“Farmhand” by James K. Baxter Essay Example
“Farmhand” by James K. Baxter Essay Example

“Farmhand” by James K. Baxter Essay Example

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  • Published: August 20, 2017
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Question: Remark on the manner the relationship between persons and the natural universe is presented in Farmhand.

The relationship between persons and the natural universe is presented rather abundantly in the verse form Farmhand composed by James K. Baxter. Using assorted address and sound devices Baxter has made the point how a natural environment can be critical to a individual and be a alleviation to solitude and isolation. The natural universe creates a topographic point of comfort and security for the fieldhand in comparing to his awkwardness and fright to the opposite sex. The fieldhand in Baxters verse form is really closely related to nature and the difficult work on the farm displays the characters maleness.

The fieldhand at first glimpse seems a self-aware immature adult male with a quiet attitude. He


will stand tilting his dorsum against the wall. smoking a coffin nail or stating some new gag to a ( male ) friend. However at closer scrutiny the reader can conceive of the complexness of the characters feelings. He has ceaseless desire for a girl-friend to run her fingers through his flaxen hair but is excessively afraid to. His enviousness is depicted as he ever will turn his eyes to the dance floor and watch the misss floating like flowers. The fieldhand thinks about them though. as he has awkward hopes and covetous dreams that he likes to brood upon. but he mistakenly believes it is really awkward and so he keeps it a secret. Throughout the verse form images are created utilizing words from his natural environment. This makes a statement about how close the fieldhand feels to nature.

The fieldhand is described by utilizing

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metaphors associating to his environment ; Crops slow-growing as his head. He feels most comfy while working on the farm. effortless and strong. Here he finds peace and alleviation from the old lesion which likely is an event in the past which makes him experience sad. Farming is everything to the fieldhand. while listening like a lover to the vocal clear. without mistake. of a new tractor engine. which to most people would be instead loud and upseting. The secret dark represents his concealed feelings buried deep beneath the surface of this cool immature adult male.

Linkss between nature and the fieldhand are high throughout the verse form. Many facets of the fieldhands life are comparable with characteristics of nature. The natural universe is his alleviation. security. comfort and love.


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