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Immediately after the rubric page at that place follows a page with a alleged abstract a short sum-up of the content of the essay. This sum-up is an of import portion of the essay. It is that which the reader first meets, and in many instances it determines whether the remainder will be read or non. It must be a wholly free-standing text which can be read by itself, even by those who do non read the essay as a whole. It must therefore summarise everything of importance, and must non of class contain any new stuff. It must on no history consist of a figure of sentences lifted from the chief text and strung together, but must be formulated independently in its ain right. It must enable anyone picking up the text to see at one time whether it is of involvement or non. It is of import to foreground in it the result of the research undertaken but, since that itself depends on the attack adopted, the reader must besides be given brief inside informations of the intent, theory, method and stuff. A well-written abstract therefore gives information about all cardinal elements in the scientific analysis. Note that the nature of this introductory drumhead differs significantly from the sum-up of decisions which must look in the concluding chapter of the essay. The undermentioned guide-lines apply in respect to different types of essay:

Bachelor and Master degree theses must incorporate an abstract in English, 150-200 words in length.

In add-on to the abstract, the writer must supply five keywords, words that relate to the cardinal statements and thoughts dealt with in the paper. These words will so be put into the computing machine hunt system for class documents by the Department. It is hence of import that these cardinal words give some thought of the general contents of the essay.

Cardinal words: keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword

Wordss: xxxxx


1 Introduction

This chapter presents the job that has been analyzed. The chapter begins with background facts, followed by a treatment about the jobs this survey is based on.

The debut consists of background information for the survey, information about the research job. Create reader involvement, set up the job that leads to the survey, and topographic point the survey within the larger context of the literature.

The research job, surveies that have addressed the job, lacks in the survey, the importance of the survey, the purpose statement should be in the debut. ( Creswell, 2003, p. 76 )


Get down this chapter with a synoptic position of the background.

The universe today has become a really nerve-racking topographic point. Peoples are in general really stressed which has led to a roar in Wellness Tourism. Peoples are seeking a manner to acquire off from the day-to-day emphasis and the watering place and health sector has acknowledge this and they are reacting to this demand in assorted ways.

Problem Discussion

Advancement in scientific discipline and medical specialty has resulted in better saving of our organic structures and diseases are being cured, but this development has non focused on our psychological and emotional wellness. Depression is one of the greatest disease loads today and self-destruction rates are lifting ( Mullholland, 2005 as cited in Smith & A ; Kelly, 2006 ) .

Our psychological and emotional well-being has been left out and the health industry has identified this and responded with different attacks. This is one of the grounds for the exponential growing in the wellness leisure and touristry sector.

1.2.1 Formulation of the job

All this emphasis we are confronting today has led to an increased demand for health and this thesis will seek to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

What are the implicit in grounds for the health roar?

How has it affected Sweden and did it impact other European states otherwise? If so, why is that?

Holistic health

The health roar is something that affects about everyone in the more developed states and this thesis will seek to reply why this is and how it has affected Sweden. Formulation of the job

“ How has the holistic health tendency affected Sweden? ”

In this thesis the premise that Holistic Wellness is a tendency has been made and this thesis will seek to explicate how it has affected Sweden in peculiar.


The intent of this thesis is to lend to an apprehension of the holistic health tendency in the society. I would wish to present you to the new health tendency by showing an empirical research of different watering place hotels in Sweden.


It would non be realistic to analyze the watering place hotels in the whole Sweden ; hence I have chosen 15 Spa hotels in Sweden to interview in order to lend to the common apprehension of the wellness tendency we are confronting today. The ground for concentrating on Holistic health in peculiar is due to the fact that this tendency is turning enormously international. I choose to concentrate on spa hotels entirely, alternatively of including twenty-four hours watering place and such since the timeframe is limited. The research is carried out through phone and electronic mail interviews due to geographic troubles.

2. Methodology

In order to analyze the turning wellness tendency this chapter cover the methods that have been used during the research.

2.1 Approach

2.1.1 Qualitative and quantitative method

There are three different ways to research a subject: Qualitative, quantitative and assorted methods. These attacks all vary sing the research job. Based on the research job the most suited attack can be chosen ( Creswell, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Assorted Methods Approaches, 2003 ) . Typical features of a qualitative research job are that available theory might be missing, available theory is biased, inaccurate or non suited, there is a demand for geographic expedition or the nature of the phenomenon is more suited for qualitative steps ( Morse, 1991 as cited in Creswell, 2003 p. 75 ) .

