The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer Essay Example
The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer Essay Example

The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer Essay Example

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  • Published: April 24, 2022
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The Canterbury tales consist of 24 stories, along with epilogues and prologues. The tales showcase an extraordinary diversity in terms of genre, themes, and source materials.

Some critics argue that the text should be analyzed as distinct pieces while also acknowledging the presence of unifying themes throughout. The pilgrims' personal characteristics and social positions are reflected in their tales during the journey to Canterbury. For example, the Knight's tale is a high-toned Chivalric romance that mirrors his honorable and noble character. Chaucer employs a narrative framework in which he both participates in a storytelling contest and joins a religious pilgrimage. The text also explores the relationships between men and women, with the topic of marriage being particularly prominent.

The characters in Chaucer's tales not only face issues such as financial duplicity, but these issues al


so play a role in portraying their outward appearance. This depiction of attire in the prologue serves as a significant emblematic theme. Each character's conformity is shown through the type of clothing they wear, in accordance with the rule that dictates dressing according to one's station in life. Examples include the Clerk of Oxford donning threadbare scholar's robes, the Knight wearing well-worn mail, and the Parson wearing simple vestments.

The text examines the expectations and interactions of the Monk and the Prioress on their pilgrimage. They were obligated to wear modest and simple attire suitable for their positions in the clergy. Nonetheless, they were also permitted to don fur-trimmed robes and appealing cloaks as a means of expressing their rebellion against prevailing norms. The pilgrims engaged in lighthearted exchanges, akin to being on vacation or celebrating a holiday. They had the libert

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to mingle with individuals from various professions and social standings, enabling them to openly exchange tales and experiences.

Chaucer introduces the self-parody element through a character named Geffery, who lacks the ability to judge character. Geffery mistakenly regards a pirate (Shipman) as a good fellow.

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