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Work forces have stepped on the Moon. Now they are traveling from one topographic point to another within few hours. World fastest auto is able to sprint 252mph. but the citizens of Dhaka ( sometimes ) can non make few stat mis to Gulistan from Mohakhali or any other topographic point to our finish topographic point within hours. You must travel out from your house before two or three hours to make finish which is merely 20 or 30 proceedingss required. Who is responsible for this? Traffic jam is that magician. Traffic jam has become a great monster in our modern life. Traffic congestion is non merely impacting our concern but the instruction sector as good. Students can non make other undertakings such as photocopying or roll uping notes before go toing category in the forenoon because a batch of clip gets wasted on traffic congestions. It wastes batch of working hours of pupils every bit good as instructors. In many occasions. pupils and instructors fail to go to categories in due clip. And it is more painful when pupils fail to make exam halls and fails merely due to a societal job. Now merely believe mundane how much national clip is blowing. how much economical activities are losing. for the traffic congestion job. This assignment is concentrating current state of affairs of traffic congestion job in Dhaka metropolis.

What is Traffic jam? A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that can non travel frontward because there is excessively much traffic. or because the route is blocked by something. Over the last few old ages the traffic congestion job of Dhaka City has visibly been deteriorating steadily. Limited resources. invested for the development of conveyance installations. such as substructure and vehicles. coupled with the rapid rise in transport demand. being of old conveyance and besides immense figure of non-motorized vehicles on roads. deficiency of application of adequate and proper traffic direction strategies are bring forthing terrible conveyance jobs in about all the traffic path in Dhaka. Citizens invariably complain about the unbearable jobs of traffic jam.


Bangladesh is a thickly settled state & A ; Dhaka. as the capital of Bangladesh. has to suit a big portion of this population. There are 18 Particular Planning Zones ( SPZ ) in the Dhaka Metropolitan Area. where population has already crossed 11 million. Every twelvemonth population is increase at the rate of 7 per centum in Dhaka. Dhaka Metropolitan Area is expected to go one of the largest metropoliss within the early following century. Everyday tonss of people move to Dhaka for the intent of gaining money. Day by twenty-four hours the figure is increasing and most portion of Dhaka is severely affected by the population growing. Traffic jam has turned day-to-day trips into incubuss to the people of Dhaka. The concern community necessarily suffers for the changeless waste of its most cherished resource of clip. Other commuters of being stuck in traffic jam for hours an terminal. while occupants breathe in a batch more lead and about 10 per centum of its population seeks medical intervention each twelvemonth for air pollution ( Faulty vehicles. old vehicles. particularly diesel tally vehicles. and dust from roads contribute to aerate pollution ) related respiratory unwellness.

The figure of cars has been increasing in Dhaka metropolis at the rate of at least 10 per centum yearly. which has been lending to air pollution on the one manus and traffic congestion on the other. At first-come-first-serve hr. a distance of three to four kilometres can take about an hr to make. Finishs like Gulisthan. Motijheel. Old Dhaka. Maghbazar. Malibagh. Gulshan. and Dhanmondi are incubuss for commuters from any point in the metropolis. Particularly thwarting are the points Hotel Sonargaon traversing. the route in forepart of the Prime Minister’s office. Maghbazar. Mouchak. Malibagh. Khilghaon. Rampura. Elephant Road. Science Laboratory. Green Road. Jatrabari. Sayedabad. Mohakhali and old parts of the metropolis chiefly at Dholaikhal. Postagola. Bangshal. and Chowkbazar. People miss of import assignments ; are late for work. kids and old people fall ill. non to advert the painful site that most of us choose to disregard – a blare ambulance stuck in the center of a traffic jam seeking urgently to happen a manner. The heat released from the engines. particularly the private autos that use air conditioners. increase the overall temperature of the metropolis. Continued exposure to pollution from the streets during traffic jams. will hold sedate effects in the future wellness of these people. The economic system. interim. is losing out in 1000000s because of traffic jams. Government officials’ estimation a loss of around tk15000 crore yearly because of traffic jams.