The qualitative research usually takes topographic point in a natural scene such as the participants ‘ place or office. This makes it easier for the research worker to obtain a deeper degree of apprehension of the participant. Qualitative research besides uses multiple methods that are synergistic to each other. Furthermore, the survey is an on-going procedure. The research worker has to be flexible since several new facets may emerge during the research. Furthermore a qualitative research is interpretive, which means that the research makes readings of the informations being collected. It is besides of import that the research worker position societal phenomena holistically, they should hold a bird’s-eye position in other words. ( Creswell, 2003 )

In a quantitative research, it is more of import to understand the factors or variables that influence the result. This type of research usually involves complex experiments with several variables. It is besides really common with studies that include cross-sectional and longitudinal surveies. ( Creswell, 2003 ) .

A assorted method is best suited when the job needs understanding in factors, variables and farther apprehension in the subject ( Creswell, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Assorted Methods Approaches, 2003 ) .

This research will utilize the qualitative method mentioned above since a research on this subject has non yet been found and because of this, farther geographic expedition on the subject is needed. Throughout the assemblage of resources it has been found that literature based on the research job used in this thesis is missing and the best manner to turn to the job is through verbal information assemblage. Furthermore, since this research wants to construe and understand the job exhaustively the qualitative method was chosen.

2.1.2 Philosophic premises

There are four different philosophical premises, besides called cognition claims. These four are postpositivism, constructivism, pragmatism and advocacy/participatory. When a researches states a cognition claim it means that the undertaking starts with certain premises about what the research worker will larn and how it will be learned during the survey ( Creswell, 2003 ) .

This research position is the societal constructivism, which means that the research worker tries to understand the universe and expression for the complexness of positions instead than contracting it down. Research workers with this perspective attempt to center their attending on specific contexts about the participant ‘s universe in order to understand the historical and cultural scenes of the participants ( Creswell, 2003 ) .

Open- ended inquiries has been used during the research in order to better understand the participantA?s position. Information has been gathered through personal telephone interviews to better engage in the participants universe. The procedure of this research is for the most portion inductive, which will be explained in farther item in the following chapter.

2.2 Research scheme determination

2.2.1 The Inductive Logic

The inductive logic of research in a qualitative survey begins with information assemblage from the research worker such as interviews followed by oppugning the participants and so analysing the information in order to categorise and eventually generalisations to literature ( Creswell, 2003 ) .

This research is done with the inductive logic since the interviews were the base of the research and the interviewing has been an on-going procedure during the research since new inquiries arise along with the research. The inquiries answered during this procedure and the analyzing of the interviews has had a great impact on the literature reappraisal. Phenomenology attack

The study-design chosen for this survey is the phenomenology attack. A survey based on this attack describes several persons ‘ experiences sing a construct or phenomenon. The focal point is on the common factors that the participants portion in respects to a certain phenomena ( Creswell, 2006 ) .

There are two attacks to phenomenology, hermeneutic and empirical phenomenology.

I am non certain if my type of survey truly fits in the phenomenological research design, but when one read about the five different attacks this one suite the best. Or is it a narrative design? ?

2.3 Sample determination

2.3.1 Sampling method

There are several qualitative trying schemes to take from. This thesis is chiefly utilizing the maximal fluctuation type of trying. This attack is frequently used when the research worker wants to distinguish the participants and to place common forms. This method is suited for researches that want to reflect differences and different positions, which is ideal for a qualitative research ( Creswell, 2006 ) .

During the trying stage of the research, the first measure was to make a list of possible spa hotels to be interviewed. These hotels were so categorized based on their properties and focal point. The two different classs were “ Traditional watering place hotels ” and “ Holistic watering place hotel ” . In order to observe differences between the two classs position of the research job a figure of hotels from each class was so chosen to be interviewed. Since some of the hotels were non willing to be a portion of the survey, convenience sampling was used in some instances.

2.3.2 Sample

Overview of the sample

2.4 Reliability and cogency

Objectivity is a important factor for a successful interview research. Objectivity could be defined as “ freedom from prejudice ” which refers to reliable cognition ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009, p. 242 ) .

Dependability relates to the research findings, it is often checked in regard of the reproducibly of the findings, in other words if the findings can be used at a different clip or by other research workers. This is measured through the topic ‘s replies, and if they would reply otherwise to other interviewers. Reliability besides refers to the inquiries being asked. If the inquiries in footings of e.g. give voicing would impact the replies this would besides impact the dependability of the research ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009 ) .

