being co-author of the conditions under which one lives. Classless broad women's rightists hold that the exercising of personal liberty depends on certain enabling conditions that are insufficiently present in adult females 's lives, or that societal agreements frequently fail to esteem adult females 's personal liberty and other elements of adult females 's booming. They hold besides that adult females 's demands and involvements are insufficiently reflected in the basic conditions under which they live, and that those conditions lack legitimacy because adult females are inadequately represented in the procedures of democratic self-government. Classless broad

women's rightists hold that autonomy shortages like these are due to the `` gender system '' ( Okin 1989, 89 ) , or the patriarchal nature of familial traditions and establishments, and that the adult females 's motion should work to place and rectify them. As the protection and publicity of citizens ' liberty is the appropriate function of the province on the classless broad position, classless broad women's rightists hold that the province can and should be the adult females 's motion 's ally in protecting and advancing adult females 's liberty. . ( Baehr.A, 2007 )

Coming from an destitute province of life, and holding about no rights, confronting favoritism on the footing of gender, being accused for everything that goes incorrectly in the family, no entree to instruction and deficiency of employment makes the place of a adult female weak and vulnerable. This survey looks at a little subdivision of population that makes some attempt to authorise adult females. This survey focuses on the corporate organisations that provide the adult females from lower economic strata with chances for them and for their households to come up the social ladder economically and socially.

Research Method

For the present survey, the research worker has made usage of Primary every bit good as Secondary information. A elaborate reappraisal of the bing literature was undertaken in order to acquire a brief apprehension of the background of the survey and to construction the survey.

In depth Interviews were conducted in order to exemplify Case surveies every bit good as a tool to bring forth information from the direction. This procedure helped the research worker in bring forthing subjects. In the words

of ( Kvale and Brinkmann, 2009 ) , the qualitative research interview efforts to understand the universe from the topics ' points of position, to blossom the significance of their experiences, to bring out uncover their lived universe prior to scientific accounts. The Chicago School in sociology, which studied the urban experience in Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s, can be mentioned as an of import precursor of the ulterior involvement of the qualitative research interviewing ( Warren, 2002, p. 86 )

The research worker adopted the Elton Mayo 's method of Interviewing while carry oning the interviews. This method guides the research worker to follow a peculiar procedure that would give form to interview without being judgemental and biased.

Interview is a new pattern of the last few centuries ; today it has become a permeant societal pattern in what has been called the interview society. Interviewing as a manner enquiry is embedded in a historical and societal context. ( Kvale, Brinkmann, 1999 )

Case surveies have been included by the research worker in order to confirm the survey. Case surveies have thrown huge visible radiation on the emerging subjects and have been successful in giving significance to them.

The research worker followed seven stairss of interview as described by ( Kvale, Brinkmann, 2009 ) .

  • Thematizing an interview undertaking
  • Planing
  • Interviewing
  • Transcribing
  • Analyzing
  • Reporting

In qualitative research the interview is a signifier of discourse. Harmonizing to Mischler ( 1986 ) its peculiar characteristics reflect the typical construction and purposes of interviewing, viz. , that it is discourse molded and organized by inquiring and replying inquiries.

Data Collection

The participants were selected utilizing the procedure of Convenience trying. Convenience trying roots

from non-probability sampling. Social research is frequently conducted in state of affairss where a research worker can non choose the sorts of chance samples used in large-scale societal studies. The primary difference between chance methods of trying and non-probability methods is that in the latter you do non cognize the likeliness that any component of a population will be selected for survey. ( Leslie, 1987 ) , hence, Non-Probability was best suited for the survey.

For the choice of the administration to be studied, visits were made to assorted administrations in the metropolis which contributed well to the authorization of adult females, on the footing of mentions and familiarities, contact had been tried to be established. Keeping in position the restrictions of clip, accessibility and handiness, Titan was selected.

Availability trying or Convenience sampling is a method of taking topics who are available or easy to happen. This method is besides sometimes referred to as haphazard, inadvertent, or Convenience sampling. The primary advantage of the method is that it is really easy to transport out, comparative to other methods but there are a set of disadvantages that follow every bit good. The primary job with handiness sampling is that one can ne'er be certain what population the participants in the survey represent. The population is unknown, the method for choosing instances is hit-or-miss, and the instances studied likely do n't stand for any population one could come up with. ( Royce, Bruce n.d. )

The proposed disadvantages are non applicable to this survey since the purpose of the survey is non to generalise but to research the world or range of the impact of CSR, and any company

that was unfastened to sharing information about its CSR policies was taken into consideration.