Transport System of Dhaka

The transit system of Dhaka is preponderantly route based where non-motorized conveyance chiefly rickshaw has a significant portion. Dhaka Metropolitan has heterogenous traffic flows. Rickshaws are the ruling manner of public conveyance. Trips made by public conveyance particularly coachs are really low. A significant portion of entire traffic is non-motorized vehicles which enhance serve congestion particularly in route intersections. The part of Bangladesh Railways ( BR ) to urban public conveyance is really little. We listen about large programs of elevated express ways. belowground tube tracks etc. . but in world it is difficult to believe that these programs can of all time be materialized by this hapless state holding monolithic corruptness in all sectors. from bench to instruction. The 20 twelvemonth Strategic Transport Plan ( STP ) includes 17400 square kilometer of H2O and surface ways in Dhaka and neighbouring Narayanganj. Narshingdi. Munshiganj. Gazipur and Manikganj territories. Metro train services. elevated expresswaies. Bus Rapid Transit ( BRT ) . building of roads linking the E of the capital to the West. overpasss. overcrossings. new roads. and fix of damaged thoroughfares are the chief characteristics of the program. Under the program. the authorities will build and retrace 330 kilometer of roads and main roads including 50 new roads. overpasss. elevated freewaies. tube ( belowground railroad ) . round waterways. coach rapid theodolite. rapid mass theodolite. bus-route rationalisation. traffic system development and safe environment. The Major factor behind traffic Jam

There are many grounds behind traffic jam in Bangladesh. Among them some major factors are as follows:

1. Around 60 per centum of the metropolis roads are encroached by peddlers. and dumping of building stuffs. 30 types of motorized and non-motorized vehicles are providing on the same street. doing haphazard traffic jams.

2. Undisciplined traffic signal in the route and besides faulty traffic signaling systems. Traffic constabularies have to keep the signaling system. Sometimes they maintain the signal manually. which may make more congestion job.

3. Unplanned growing of Dhaka. Dhaka centric development of the state. the deficiency of east-west connecting roads. unplanned building inside the metropolis. and increased figure of private conveyances has the contributory factors to traffic congestion.

4. Indiscipline attitude among the route user. driver don’t comply with traffic regulations.

5. No cognition about traffic regulations which encourage people to go againsting the regulations.

6. Outside the promenade and right beside the route. business of tea-stalls and stores make hard for walkers to utilize the tract.

7. Enforcement of regulations by dishonest individuals ( traffic constabulary ) who are busy in aggregation of illegal money from traffic regulations lawbreakers.

8. Dhaka City has really unequal route webs. For a standard metropolis. where the minimal route demand is 25 % to 30 % . Dhaka has merely 7. 5 % route of its entire country.

9. Illegal parking is another ground for traffic jam. Cars. trucks and other vehicles are parked about everyplace.

10. Some traffic constabulary officers are busy for pull outing money for the illegal parking and misdemeanor of signal by halting the vehicle in the center of the route.

11. Inadequate work force and narrow route infinites and catching inclination of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions and intensify agonies of commuters maintaining people motionless every bit good as making smothering status in the streets

12. There are coach terminuss non authorized by the traffic section and the coach drivers do non travel by traffic regulations. Besides buses halt randomly to pick up and bead riders.

13. Each twenty-four hours around 80 trains enter and go out the metropolis. which causes six hours arrest of traffic in entire through each degree traversing. Such types of degree traversing create unbearable congestion at Magbazar. Mohakhali. Staff route. Karwan Bazar and other topographic points.

14. VIP protocol maintaining is another ground for frequent traffic jams in the streets

15. Splitter job in the city’s different of import roads besides causes congestion.

16. On the same route the uncoordinated route excavation by Dhaka City Corporation ( DCC ) . Dhaka Electric Supply Authority ( DESA ) . Water and Sewerage Authority ( WASA ) . Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board ( BTTB ) . Titas Gas and other public-service corporation service suppliers without any integrating together make grounds for farther route congestion.

17. In any traffic circle in Dhaka the plying CNG. jinrikisha. coach. etc signifier multiple lines. They do this to catch a bantam infinite out of sheer despair.

18. Most of clip. we see that during jam traffic constabulary merely allow one side go for like 5 proceedingss or more which increase the jam more. They should pull off it more professionally.

19. With mass conveyance non allowed through BUET and DU it creates inordinate force per unit area on the bordering roads.

20. Illegal business of roads by little bargainers and sellers is one of the causes of traffic jam in the town. No 1 is cognizant about it. Bus drivers are largely responsible for traffic jam. They even don’t attention about the traffic regulations and signals. which may make the congestion.