Cogency refers to “ the truth, the rightness and the strength of a statement ” ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009, p. 246 ) . The writers besides stress the importance of the intended intent and whether or non this is really being investigated. Validation can be divided into seven phases. The first phase is thematizing which refers to soundness of the presuppositions and the logic of derivations from theory to the research inquiries. The 2nd phase is planing, which refers to the design, methods used and purpose. The 3rd phase is the interviewing and during this phase the trustiness and the quality is of import to obtain. The 4th phase is transcribing which means that the interlingual rendition from unwritten to written linguistic communication should be done with attention. The 5th phase is analysing. The 6th phase is formalizing which entails judgement and determination for the duologue. The last phase is describing. ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009 )

During the interviews in this research a batch of accent was on the dependability and cogency. The subjects that were sketched in the first stage of the interview planning were really utile. This made the research a batch easier to analyse and the uninterrupted work were simpler to be after. The inquiries were carefully developed in order to maintain the flow of the conversation and to excite farther treatment around the inquiries. During the procedure of transcribing, a Dictaphone was used in order to be able to mention precisely what was said without impacting dependability and cogency.

Negatives facets of Qualitative research

2.6 Approach to primary and secondary informations aggregation

Harmonizing to Creswell ( 2006 ) the information aggregation procedure is a series of on-going activities during the research. This subchapter will depict this procedure and its activities.

2.6.2 Primary informations aggregation

In order to roll up valuable information to the research this thesis cover both primary and secondary informations. The qualitative portion of the research consists of interviews held with different spa hotel directors in Sweden. In order to achieve a good overview of the hotels an analysis of their web sites were conducted to achieve more deepness to the research. Due to the fact that this is a qualitative survey, it is of high importance to achieve assorted positions of information and hence an expressed interview with the spa specializer, Heidi Roven was conducted.

2.6.1 Secondary informations aggregation

Literature used in this thesis is chiefly based on books and articles from the MODUL University library and the Vienna University of economic sciences and concern library in Vienna, Austria. Other secondary resources are on-line articles, diaries, web logs and web sites. Different stuffs have been reviewed and the relevant information is used in this thesis.

2.7 Interview attack

A qualitative research interview tries to understand the topic ‘s perceptual experience of the state of affairs. The construction is near to an mundane conversation, although it requires a certain attack and technique from the research worker ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009 ) .

Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009, p. 327 define semi-structured interviews as “ a planned and flexible interview with the intent of obtaining descriptions of the life universe of the interviewww with regard to construing the significance of the described phenomena. ”

This research is done with semi-structured interviews. The interviews are focused on specific subjects with flexible inquiries depending on the topic ‘s replies. The interviews were conducted utilizing entering equipment and notes were taking during the interview for more accurate analysis.

2.7 Data Analysis

2.8 Method unfavorable judgment

There are restrictions when roll uping informations through interviews. First of all, interviews provide information that is filtered through the positions of the interviewee, which could impact the quality of the respondent ‘s initial reply. The information is collected in a designated topographic point instead than the natural scene of the respondent. The research worker ‘s presence could besides impact the responses in a colored manner. Furthermore, the respondents are non every bit articulate and perceptive during an unwritten interview. ( Creswell, 2003 )

One negative facet of telephone interviewing is that the researches might lose the informal communicating, which is merely ocular e.g. organic structure linguistic communication. Another disadvantage is that the topic being interviewed might be stressed since the interviews were held during work which could ensue in valuable information being lost. ( Kvale & A ; Brinkmann, 2009 )

2.8 Criticism of the beginnings

3. Literature Reappraisal

The literature reappraisal will function as a model for comparing other surveies on the topic, fill in the information spreads and to supply a farther duologue of the literature around the subject. This chapter begins with…

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Definitions

Clarify the footings used in the thesis such as Spa, Wellness, Holistic Wellness and Spa Hotels. Give illustrations of different definitions and such.