For the present survey, in order to acquire experts and governments take on CSR, and besides to acquire entree to the people from the direction for interviews, Electronic mails were sent out to Human Resource directors, Corporate Social Responsibility caputs and people working in the NGO sector whose names were procured by mention from familiarities every bit good as on the footing of thorough hunt conducted by the research worker. The research worker had to carry on interviews at two degrees, one at the direction degree and one at the beneficiary degree. The beneficiary degree would be counted as field work as the research worker had to see the mills where the workers ( adult females ) work. The field work for the research worker was non simply an exercising in aggregation of informations but besides a rich human experience. The research worker besides had to hold entree to the company profile and the policies every bit good as the societal enterprises that the company claims to hold in topographic point. In the first degree, to garner information from the direction, an assignment was made by research worker over telephone and as decided the research worker went to the administration to carry on interviews and to acquire informations. The term 'management ' here refers to those persons who are transporting on the activities of the administration. A semi structured interview agenda was prepared by the research worker for the intent of interview. Semi-structured interviews are oftenA preceded by observation, informal and unstructured interviewing in order to let theA research workers to develop

a acute apprehension of the subject of involvement necessaryA for developing relevant and meaningfulA semi-structured inquiries. Semi-structured interviews alsoA allow sources the freedom to show their positions in their ain footings and can supply dependable, comparable qualitative informations. ( Cohen, Crabtree, 2006 ) A

Four members who were involved in the CSR activities of the company were interviewed. The interviews lasted for 2 hours separately.

The company chosen by the research worker looks at assorted Fieldss but Since the present survey focuses on Women authorization, the country which was contributing to reply the research inquiries was the Meadow Project ( Myrada ) A -which is a collaborated attempt with self-help groups of rural adult females to supply paid employment to more than 400A rural adult females in and around Hosur ( Tamil Nadu ) . The research worker visited the site to interview the adult females who are a portion of this undertaking.

The respondents were informed about the intent of the survey and verbal consent was taken for carry oning interviews. An audio recording equipment was used by the research worker to enter all the interviews as that forms an built-in portion of the research which would assist the research worker to transcribe the information and maintain the notes or texts for the intent of analysis. Audiotapes should be collected to analyze the talk of a session or of an ethnographic interview ( Spradley, 1979 ) .

A research becomes stronger with the presence of assorted sorts of informations that supplement each other. This method is known as Triangulation. Harmonizing to O'Donoghue and Punch ( 2003 ) , triangulation is a `` method of cross-checking informations from multiple

beginnings to seek for regularities in the research informations. Cohen and Manion ( 1986 ) define triangulation as an `` effort to map out, or explicate more to the full, the profusion and complexness of human behavior by analyzing it from more than one point of view.

Picturing the beginnings of Data aggregation in the survey


( the profile of the company as displayed on their company web site has been attached here with permission of the company )

The company chosen by the research worker for informations aggregation was TITAN INDUSTRIES LTD.

Titan Industries is the organisation that brought about a paradigm displacement in the Indian ticker market when it introduced its futuristic vitreous silica engineering, complemented by international styling. With India 's two most recognized and loved trade names Titan and Tanishq to its recognition, Titan Industries is the 5th largest incorporate ticker maker in the universe.

The success narrative began in 1984 with a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Showing Titan vitreous silica tickers that sported an international expression, Titan Industries transformed the Indian ticker market.

The companies ' portraiture of its CSR enterprises is reproduced below with the permission of the company

Csr Initiatives of Titan

Titan Industries has a clearly defined policy for Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) . As portion of the company 's CSR enterprise, the fabricating units of Watch and Jewellery Divisions at Hosur have acquired the enfranchisements 'ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Standards ' and 'ISO 14001:2000 Environment System criterion ' underscoring the attempts to be an ecologically responsible administration.

The company 's diverse CSR enterprises include:

  • Children 's instruction
  • Enabling the handicapped
  • Artisan


  • Women 's authorization
  • Environment direction programmes
  • Miscellaneous community enterprises
  • Titan Industries ' community enterprises are committed to construct partnership for societal development, focal point on sustainable enterprises and better the quality of life of the communities where the enterprises operate. With a dedicated force of 250 enthusiastic employee voluntaries, the company has formed a Community Development Forum. This forum works towards call uping society and voluntaries to do the community initiatives a success. The company 's miscellaneousA community development activities include orphanage support, HIV/Aids consciousness, small town acceptance, vision betterment plan, a plan to supply work to rural unemployed adult females, community rehabilitation, tsunami alleviation work, obliteration of child labor and environment protection, to call a few. The company has made a positive alteration in the lives of over 2000 people.

    Corporate Duty Begins at Place

    Titan Industries believes that corporate duty begins with the employees. The company ensures that the harmoniousness, peace and inclusive attack at work topographic point are maintained. Attempts are made to prosecute the employees in plans designed to carry through ecological and societal duty. Assorted work-place enterprises are conducted to accomplish this: War on Waste - an enterprise that reduced the impact of fabricating operations on the environment. At Titan Industries, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than philanthropic gift - it is an internal procedure that reflects the psyche of the company.

