Theoretical Perspectives on the Family Essay Example
Theoretical Perspectives on the Family Essay Example

Theoretical Perspectives on the Family Essay Example

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  • Published: March 10, 2022
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Triangles form of family system theory is mostly a three-person system of relationship. It is usually considered the means of a building block or the molecule of a larger emotional system. It is considered to form the smallest possible system of a family that is stable.
Differentiation of self is a system that discusses how aspects of families and social groups thoroughly affects the way people think, act and feel. However individuals respond differently to “group thinking” and the level of pressure they face under conformity. Nuclear family emotional system theory is a concept that describes and discusses four basic patterns of relationships that govern the points of problem development in a family.

Family projection process explains the most basic means by which the parents transmit their emotional and social problems to the children. The means of projection may influence the way in which childre


n function and lead them to developing vulnerability and clinical complications.

Multigenerational transmission process is an aspect that shows how small differences in different levels of differentiation between the children and parents lead to the differences between the children and the members of the multigenerational family.
Emotional cutoff is an aspect that shows how people contact when resolving the emotional issues with the parents, children and some of other family members.

Sibling position is a Bowen theory that has his family under observation in order to develop the theory. It was developed by psychologist Walter Toman in his development on the concept of sibling position.

Societal emotional process is a theory that applies to members who are not family for instance the social organizations.
The example provided illustrates a differentiation of self that an extended family system an

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a character by the name Ashley who faced a hard life with her biological family had a falling out and adopted the church and embraced her children as her family. She considers the two subjects to have been the ones who helped her grow stronger by finding refuge in her spiritual faith and the love to help her children thrive.

Presently, multi-generational family systems have become very common, but there has typically been development of various theories under which individuals consider to be family. Ashley has fully left out her biological family because of the ordeals she went through and become an independent woman free of family ties. The aspect of independence and the feeling of freedom are evident in Ashley’s case and thus the need to embrace the theory of a family systems theory.

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