Wellness definitions

Dunn was one of the first to present the construct of health and he defined wellness as a province of wellness which compromises a sense of well-being and sees a individual in the position of organic structure, head and spirit ( as cited in Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009, p. 4 )

Another definition which is a bit more extended is from Mueller and Kaufmann and they define health as ” the amount of all the relationships and phenomena ensuing from a journey and abode by people whose chief motivation is to continue or advance their wellness. They stay in a specialised hotel which provides the appropriate professional knowhow and single attention. They require a comprehensive service bundle consisting physical fitness/beauty attention, healthy nutrition/ diet, relaxation/meditation and mental activity/education ” ( Mueller & A ; Kaufmann, 2001, p. 7 ) .

Holistic tourism/wellness definitions

Smith and Puczko ( 2009 ) define holistic touristry as “ touristry that provides the visitant with a scope of activities and/or interventions which are aimed at equilibrating the body-mind-spirit ” . The writers continue with specifying a holistic retreat as a Centre built for a intent which accommodates invitees for the purpose to larn, develop body-mind-spirit activities and to supply other therapies to help the invitee.

Harmonizing to Tabacchi ( 2010 ) holistic health is defined as “ Wellness motion includes physical fittingness and flexibleness and mental and religious health through relaxation, speculation, yoga, t’ai qi and chi tam-tam. ”

3.1.1 Europe ‘s Spa History

Each continent had their ain topographic points which were committed to the overall well-being of worlds and each topographic point was alone. Europe is celebrated for their H2O focused locations. The watering place were in general located by natural springs. After universe wars and the development of scientific remedies, this tendency moved nearer to a medical attack in Europe. However, since unwellnesss have declined and the health care governments are bettering, this tendency has shifted to more restful and pampering activities. However, the focal point on H2O and medical specialty can still be seen in European Spas today. ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 )

In the 1980s one of the major tendencies in the watering place industry was the authorities intervention which resulted in a major addition of invitees who went to spas on the authorities disbursal. Another tendency that arose during this decennary was the hotels increased involvement in adding watering place to their hotels comfortss. This was besides the clip when day-spas emerged. ( Cohen & A ; Bodeker, 2008 ) .

3.2 Underliing grounds for the health roar

3.2.1 Civil Society Debate

What is really the ground for this health roar? One could reason that this lifting involvement in wellness is caused from our ego or could it be the society that is forcing us to be absolutely healthy?

The German sociologist Ulrich Beck is one of a few writers who introduced the term “ hazard society ” , which means that it is a manner of covering with assorted jeopardies and insecurities which has been brought to us through modernization. In other words, worlds have been released from the traditional ways of life, which leads worlds a feeling of wedge and this constitutes to the hazard society. Harmonizing to Beck the hazard society was developed out of two grounds. First, our existent fiscal scarceness does non be any longer and secondly because the hazards and menaces that follow the lifting productive forces have been released ( Beck, 1992 ) .

This leads us to the term anomy which was introduced by Emile Durkheim and is defined as a province of freak out and confusion caused by society ‘s deficiency of uniting criterions and values. Society ‘s mental province transportations to the person. This can take to a province where the person is invariably endeavoring for satisfaction and is demanding more and more from themselves. Unreasonable demands are set up which makes it easy to experience failure and letdown ( Berkman, Glass, Brissette, & A ; Seeman, 2000 ) .

The consumers are self-realizing themselves through the merchandises and services they are utilizing. Worlds today believe that they work to last compared to lasting to work, which many worlds believed in the earlier yearss. With the developments of new tendencies, this causes new life styles to look every bit good ( Eriksson & A ; Cronebratt, 1985 ) .

3.2.2 Influencing factors

In modern society, communities are going less of import for us. Peoples today are passing less clip with their households compared to earlier. Peoples are taking to prosecute their calling before settling clip and get downing a household. This has led to an increased figure of individual families and the birth rate per household is diminishing ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

Peoples are actively seeking out community-free zones which might consequences in a feeling of solitariness without them cognizing it ( Bauman, 2001 as cited in Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009, p. 70 ) .

These factors could be the ground why so many wellness tourers are sing a holistic Centre or a yoga retreat, with the underlying motivation of seeking some sort of Communion with others. Impermanent communities can be found in these types of retreats, since you will happen similar people with the same involvement at the same topographic point. Older people might travel to a retreat in order to acquire some sort of understanding and understanding which they may non acquire from place. A important per centum of medical trips are motivated by looking for company ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

Compulsion with the ego is another factor that influences the demand for wellness and health. Since media, engineering and consumer-oriented services are going progressively more of import, the compulsion of our ego has reached an all clip high. Peoples today are more fixated about their organic structure, image, apparels and famous persons. At the beginning of spectrum lies the battle of our physical organic structure and at the other terminal lies our hunt for inner ego ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

Another factor is the desire to downsize, which refers to voluntary simpleness. This desire comes from the demand to get away from long hours, inordinate emphasis and the focal point on stuff life ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) . Specialists and pedagogues from The Trends Research Institute, estimates that 15 % of American grownups will be populating the simpler life by the terminal of the decennary ( Humphreys, 2007 as cited in Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009, p. 72 ) .