21. Now a yearss the figure of coachs additions twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. And the local coachs are run really faster. They don’t maintain the regulations of the street. They merely thrust and happening heavy traffic jam.

22. The Numberss of old transit are still in Dhaka metropolis. Those are illegal. They don’t have their fittingness. But they are still running in the Dhaka metropolis.

23. More than seven hundred thousand jinrikishas ply the metropolis route. but merely 70 five 1000s have legal figure. This immense figure of jinrikisha is making traffic congestion. From clip to clip efforts are made to cut down the figure. but the inaugural normally produces no consequences.

24. Most foot-over Bridgess and subwaies remain unutilized by the walkers concluding dark and dodgy atmosphere indoors as hoardings block position from exterior. Unhygienic passageways. steep stepss and pathway encroached by peddlers make it hard to travel on the span and that’s why they don’t want to utilize the foot-over span.

25. Many tight natural gas ( CNG ) refueling Stationss and gasoline pumps are located near to the intersections that disturb or block the streets when big waiting lines of vehicles break into the route. Although there is regulation to put up refueling Stationss holding vacant infinites to suit 30 vehicles to wait inside the compound. it has been overlooked.

26. A batch of the plush shopping promenades in the metropolis have ensuing illegal route business by vehicles. Between Panthapath and Sonargaon intersection the traffic jam at anytime of the twenty-four hours is atrocious because of the city’s biggest shopping promenade constructed in the country.

27. Some people don’t want to utilize the parking infinite. excessively many people are habituated and love to park them on the street so that can ensuing traffic congestion.

28. The mulcts for traffic misdemeanors are excessively meagre to raise fright to the lawbreakers. The undermentioned remedial steps can be adopted for extinguishing the traffic congestion job in Dhaka metropolis. Here three types of remedial is discussed – Short term suggestions

1. All offices should get down at 7. 30 AM and all instruction institutes should get down at 8 AM. Banking should get down at 9 AM and all can be stop within merely 2. 30 PM. 4. 30 PM & A ; 4 PM.

2. Water conveyance should be established like other developed states environing Dhaka metropolis. By that WASA don’t need to barricade the street.

3. Population control must be implementing as really purely like China. if we can non command over the population so we can non give the topographic point to our following coevals. From now. from today we should non take more than one kid.

4. Pedestrian installations should be addition. Cycle way should be supply

5. Political interface must be avoid

6. There should be a whole “park” to educate on traffic system for the occupants and kids particularly since one of the chief grounds for route accidents and drivers non following regulations is because of the copiousness of bogus licences

7. Through lane system different kind of vehicle will run in different lane. If any driver breaks the regulation he has to confront some legal effects like gaol and fiscal punishment.

8. The authorities has divided Dhaka into seven zones with stores and concerns in each to detect a different hebdomadal vacation. which may decide some force per unit area of traffic.

9. Peoples are habituated and therefore love utilizing the shortest manner by traversing over the street. Now. that it poses hazard for the vehicles and make unneeded traffic block let apart put on the lining the pedestrians’ lives. are non their concern. Create consciousness to the people to utilize the pes over span. and zebra crossing to go throughing the route. Besides make the passageway clear and hygienic to actuate people to utilize the foot-over span and subwaies.

10. Rickshaw and other non-motorized vehicle purely banned from the street.

11. The regulations for CNG refueling station have to be purely maintained. Those are overlooked the regulation are non able to make concern. Midterm suggestion

1. CNG transition for all types of personal autos ( Private autos. light motor vehicles etc. ) will necessitate to be out. This is to cut down traffic congestion on the streets of Dhaka metropolis. In Bangladesh the monetary value of CNG is relatively inexpensive as a effect many private vehicles were in the streets. In the twelvemonth 2009 the figure of registered vehicles was 5lac and 27. 000 among these 2lac are private vehicles.

2. To cut down air pollution and traffic congestion in Dhaka metropolis. the usage of private motor vehicles must be abridged.

3. The figure of rickshaw pullers is huge. Almost there are no roads or street or lane for them. So. DMP need to do an excess lane for maintain the route free from traffic jam.

