Transformation of Ponyboy Essay Example
Transformation of Ponyboy Essay Example

Transformation of Ponyboy Essay Example

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  • Published: June 23, 2018
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Socs treat Greasers in a certain way. Ponyboy initially assumes that Cherry Valance, a Soc whom he meets, would reject him like other Socs he had encountered. However, he is surprised to find that she actually wants to engage in conversation with him. During their conversation, Ponyboy explains his perspective on life and how he believes Socs have no worries. Cherry responds by saying that everyone faces difficulties, including the Socs. She tells Ponyboy that things are rough for everyone, even the wealthy kids from the West-side. Although Ponyboy claims to believe her, he still doubts her words internally. However, as he reflects on their conversation, he starts considering that maybe everyone faces similar struggles. This contemplation marks the beginning of his transformation. Following Johnny's assault, he makes a vow


to retaliate and kill any future attacker.

So when Cherry's boyfriend attacks Johnny, Johnny murders him. When they escape to the countryside to avoid being arrested, Ponyboy becomes closer to Johnny. When they rescue several children from a burning church, they go back to the city and discover that they are seen as heroes. When Ponyboy returns home, he finds his two brothers waiting for him, and it is there that he realizes Darry truly loves him. After Johnny kills the Soc, the remaining Socs have been engaging in a war against the Greasers.

Johnny is in the hospital after a big gang fight that left the greasers with one less person to fight. Ponyboy is unsure if it was a good idea. Before the fight, a friend of the dead Soc asks Ponyboy how a Greaser could save the children. Ponyboy realizes tha

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it doesn't matter if you are a Soc or a Greaser; what matters is who you are. Before the fight, Ponyboy reflects on what it means to be a Greaser: "What kind of world is it where all I have to be proud of is a reputation for being a hood, and greasy hair?"

While I do not engage in criminal activities or destructive behavior, I am unjustly labeled as a hood. I question why I should take pride in this reputation or pretend to be proud. It occurs to me that being authentic is what truly defines a person, instead of conforming to societal expectations. In the book, Ponyboy initially appears as a timid child but his experiences throughout the story shape him into a mature young adult who can think independently.

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