Religion is another factor. Many people are utilizing touristry as a mean of sing religious topographic points along with their health end ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

Smith & A ; Puczko ( 2009 ) identified several other factors that are impacting the growing of wellness touristry. The external factors are: Medicine, therapy and healing, psychological science, nutrition and authorities policy. The internal factors include time-poor, cash-rich elites and wonder.

OR Rewrite: p. 80-81 in Health and wellness touristry.

3.2.1 Spa-goers profiles

With today ‘s life style it seems that invitees are more cognizant of the mind/body connexion and they are besides more cognizant of the importance of decelerating down ( Monteson & A ; Singer, Sage Publications, 2004 ) .

Based on HFD consumer research, Monteson & A ; Singer ( 2004 ) identified some cardinal properties of spa-goers. The first group is “ Women under 40 old ages old ” . Some cardinal properties to this group is the following: they are really influenced by their peculiar phase in life and their fiscal security, they have disputing callings, their chief involvement in a spa visit is to be pampered and cut down emphasis, they are non so interested in losing weight or to set about any exercising ( Monteson & A ; Singer, Sage Publications, 2004 ) .

The 2nd group is the “ Women over 50 old ages old ” . Key attributes from this group could be that the mending facets of their visit is of importance, they would wish to regenerate their organic structure and spirit, seventh cranial nerves are one of the most popular interventions, they see their spa visit as an flight and this group is the most loyal group ( Monteson & A ; Singer, Sage Publications, 2004 ) .

The 3rd and last group the writers identified is the “ Male spa-goers ” . This group is harder to tie in with a peculiar life style. Work force in general see watering place as a topographic point to see with their partner. Work force are largely interested in different sweat rooms, massage services and exercising ( Monteson & A ; Singer, Sage Publications, 2004 ) .

Harmonizing to a survey done in the United States in 1997 an addition in younger people traveling to spas can be found, another determination was that spa-goers were seeking for balance in their spa-experience ( Monteson & A ; Singer, Marketing a resort-based watering place, 2004 ) . The survey besides points out the top four grounds for traveling to a watering place viz. : emphasis, indulgence, flinging and they wanted to experience better. Quite surprisingly the survey showed that the physical grounds such as losing weight or to better their expressions were non the chief ground for sing a watering place. Monteson and Singer are besides mentioning to the 2003 ISPA, which presents more recent information, that the grounds for traveling to the watering place were to “ alleviate emphasis or experience relaxed ” , to indulge myself ” and to “ experience better about myself ” .

In a survey about the watering place industry conducted by ISPA ( International Spa Association ) in 2007, it was found that adult females are ruling the wellness and health watering place industry. The nucleus market for the industry is the babe boomers and this market has an increasing wonder towards alternate interventions. It was besides found that the mean spa-goers are in their 30s to 40s. Furthermore the survey found that the chief intent for sing a watering place is relaxation. ( ISPA, 2007 as cited in Cooper & A ; Erfurt-Cooper, 2009, p. 168 )

3.2.2 Life styles

Several tendencies are lending to the health roar. These tendencies are chiefly created through demographic, economic and lifestyle alterations. The developed states population is aging and this creates a new desire for health. The health care is going progressively more expensive which makes it even more of import to remain healthy.

3.3 The watering place industry growing

The watering place industry has had enormous growing in the past two decennaries. From holding the focal point on wellness and hydrotherapy the industry has become an hotel agreeableness. ( Tabacchi, 2010 )

3.3 The Wellness IndustryA?s attack to fulfill new demands

3.4 The ideal Holistic Resort

There are many definitions of holistic health as reference earlier, but in order to be a great resort some factors should be covered. In an article by Zimmer and Clarke 2006, they describe some of the characteristics a holistic health resort should posses. The spa/resort should see the environment they are surrounded by when planing the watering place. It is besides of import to utilize non-toxic stuffs when constructing the resort. They should utilize local resources and promote systems to come on by itself without much demand to interfere. Since H2O has been the basis of watering place for centuries, it is of import for the H2O to hold top quality. The spa/resort should besides take advantage of natural sunshine every bit much as possible and encourage air-flow. ( Zimmer & A ; Clarke, 2006 )

Furthermore Zimmer and Clarke stress the importance of natural scenes, in order for visitants to reconnect with nature.