    Successful Csr Programmes

    • Titan Industries has embarked on and completed several community development programmes as portion of its CSR enterprise. A few among these successful undertakings are:
    • Titan ScholarshipA - for pupils in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri territories ( Tamil Nadu ) , based on academic public presentation and socio-economic background for

    over 550 pupils from the economically backward subdivision

  • Titan TownshipA - a sustainable community in Hosur ( Tamilnadu ) , that provides lodging to 1300 occupants join forcesing with NGOs MCA and Ashraya
  • EmploymentA - to over 120 physically challenged people
  • Karigar ParkA - a societal entrepreneurship undertaking with six Parkss, profiting over 400 craftsmans
  • Titan School and Titan Foundation for EducationA - a primary school with over 550 pupils, spread outing to categories IX and X with a proviso to suit 160 more pupils
  • Meadow Project ( Myrada ) A - a collaborated attempt with self-help groups of rural adult females to supply paid employment to more than 400A rural adult females in and around Hosur ( Tamil Nadu )
  • The hayfield undertaking was the country which was looked at by the research worker for the present survey. This undertaking as mentioned earlier purposes at authorising adult females from the marginalised subdivision of the society
  • These adult females are either unemployed or incapacitated and require attending with regard to their societal and economic conditions.

    Recognition of Csr in Titan:

    As an grasp of its important part to the community public assistance, Titan Industries has received the 'President of India 's Award ' for using the handicapped. Titan Industries, a signer to the Global Compact, is a receiver of the esteemed 'Helen Keller Award ' and the 'Mother Teresa Award ' . The company has besides been ranked as one of the top four, A top tenA and Top 11 companies in the 'Karmayog CSR Rating of India 's Top 500 Companies ' in December 2007, A 2008 andA 2009A severally.

    Other notable awards for CSR include:


    Award for Social Responsibility

  • A The Rotary Club of Bangalore Award for Corporate Citizenship
  • A The PHDCII Award for Good Corporate Citizenship
  • Ranked among the state 's best corporate citizens, Titan Industries is committed to take on the societal duty and carry through it with dedication.

    The respondents were selected on the footing of handiness. 50 adult females were interviewed as they were available and willing to speak.

    Field Notes

    While garnering informations, there were assorted observations made by the research worker which were non been recorded in the signifier of interviews. All the observations were noted down in a diary which was used in the analysis and treatment of the survey. The research worker felt the demand to document these observations as these notes played a critical function in adding onto the emerging subjects. Certain informal treatments besides emerged during and after the interviews, and these treatments were supplemented by observations.

    The observations made by the research worker are as follows:

    There was a rigorous protocol with regard to entry into the mills as the mills are restricted countries where the entry of the visitants depends on the company forces.

    • The work environment appeared to be favorable.
    • The suites where the adult females were working were good illuminated and good ventilated.
    • The ambiance was free and without any difficult and fast regulations, adult females had to liberty to use their creativeness.
    • All adult females working with machines and otherwise have been provided with extended preparation, and at the terminal of the preparation they are awarded with a professional certification.

    The functionaries at the mill take great attention in guaranting safety on the occupation. Before come ining the work country, adult females

    are supposed to be in a white coat, oculus cogwheel and baseball mitts along, with a hair mask. All of this ensures safety of the adult female on the occupation.

    Womans are entitled to patronize interruptions, which includes tiffin interruptions and tea interruptions.

    Inspite of the presence of hierarchy within administration, communicating takes topographic point freely without any fright or vacillation.

    Procedure of Data Analysis

    Thematic Analysis has been adopted for this survey to analyze the information that has been collected through interviews and in signifier of instance surveies. Thematic analysis can be classified as one of the groups that falls under content analysis which is an highly wide country of research ( William M.K.Trochim, 2004 ) . In 1931, Alfred R Lindesmith developed a methodological analysis to rebut bing hypotheses, which became known as a content analysis technique, and it gained popularity in the sixtiess by Glaser and is referred to as `` The Constant Comparative Method of Qualitative Analysis '' . It is `` a systematic, replicable technique for compacting many words of text into fewer content classs based on expressed regulations of coding '' ( Stemler 2001 ) .

    Thematic Analysis is an attack to covering with informations that involves the creative activity and application of 'codes ' to informations. The 'data ' being analyzed might take any figure of signifiers - an interview transcript, field notes, policy paperss, exposure, video footage. ( Will Gibson ) .

    The research worker read all the interviews that had been transcribed for a holistic apprehension of the content that had been prepared. This was followed by analysis of selected interviews that has been transcribed through the procedure of thematic analysis and

    cryptography. Thematic analysis is a method for placing, analysing and describing forms ( subjects ) within informations ( Braun and Clarke, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Braun & A ; Clarke ( 2006 ) a subject captures something of import about the informations in relation to the research inquiry and represents some degree of patterned response or significance within the information set.

    The six stairss to thematic analysis as given by Braun & A ;

    Clarke are given below:

    The measure that follows was highly of import for the survey as the research worker had to place relationships between the subjects that have emerged. In the words of Polit and Beck ( 2006 ) , this is the portion of the procedure that genuinely makes significance of the participant 's experience. An history of subjects 'emerging ' or being 'discovered ' is a inactive history of the procedure of analysis, and it denies the active function the research worker ever plays in placing theme/patterns, choosing which are of involvement, and describing them to the readers. ( Taylor & A ; Ussher in Braun & A ; Clarke, 2006 )

    Therefore the outgrowth of subjects is with regard to the research inquiry and the influence of the interviews. Finally, the research worker included suggestions from the usher and prepared a bill of exchange of the subjects and the dealingss that have emerged.

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