Rebellion and Conformity Essay Example
Rebellion and Conformity Essay Example

Rebellion and Conformity Essay Example

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You Will Never Influence The World By Trying To Be Like It.

What is America's problem? When somewhere else in the world there is a little child looking at an advertisement for bras in a place where americans would have a hissy fit and jump up and down like a toddler. Why? While the rest of the world is out there educating their young america is smothering them with what is right.

What is the big the big secret that countries hundreds of years older and wiser have? Why aren't they embarsedd by the fact of sex? It's not conformning to anything it is saying that sex is a fact of life, and that life should be taken and ran with. Life is too short to live as american


's do, americans live as though we are behind a two way mirrior and all we can see is what we want to see in ourselves where as the rest of the world sees right thhrough it to what we really are, an imature teenager. So then in this case what is stopping us from stripping off all of our clothes and running down the street, at midnight, screaming CARPE DIEM at the top of my lungs. certainly not our first admendment right.

We the scared teenager still looking toi the rest of the world for gidance, but where is the fun in doing what you're told. Seize the day, follow the age old saying of it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Just go with that gut feeling and if it steers you wrong there will always be that wonderful

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guding force of peer prussure, just itching to get you right back onto the fast track to conformity. Follow the Captain, My Captain see where you may end up. why just sit there, and let life pass you by, with all of these what ifs floating around you.

No matter what happens there will always be that what if clause. So when it comes time, when you approach two roads diverged in a wood, be your ow person and take the one less traveled, push all the thoughts of what if straight from your mind. When you end up in a place that has oppressed you and your nothing more than a robot to a larger being, think. Act like guy put some thought into life, ask all the questions, weather right or wrong, ask them.

Most importantly ask the one question that is always asked but never answered truly, "what is my purpose in life?" "Are you a man or an Amoeba (Keating, Dead Poets)? " Yet what is society's view on this. Mr. nolan, from Dead Poets Society, hits the nail squarely on the head with this. John Keating states,"I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself," to which Mr. Nolan, the headmaster, replies "At these boys' ages? Not on your life! " This is implying that as society kids should be turned into human robots or at least until they have their sexual desires under control is what i gathered from this.

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