Harmonizing to Smith & A ; Puczko ( 2009 ) typical activities at a holistic retreat could be yoga, karma yoga, co-listening, dance/paint/sing, life coaching and dream workshops.

In an article by Spa Asia Magazine in 2005, a holistic watering place was defined and holistic interventions includes “ psychotherapeuticss, herbal medical specialty, homoeopathy, hypnotherapy, stylostixis, iridology, reiki, naturopathy, Ayurveda, sound healing, aroma therapy, massage and hydropathy. ” ( as cited in Cooper & A ; Erfurt-Cooper, 2009, p. 37 )

3.5 Western EuropeA?s Wellness supply

Western Europe has many worldwide known spaA?s such as Vichy in France, Baden Baden in Germany, Bath in the United Kingdom and Spa in Belgium. Thalassotherapy has a long history in Western Europe, particularly in France. There are more than 500 wellness hotels in Germany which is rather an impressing figure. Holistic health is increasing quickly in Western Europe which includes yoga and speculation retreats, trade shows and festivals ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

3.6 SwedenA?s Wellness supply

Based on the website, there are 59 spa hotels in Sweden ( Spa Hotell I Sverige, 2010 ) . on the other custodies lists 51 watering place hotels in Sweden ( Spa Weekend Hotels, 2010 ) .

Harmonizing to Smith & A ; Puczko , ( 2009 ) , p. 129 Northern Europe is under-developed in footings of “ outstanding attack to wellness touristry ” , while Western Europe is advanced in their attack.

Due to the deficiency of natural mending assets and tradition, people do non be given to believe or swear the valuable impacts of medical Waterss. Therefore wellness and wellness touristry is more based on relaxation, fittingness and sweat room ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) . However, Dr. Carl Curman introduces the first bath of the Nordic states in Sweden, 1885 ( Sturebadets historia, 2010 ) .

Nordic states have ever been associated with sweat rooms, and it is more a portion of mundane life than a spa luxury. Other well-known fittingness is Nordic walking ( Smith & A ; Puczko , 2009 ) .

Cryotherapy is one signifier of intervention which is really popular in Nordic states.

“ Svenska Spahotell ” is a brotherhood for Swedish high-qualitative watering place hotels. In order to go a member of the brotherhood, certain standard ‘s refering fittingness, relaxation, nutrition and eventuality has to be met. The unionA?s intent is to market the spa members, educate, develop competence, answer employer inquiries and benchmarking.


( Nutek, 2008 )

3.7 The hereafter for spa hotels

Schletterer Wellness & A ; Spa GmbH is one of the taking watering place planning and confer withing house worldwide and their article “ Spa trends 2020: You can merely hit with surprises! ” identifies a figure of chances for the watering place industry. ( Schletterer, 2008 )

4. Empirical Research

4.1 Semi-structured interviews with holistic watering place hotels in Sweden

4.1.1 What was the ground for implementing a holistic attack?

The bulk of the watering place hotels stress the importance of taking the “ whole ” into consideration. It is of import to see both the physical organic structure and the head and spirit. The watering place director at Yasuragi Hasseludden says that “ It is a portion of our basic rules to see the human as a whole ” ( Goos, 2010 ) .

Two hotels are a member of “ Svenska Spa Hotell ” and they say that in order to be a portion of this brotherhood, certain demands have to be met and that is the ground for this holistic attack.

Two hotels elucidate that they have had a long history of co-operations with infirmaries and rehabilitation centres ( 2,4, ) . 4 have continued on this way due to the co-operation with “ Svenska Spa Hotell ” . 2 explains that the county council has suspended the co-operation with physicians, physical therapists and psychologists and hence the medical section is non longer runing. 2 say that today people have to take their ain enterprise to heighten their health.

The spa director of Torekov Hotell explains their vision as “ Sweden ‘s most personal hotel experience ” and since they are situated near to the ocean and in a natural scene, relaxation is a natural portion of the experience. That is why yoga and more soothing types of interventions are offered ( Nylund, 2010 ) .

