The Statistics of People Who Take the Bus to Work in Malaysia Essay Example
The Statistics of People Who Take the Bus to Work in Malaysia Essay Example

The Statistics of People Who Take the Bus to Work in Malaysia Essay Example

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  • Published: September 27, 2017
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The Statistics of People Who Take the Bus to Travel to Work


Public conveyance has been a great aid to society as it creates an easy manner to go from one topographic point to another when in deficiency of a auto and with minimum payments. One of the most often used manners of conveyance is the coach. A coach is a big vehicle that is used for transporting riders particularly along a peculiar path at peculiar times. In Malaysia, there is an sum of people travel around the metropolis and to other provinces via coachs as they are inexpensive and easy to come by. Working grownups particularly use this manner of conveyance to acquire to work. The highest figure of coachs can be found in the urban countries such as Kuala Lumpur. Based on the study and survey we carried out, that is in Kuala Lumpur, we have found that a big figure of persons use the coach to travel to work on a day-to-day footing. The coach seems to be the easiest and cheapest manner of conveyance for them as taking a auto would intend long hours in traffic jams while trains might non needfully take them to their designated country of work.

Graph 1 Approximate Time Travel to Work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore

Table 1


Approximate Time Travel to Work, proceedingss Frequency, % ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia )

>Frequency, % ( Singapore )

15 proceedingss or less 5.7 13.1
16-30 proceedingss 15.1 40.3
31-60 proceedingss 30.2 41.3
61-120 proceedingss 49 5.2
Entire per centum 100 100
Malaya Singapore
Manner= 61-120 proceedingss Manner= 31-60 proceedingss



= 45.0313 proceedingss



= 44.2345 proceedingss

Mean,ar{x} !,



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=62.0566 proceedingss

Mean,ar{x} !,




= 33.8145 proceedingss

Standard Deviation, s



= 29.8684 proceedingss

Standard Deviation, s



= 18.9488 proceedingss

Based on the graph above, we can see that the approximative clip of travel from an individual’s place to work, out of the sample of 53 people in Malaysia, shows that the most people, that is the manner of the informations collected, is 49 % of them travel for an hr or more by coach to acquire to their work topographic points. Approximately 30.2 % travel from 31 proceedingss to an hr while 15.1 % travel for 16 to 30 proceedingss. Merely 5.7 % of them travel for 15 proceedingss or less.

Singapore on the other manus shows really different consequences in footings of approximate travel clip from place to work for an person. Merely 5.2 % of them travel for more than an hr long while 41.3 % , that is their manner of the informations collected, is the highest per centum travel for 31 proceedingss to an hr. 40.5 % people travel for 16 to 30 proceedingss while 13.2 % travel for less than 15 proceedingss.

Base on the computation above, presuming the remainder of the population of Malaysia is similar to the samples taken, the average clip taken to work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is doubled compared to the average clip taken to go to work in Singapore. This is because in Kuala Lumpur, there are more people that take about 31 to 60 proceedingss and 61 to 120

proceedingss to make their work topographic point. Compared to Singapore, most of the people take about 16 to 30 proceedingss and 31 to 60 proceedingss to make their work topographic point. As most of the information for Kuala Lumpur is towards the right side of the graph, the mean, that is the mean informations collected, additions. For Singapore, since most of the mean informations collected is rather centred, the mean is lower compared to Kuala Lumpur’s mean.

One of the grounds behind the difference in approximative clip taken to go to work is because of the approximative distance from a person’s abode to work. Malaysia, which is 243, 65 square kilometers, is a much bigger metropolis to go around ( Scandnet AB, n.d. ) . In comparing, Singapore is merely 710 square kilometers ( Singapore Tourism Board, 2014 ) . This causes the location of work and the location of abode much further doing them to hold a higher approximative distance signifier abode to work. Assuming that there are people who live at the corner of the metropolis and work in the metropolis for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur would hold a higher approximative distance from abode to work compared to Singapore.

At current clip, Singapore has a population of approximately 5 million people ( Singapore Tourism Board, 2014 ) . On the other manus, Kuala Lumpur has about 7.2 million people ( Scandnet AB, n.d. ) . This shows that Kuala Lumpur has more people than Singapore does. By stating so, the heavy population of Malaysia means that more autos are likely to be on the route at any given clip therefore doing congestion on

roads and traffic jams whereby it will increase the approximative clip taken to go to work. This is besides because the efficiency of public conveyance besides plays a function as if public conveyance is really efficient, less people would trouble oneself to drive private autos to work and utilize public conveyance alternatively. In Singapore, there would be fewer autos on the route as Singapore has a really rigorous auto policy in topographic point. If a individual wants to have a auto, he has to pay an extra sum for the Certificate of Entitlement ( COE ) , which exhibits the right to have a vehicle for up to 10 old ages ( Land Transport Authority of Singapore, 2014 ) . The Vehicle Quota System ( VQS ) in Singapore besides regulates the rate of growing of vehicles on the roads, at a rate that can be sustained by developments in land conveyance substructure ( Ministry of Transport, 2010 ) . They control the figure of new vehicles allowed for enrollment, while the market determines the monetary value of having a vehicle ( Ministry of Transport, 2010 ) . With this policy in topographic point, it becomes extremely sole to the richer category of society to hold the privilege of driving about in their ain autos while the remainder of the population has to take public conveyance ( Ministry of Transport, 2010 ) . In comparing, Malaysia has no such Torahs and people can buy autos without holding to besides purchase a Certificate of Entitlement ; therefore, holding more autos on the route.

Sampling Mistake=ar{x} !,- µ


= 53.00 –


= 11.25 proceedingss

Appraisal of mean, µ utilizing t Distribution

E = Tar{x} !,, Let Confidence level = 99 %

Area on both side of dress suits = 0.005, grade of freedom, df = 52

Therefore, t = 2.676

sar{x} !,=


= 4.10274

E = 2.676 ( 4.10274 )

= 10.9789 proceedingss

Therefore, we province with 99 % assurance that the mean of approximative clip taken to go to work in Malaysia lies between 51.0777 and 73.0355 proceedingss.

Base on the computation above, the trying mistake that might happen in our informations collected from respondents is 11.25 proceedingss. This mistake might happen because we took a sample of 53 respondents, and non a entire study of the whole population working in Kuala Lumpur.

Assuming that the confident degree is 99 % , the population mean of Kuala Lumpur can be between the scopes of 10.9789 proceedingss from the original mean, 62.0566 proceedingss that is from 51.0777 proceedingss to 73.0355 proceedingss.

In decision, we have compared the approximative clip taken to go in coachs from place to work for Malaysia and Singapore and have found that there are differences in average clip of travel. The difference is due to the difference in population, conveyance efficiency and besides distance from place to work. It can be said that our public transit systems are non as advanced or organised as those in Singapore. The average clip of travel to and from work is a batch more compared to Singapore which is seen as valuable clip which could otherwise be used fruitfully at work or at place. Although the average clip of travel to work for Malaysia

is much longer than Singapore, Malaysians have become accustomed to the life style and have adjusted their agendas to let them to go to and from work without much problem.


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