4. Installation of CCTV sets to supervise traffic motion.

5. Free the pathwaies from illegal business of peddlers and coach counters.

6. Private vehicles with less than four or five riders would non be allowed to provide the metropolis streets.

7. From now the capital metropolis of Dhaka should be blocked or fixed for limited individuals as who can keep living position of instruction. rules-regulations. civic sense. morality. regular revenue enhancement remunerator and good service subscriber etc.

8. The main road coach. truck enter and go the metropolis between 11pm to 6am. Other than it is banned to go in metropolis main road.

9. BRTC have to make tonss of coach arrest in the street but in a planned manner. fundamentally those topographic point where so crowded. Without those stoppage any coach are non allow to halt. And besides arrest should be outside from the street. otherwise buses busying route infinites which may barricade the traffic flow.

10. Traffic direction system has to be stronger plenty. Every driver should hold to follow the traffic system. DMP have to make some stairss by those citizens and drivers are able to do some cognition about the traffic system. If the people are good known about the signal system than it will halt them to go againsting the traffic system.

11. In forepart of every shopping mall an excess route demand to build as a arrest.

Long term suggestion

1. Government can switch all sweeping markets. authorities administrative offices. Dhaka cardinal gaol. all industries. tanneries. to outside of Dhaka metropolis. Industrializations should be based on upozilla ; it should non depend on metropolitan metropoliss. Then rural countries will turn up measure by measure.

2. Every school has to have the conveyance for the pupil – particularly at the primary degree. There are around 400 private & A ; authorities schools in the capital. BRTC has already launched coach service for school traveling pupils to ease off traffic jam in the capital.

3. All import-export affiliated offices should travel to approach larboard countries of Chittagong or Mongla. or in on the manner to any port where they can direct the goods easy for cargo. There is no demand that those offices are to be Dhaka based.

4. DHAKA city’s public conveyance service may hold improved slightly over the past twelvemonth with the debut of new Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation ( BRTC ) buses on major paths but it is non yet to be good plenty to be of ‘capital quality’ .

5. All chief roads should be one manner. All type auto parking must band in all roads.

6. Fillet of coachs in center of roads should be band except coach Michigans. All type bases of coachs trucks. cabs. CNGs etc should band in the roads.

7. Overpasss are constructed at of import intersections to cut down traffic congestion. Expresswaies should be introduced for riders to cover long distances over busy paths. like from Gabtoli to Motijheel. Gulistan to Airport straight without any arrest.

8. The city’s lone dependence on surface transit system should be diversified to monorail. metro rail. and elevated freewaies. Like other developed states in the universe we besides have to construct the afoot monorail. which minimize the traffic congestion.

9. There are tonss of vehicles are travel in Dhaka but the parking topographic point is really few. So. to minimise the traffic congestion authorities have to Increase Street parking installations.

10. In Dhaka there are tonss of school. college. and university. some of which were concept in forepart of chief street. some of which were residential country and besides some were in commercial country. Those have to construct in some specific country. non to construct in the residential or commercial country or in forepart of the street.


While really small can be done to alter the larger image now. there are a figure of smaller factors which aggravate the traffic state of affairs in the metropolis. Mega metropolis Dhaka would acquire better consequence through traffic direction. physical limitation on auto usage. parking control. coach precedence and proviso for bicyclers and walkers. While relocating some of these constitutions may non be executable any longer. particularly since the university campuses have become an built-in portion of metropolis life. which the governments in these establishments could let a better flow of traffic during utmost traffic scenarios and the authorities should develop alternate roads and flyover along these topographic points to smoothen the flow of traffic. Road edifice is a supply side step taken on the footing of clip salvaging but added that over the last decennary. there has been a alteration of accent because of the impression that supply generates its ain demand.

The BRTA have to halt enrollment of little autos for a certain clip and increase gas monetary value have been shelved on the land of socio-economic and political impact. Most of the instances. if any determination taken has gone against a certain one-fourth was either withdrawn or halted in the center of execution. The BRTA is yet to be rigorous on publishing new driving licence and those of drivers driving with illegal vehicles. It has non done any betterment in its preparation faculty for both new and semi skilled old drivers maintaining head of the clip. But the drivers are the forces responsible for killing more than 3000 people every twelvemonth and deteriorating the traffic jam state of affairs busying the maximal route capacity. The curate admitted the government’s failure in commanding the traffic state of affairs in Dhaka. My point is failure or success comes after taking an action. But the authorities did non take any action at all to work out the job.

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