4.1.2 When did you implement this attack?

The bulk of the spa hotels implemented a holistic attack in 2009, four hotels to be more precise. 75 % of the hotels implemented a holistic attack after twelvemonth 2006 and merely 25 % before that.

4.1.3 What sort of interventions do you offer and which 1s are the most popular 1s?

Not surprisingly the most common traditional interventions are massages, seventh cranial nerves and organic structure wraps. More holistic interventions such as yoga, light interventions and chakra reconciliation are frequently observed in the sample. Nylund ( 2010 ) says that they have taken a witting determination to utilize natural and Swedish merchandises for their interventions. Nylund continues by stating that many of their healers are working with healings, which can be used during all therapies. She farther evaluates that the raindrop massage is the most popular one, which is a massage with indispensable oils and beginnings from the Lakotain Indians.

The watering place directors from both Trosa Stadshotell and Badhotellet says that their most popular intervention is yoga ( Claesson, 2010 ) ( Larsson, 2010 ) . Claesson says that “ yoga is one of the most popular activites and many people are already familiar with the term yoga which might be the ground for its popularity ” . Eva Ulvengren ( 2010 ) from First Hotel explains that massages are definetaly the most popular intervention, but yoga and lava rocks are going incresinglu more popular.

Camilla Garcia ( 2010 ) says that their holistic tretaments constitue 15 % of their entire offered interventions and that akupunkture and Chinese medical specialty massage is the most popular 1s.

4.1.4 How would you charecterize your mark group?

Most of the watering place hotels have a quite wide mark group. 50 % of the interview respondents reference conference invitees in their description of their mark group ( Larsson, 2010 ) ( Goos, 2010 ) ( Johansson, 2010 ) ( Nylund, 2010 ) . Nylund ( 2010 ) further explains that “ during weekends we have largely invitees from Denmark and southwest of Sweden, during the hebdomad our chief invitees are conference invitees ” .

Gardeback ( 2010 ) , spa director at Hotel Tylosand qualify their mark group as “ Everyone from 20 old ages old and up and largely middle-aged. During summer our chief invitees are households and during winter the invitees are chiefly grownups ” .

A twosome of respondents mentioned that the geographics of their invitees plays a function in their scope of invitees. Claesson ( 2010 ) says that their patronages are geographically near but that they still have invitees from the urban sprawl. Goos ( 2010 ) depict their mark group as “ enjoyers of life in the age of 30-65 life in the urban sprawl in the Nordic states. They are seeking inspiration, location alteration, health and high quality. We have two sections of invitees, private invitees and conference invitees. ”

4.1.4 What is your sentiment on the statement “ There are less holistic oriented spa hotels in Sweden compared to other European states ” ?

The bulk of the spa hotels agreed with the statement. If Sweden is compared to Germany for illustration, 75 % agreed with the statement and the balance of the respondents said that they were non rather certain how the market looks like in those states and hence did non state neither yes or no. The bulk says that Sweden has another position of health ( Garcia, 2010 ) ( Johansson, 2010 ) , and that Sweden is dawdling behind in this development ( Ulvengren, 2010 ) ( Larsson, 2010 ) ( Nylund, 2010 ) .

Ulvengren ( 2010 ) says that this tendency has non yet been set in gesture in Sweden. Larsson and Nylund mention the cultural differences between Sweden and other European states. Larsson ( 2010 ) states that “ the remainder of Europe has a wholly different civilization from the one we have. Other states have for illustration siestas as a natural portion of their life ; self rehabilitation is a portion of their life in contrast to Sweden ” .

Johansson ( 2010 ) from Hotel Fagelbrohus position of this statement was more towards the companies in Sweden. She states that “ Spa is comparatively new in Sweden and its economical benefits has merely been realized by profit-driven companies, hence they now start to endorse it up ”

Claesson ( 2010 ) nevertheless has another pint of position. She says “ I am non really good informed how the state of affairs looks like in other European states but I think the “ organic structure and psyche ” manner of thought is rather large in Sweden, many invitees at our hotel are bespeaking both parts. ”

articulate, communicate, convey, declare, describe, express, study, speak, province, Tell, utter, blowhole, verbalize, voice 2 desire, head, sentiment, position, point of position, penchant, voice, ballot 3 remark, reference, observe, comment, province

4.2 Semi-structured interviews with traditional watering place hotels in Sweden

4.3 Interview with spa specializer Heidi Roven

5. Analysis and Discussion

6. Contemplations

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