To what extent should nation be the foundation of identity

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I believe that state is the foundation of individuality to a certain extent. For illustration. if I asked people from the school what shapes their single individualities they might state things like ; faith. ethnicity. linguistic communication. or birth topographic point. These are all illustrations of states that we identify with ; a state doesn’t have to be defined by physical boundaries. a state can be every bit simple as people coming together or being united by a common history. descent. linguistic communication. or civilization.

In footings of a nation-state I know that it does act upon our mundane lives and therefore our sense of identity/ beliefs and values. That being said to reply the inquiry of “To what Extent Should…” I don’t believe it should be the foundation of our individuality to any extent. A state that we are born into is non one that we should let to hold much influence in our lives and who we are as human existences. I believe that we should all be left to do our ain devices to research every bit much as we can about the universe around us and do our ain determinations as to what we view as right and incorrect.

The lone state I believe that we should accept to act upon our individualities are the 1s we choose to be involved in. Culture. heritage. and faith are all illustrations of states we choose to take portion in and advance as portion of our single individualities. The act of going associated with a state of this kind is prof in itself that it is something you identify with on a personal degree and therefore already a portion of your single individuality.

In decision. I believe that the lone signifier of state that should act upon your single individuality is one that you choose to continue and tie in yourself with.

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